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  1. ugh. no. haha Kaplan made me more anxious with all their cutesy 'future doctor' references. Everytime it made me think 'but I'm not in yet-and if I fail this exam I might not be!" I wanted content, not a cheerleader
  2. If I remember correctly, they will email us a survey link in early June and we find out our assignments in July
  3. That's my guilt/dilemma. My province gives a max bursary of 10% of the loan, and I qualify for 25K so I get $2500 in grants per year. In Ontario I would get about 10K more (at least) per year in bursaries, so I'm graduating roughly 40-50K more in debt than my peers who get OSAP. Couple that with undergrad debt, and I'm looking at 200K after all is said and done (140K alone being undergrad+tuition in med)
  4. Thank you. I just set up my LOC and have been second guessing my school choice (higher living cost) and the debt I will have all day. I'm being pressured by parents to take up a part-time job (minimum wage) and although it feels like a waste of valuable time to me, I've been considering the option more seriously than I need to be, it seems. This was exactly what i needed to realize
  5. No. It's not selfish. I can't describe how much this resonated with me. It is unbelievably similar to what happened to me when I was choosing my undergrad.. My family didn't speak to me to for 2 years, and I've had to come up with 5K+ each year of 'invisible' money to cover the parental gap in student loans (since no LOC). I have zero regrets. My family has, slowly, come around, and now they really are happy for me. But it sounds like you, much like me, have a somewhat toxic situation with your family right now. It's a horrible place to be, and I wish the best for you in this, but do not ever, ever, ever feel the slightest bit of guilt for doing what you want and need. You will pay back your loans. But right now, you need to look after yourself and please, please try not to feel badly. You have just accomplished an amazing feat, and accepting the school you love deserves to be a happy moment you have worked so hard for. Wishing you the best, and if you ever need to vent about any of this, feel free to message me.
  6. Is there anyone from PB on here? It seems like fitz/wb are talked about the most, and they would be the most convenient to get to from MSB, but I was curious what may have been peoples motivation for choosing PB was? I'm kind of interested in the idea of not living in the downtown core, since more time will apparently be spent at the academies now
  7. Sure, it's 'ethical'. But in what context have you worked with them? have they taught you? Supervised you? That's what (Canadian) schools are looking for in letters. You get 3. And particularly for UofT, you want those 3 people to be the people who you have worked the longest and most closely with-not the 'big names' your parents can pull favors to ask for you. It won't help you-it'll hurt you
  8. That is a bit of a weak comparison to make-considering that would only be for the small, small, subset of med applicants who are residents of saskatchewan. Everyone else needed a 97th% or higher MCAT score to get an interview...... Not at all trying to start anything or any sort of comparison though! But that's a bit of a stretch, to say that applies to all medical schools
  9. Guelph has a program called the MBS (masters of biological sciences) which is basically a mini-masters with a research project akin to an honours project. It's a great, overlooked 1-year option Guelph also has a 1-year bioinformatics option, applied human nutrition (non-dietics), and an diploma (1yr) in public health than can be counted towards a masters
  10. You're fine. That situation is extremely common-they don't expect you to waste a year because you were on a waitlist. The vast majority of people do that. You can be accepted to another med school even and still remain on the Dal waitlist, or get offers from other med schools and still remain on the Dal waitlist. the only thing that you can't do, is pay deposits at multiple med schools and not decline one of them shortly after!
  11. It is 100% dependent on MCAT. The cutoff this year was a 97th %ile score on whichever exam you took.
  12. Writing/whiteboards. Also, not studying at a library so I can talk and try to explain stuff to myself
  13. I wouldn't worry yet-the response deadline was only today and so they likely aren't going to be done sorting through it all until tomorrow at the earliest!
  14. Try not to worry yet, if you can! The ON deadline for first round offers is just today, and except 1/6 schools they don't move waitlists until later this week. There is a huge amount of redundancy in the Ontario offers (most people tend to get 2-3 offers or none, it seems) so there's generally 50-100 people accepted off waitlists per school in ON. Potentially opening up the Dal OOP list, since they likely want to stay closer to home I remember from Dal, hearing that most of the waitlist movement is OOP, and they've gone through the whole thing some years!
  15. Sorry, I didn't do my undergrad in ON so I'm not sure about the specifics for UofT. I can tell you that full course=full year, and I can't recall specifics but I'm pretty sure the UofT med website gives examples of courses that do/don't count. However, if you're in Life Sci, then you're going to cover all the UofT med requirements about 5 times over, save for humanities
  16. Looks like you answered your own question. Now just repeat for all schools listed
  17. Not one, as in not a single one. Or any.
  18. It's a very tiny detail. Either way it isn't going to change anything
  19. That happened to me on the (old) phys sci section. Who knew arctan/arcsin and such was on the MCAT.....
  20. Again, common sense. Do what you think is best. You're the only one who knows exactly what the situation is, you're the one who see's your application and looks at it as a whole. So you are in the best place to decide what to include
  21. Title says it all. What would you want to tell your pre-first year self if you had the chance? Little things, finance things, match/employment related things, whatever it is. Thank you in advance
  22. Common sense. Just use it. That's what I would say.
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