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  1. Basically, every school except Mac will usually drop one to all of your old years, if you always/usually did a full course load. Mac might not be your best chance
  2. Are you talking total # needed or proportion of the population without a family doctor? Because if you're interpreting total# of people without one as the 'greatest need', that's not really an accurate statement to make.
  3. I agree. You should get the next year of courses in right away, and just do whatever you did last year that worked. Although regardless, you should always be preparing a back-up plan and deciding how to work towards it. That's something everyone should do, not just you, because you never know if it'll work out and you'll feel a lot, lot better knowing you have options
  4. First, just try and let go if the idea of having a top choice school. Just forget that thought until May 3+ years from now, until it becomes relevant. Focus on the GPA, then worry about ECs if you can pull a 3.9+ next term. And use your summers to work/jam in as many ECs as possible to compensate. Not ideal, but effective nonetheless. Once your GPA is under control focus on ECs as much as you can, but remember quality>quantity. ECs you can also add post-grad, while the GPA can't be erased. You'll get a credit line for Canadian schools, but that's so far in the future don't worry about details yet. You likely couldn't go to the US, but that's fine. Just work on your application and reapply if needed. And ALWAYS take 5 courses per term. That is required for UofT to drop your lowest courses, which saved me. I had a GPA just like yours first year, but the weighting got me into the 3.9+ zone
  5. Queen's only uses your last 2 years if that's better for you. I would apply if I were you!
  6. It would depend on if you did more full time years, I think. You really must check the policies for each school and see how/if you meet them. We can guess, but it seems like a complicated situation, and I would double-check with each school if I were you. But off the top of my head, Ottawa is out. Again, you should check their requirements. Also, please don't double-post threads
  7. What's more important is your yearly breakdown of GPA,and if you always took a full course load. If you did, most schools drop credits or your lowest year. Of course, this applies to everyone so it doesn't make those schools 'easier' to get into, but they might be better options, pending your MCAT of course
  8. Pick whatever your other letters lack, and who will write you the best letter. But I agree, don't pick a family friend
  9. All on the individual schools websites. You should read them all carefully before applying. The criteria are vastly different at each school
  10. I would go for more unique ones if you have more awards than # of spaces, because like say it's essentially a requirement to be on the dean's list if you're applying anyway The only exception i think would be if your school does a 'high honours' list of sorts, like for the top 1-5% of your class, and if you were on that. That's a pretty significant achievement, but if it were the 3.5+ kind of Dean's list I would drop it in favour of something that would make you stand out!
  11. The minimum GPA's on the website are kind of a lie. If you watch the video they used to have somewhere on their site they say explicitly that a 3.8 was needed for actual file scoring. Regardless, I really dont' mean to discourage but there isn't really a reason to apply to UofT with a 3.7 GPA as a non-grad applicant. I'm guessing you'll still try, but it's just not realistic to expect an interview. I know-I didn't apply in third year because my GPA would have been 3.8ish, which is not at all enough for an undergrad applicant. Even a 3.9 requires really good 'compensation' by non-academics/essays for Toronto, because you're trying to outscore hundreds of 3.95+ files
  12. Depends on the school. However, I would urge you to apply to basically any school except NOSM if you have only lived in Ottawa here, since they take 100% rural/northern students. You would potentially be a great candidate for other schools, pending MCAT and non-academics. Have you written the MCAT? I would say it's unavoidable since Ottawa will be taking it next year. Try looking at medical school's websites. Everything you need to know is there
  13. I did that, they were happy to confirm it. I called, but email would probably work too
  14. Interesting questions! They seem to stick to similar themes every year, just with more convoluted wording/questions the last few years it seems. I might be biased....but at least they're trying to give you something interesting to write about. Makes it more enjoyable than the standard personal statement at least!
  15. They won't get to those things, because the screening for non-grad students has been 3.8 for a few years now. Just apply next year. My advice to you is to drop some of your ECs next year and ensure you get a 3.9+ GPA. It really is the first and foremost important thing. The rest doesn't matter if they never see it
  16. If its not on their website, I wouldn't worry or sign up for a date. Anyway, I never even signed up for Casper until late September last year and every date was still open. No need to panic yet
  17. Professional schools, sure. But that's a whole different thing than a graduate program. Its always been different rules for professional/masters degrees
  18. The non-Ontario schools all have different applications, I don't think they're referring to the ABS specifically
  19. They are talking about school-specific percentiles, not the official MCAT percentiles I am assuming. A 125 is around the 50th I think in actual MCAT scores.
  20. Because they have changed in the past? That's the whole thing with them not posting cutoffs until they've gotten that year's applications. The cutoffs are based off the applicant pool. There's a difference between being 'sure' they will change and it being 'possible' for the cutoffs to change.
  21. Nope,they're pretty clear about the requirement to complete your degree prior to beginning. Pretty consistent policy across Canadian schools. They will find ask for completion of the degree, and if you did lie and were caught, you could find yourself in a very. very bad situation. One that might not involve medical school.....which probably isn't something you want to risk. Like nicely described above, it's to prevent the supervisor from being left with wasted $$ on an incomplete project.
  22. Focus on your essays, and you have a shot at UofT. Work is just as good an EC than volunteering. References are hugely important for Toronto, so pick very wisely and make sure to cover all the 4 clusters they specify online. And a masters would be very helpful if you reapplied there too
  23. Honestly, I wouldn't' say anything for a less-than 10% drop. Your average dropped 5%, that's nothing, it's totally within the reasonable fluctuations of different profs, courses, etc. Unless you have some very valid external circumstances to explain, then you're just going to be talking in circles it seems. There's not a whole lot good that would really come out of it, unless you did have valid external reasons. What you wrote there really just sounds like whining and not taking responsibility for your choices, to be honest with you. Keep in mind explanations are supposed to be providing info on things beyond your control that they wouldn't know from your application. It's not supposed to be about the classes themselves. It's what might have been going on outside the classes that affected your performance in them
  24. I didn't because, to be honest, 99% of people who apply will have been on the Deans' list for at least the years being counted. I guess it's not 100% at Dal since it's technically a 3.3 for Maritimers, but at most schools it's basically a requirement +0.3.....or more I think maybe I put it once, but each year seems pretty excessive and is obviously 'padding'. Not that it'll be a bad thing, but i wouldn't say it makes any difference whatsoever in your score.
  25. Believe it or not, the words 'Canada' and 'Ontario' don't mean the same thing
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