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  1. Nursing wants expand their scope to include methadone https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4646256 I thought this was an interesting conversation starter. We do have a shortage of physicians that have the training. I can kinda understand NP as they are advanced practice.
  2. Hi everyone! Congratulations on the incoming class of 2020. My name is Kate and I'm a second year student. I'm looking for a roommate for the summer/fall. Rent is 600$ everything included and it is walking distance to school. There is lots of off street parking and close to stores and restaurants. The place is furniturnish with the expection of the second bedroom. If you are interest please email me kate.elliott@usask.ca
  3. Katee87

    Where to Live

    So how important is it to live close to the university? It is worth spending the extra money in rent? I'm from victoria and there is no snow and if there is 1 inch is enough to shut down the city, lol.
  4. Accepted, aboriginal seat- Saskatoon for the four years
  5. I still have recieved an email, lol. I'm assumin the worst
  6. Any word from IP or aboriginal applicants?
  7. Hopefully less than 24 hours ????
  8. Any word on what date they are going to start sending out offers of admission?
  9. Katee87

    Suturing Kit Recommendations?

    You can go to the butcher and get pigs feet to practice on... It's more like skin
  10. My masters took me a long time to complete because I was working in the operating room full time and I injured my shoulder which set me back two terms. I Hope I'm being paranoid... I just think it's crazy to interview people if they aren't sastified with their academic
  11. Anyone else stressing out the fact that 9 successful applicants were disqualified last year for academic and professional issue? That's a high number
  12. Katee87

    April 20Th Support Thread

    I have the awful feeling that calgary is going to stretch it's acceptance email or there is going to be a problem with the system. Also I still haven't recieved the email that was sent out last week????
  13. Just got my email! I passed!