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  1. Does anyone know where I could find info regarding pre-requisites courses? I need to take 2 courses now. I remember reading somewhere about it. edit: deadline to finish pre-reqs and if your mark/grade from last winter term affects their decision?
  2. It still seems like the focus will be on academic performance? maybe this is where course load related stuff comes into play?
  3. So regular deadline invites are going to be sent tomorrow but are they going to sent out the rest of the rejections too? Based on previous years, have they ever sent rejections on Friday?
  4. Thanks. do you personally still think there will be more OOP rejections to come tomorrow?
  5. Well done guys, congrats to all of you. And regular deadline and OOPs would still have to wait ??
  6. Am I the only one here wondering what is taking them so long to send some e-mails? like seriously.
  7. Based on posts from previous years. This is my first time going through the process.
  8. I highly doubt that they sent all the rejections on Monday, I've seen people getting rejected even after invites are sent. Do they always sent the e-mails at about the same time? (I think it was ~2:30ish and 4:30ish on monday) or should we an expect an e-mail anytime now? I'm expecting a lot of e-mails to be sent today since nothing happened on tuesday.
  9. Agreed. They don't even have to e-mail us. They already know everything (since they released the interim stats), can't they just post it on OAS and e-mail everyone and ask them to check? Like the way MCAT is done? -- I'm also hoping NOT to get an e-mail within the next 20 minutes or so!
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