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  1. Does it get counted in your residency years (like you would get 6th year pay if you just finished a 5 year residency) or does it restart at year 1? For the Royal College ones
  2. I never, ever said that it didn't make you proud to be going to medical school.... MD financial management is a company, and we are their potential clients. Companies advertise and offer incentives to get new clients, it's a necessary part of business. So I have a strong feeling that the logos on the backpacks are more of an advertisement for MD rather than an attempt of pretentious medical students to make themselves as different as possible.
  3. Personally, I find it's only very recognizable to people looking for it. It's not being pretentious not to hide one's choice of career path. It's a free backpack, so I wouldn't call it pretentious to use it. Is everyone who wears a university/college sweater pretentious?
  4. New suggestion: Take a break from full-time school and figure out how to get 90's. There's a difference between a low GPA with mixed grades, and consistently getting 70's. There's a huge difference in the commitment required to get a 3 and a 3.9+ GPA for a full-time term, and expecting a major jump instantaneously is unrealistic. My advice would be to not enter a 5th year yet, and take 1-2 courses next fall/winter. Do whatever you can to try and get 85+ in those. Learn what it feels like to know all the material inside out and backwards. Memorize that feeling, and figure out how you got there. If it works, then look at a second (2yr usuallly) undergrad
  5. All courses are treated the same, unless otherwise specified by the school
  6. No, they don't. They also don't care about your major, which is a lot more than 5 credits. It's not a second degree....since it's 5 credits, not 60+ That said, who cares if it 'counts' in that sense. It'll be great background knowledge for interviews too probably
  7. Ultimately, I don't think there's much doctors/health care workers can do to influence who the ministers are. If anything, I think he's effectively solidified many, many more voters wanting the Liberals out in 2018, which is maybe the next best thing to him being fired. Although I wish he could just be gone. It's disgusting listening to the things he says and how utterly disconnected he is from reality.
  8. They are very explicit in saying on their website that the MCAT is a screen only. We don't know any more than that. I don't mean to be insensitive, but there's really nothing productive that would come out of knowing. Do your best on the essays, select the references you think are best. There's nothing more any of us can do. And trust me, you'll be anxious and worrying enough once the winter comes around, so try and ease you mind now while you can. I fretted about that the pre-interview score constantly, because UofT was my 'dream school', and I was pretty sure I didn't have the GPA to ever have a shot. Just focus on what you can control (your application itself) and hope for the best!
  9. Yep, I agree. I mean, I'm excited to get the backpacks regardless. But my family would definitely take the opportunity to ridicule me just a little at thanksgiving if I came home sporting a hot-pink backpack...
  10. Sorry to hear that. Hope you have a fantastic day regardless!
  11. Agreed. It always surprises people who don't know much about computers when i show them how (for general use) my Air actually runs/opens programs notably faster than their more expensive 2K macbook Pro does. But they just bought the Pro thinking more expensive meant it would be faster at everything
  12. Convert each course grade into the equivalent grade on the OMSAS scale, using the table and the correct column for UofC. Then add the values, and divide by the total number of courses. You can't just convert your final UofC GPA into the OMSAS gpa, it has to be by course. OMSAS does this automatically when you enter your grades, but it gives you the total GPA which might not be applicable to each school
  13. Some people also post their GPA as 3.9xxxxx on here. That has no reflection on what the school does though. But, if they round your GPA up, then they're rounding all applicants' GPAs. Thus, it really doesn't matter if they do, because just as many others wound have their GPA rounded up too.
  14. Include only the most important, unique, significant duties you had in each position, don't waste characters making a laundry-list of things you did. Use the space to instead highlight your contributions, what characteristics you developed, the impact you had, etc. Another point is, in my opinion, # hours is not > what you did. I chose to include some entries that had very few hours because they showed something unique about me, indicated the level in which I was involved in an activity, etc. The application is a 40-entry description of you as a person, so make sure that taken together, the entries paint a picture of who you are, what you care about, and what you're good at. That's really what you're trying to convey at the end of the day. I went over mine multiple times just skimming, so make sure I had represented what I thought were the key aspects of my personality/experiences
  15. Yeah, it might be something to look into/ask your school about. Granted, I lived there ~15 years ago and I was too young to remember details, but I do recall there being something about having to pay up-front
  16. They meant the OMSAS scale I believe, which is out of 4. Unfortunately, we still can't tell you much until you convert your GPA into the 4.0 scale, which needs to be done a per-course basis
  17. Great, thank you all for your help! I think I will switch at least the health card for now, since having a second photo ID is probably a good idea
  18. Hello! For a driver's licence, assuming I won't be getting a car at any point, would this ever become an issue to have a non-ON card? It seems like it wouldn't, and I have my full licence, so this would be the equivalent of a "G" I'm guessing. Is there any need to have an ON licence if I'll be there but not driving? The site said 6 months was the max not to switch. I would still be able to use the card as ID, correct? I have no other photo ID so it's important for plane travel! My other question was about OHIP. The only time I have lived in a different province was Quebec, and from what I recall we had to pay up-front if we ever went to the ER, etc. without QC health cards. Reimbursement came later. Are there any such restrictions in Ontario? I haven't been able to find any online, but I just wanted to be sure, since getting new cards can involve waiting in long lines at service centres which I want to get out of the way before school! Thanks for tolerating these potentially very obvious questions
  19. No,because chances are it won't be included on your application. Even if you do include it, you'll be 2ish weeks in at the time you submit your application and likely have not even set foot in the lab yet, so it's not exactly going to improve your application by putting it on. Also some schools (Ottawa) are pretty clear that anything given course credit isn't scored. So sure, you can put it there, but it's not getting any points. The bio major seems like a happy medium. I actually just graduated from a biology major, which I took for a similar combination of interest and flexibility. My school was a very small school that didn't have a biomed/health/life science type program, so the bio major had a good number of human vs plant/animal courses so I was able to take things I'm more interested in, and I was also able to count a bunch of psyc courses towards my major, which boosted my GPA. Although again, really look at what your best at. I'm better at essays than math/physics, so taking more psyc courses was best, but for some people it would be doing things like chemistry to fill up degree requirements and get your highest GPA possible
  20. Yeah, I meant more like relative to the towns around it I meant and distance from any other city. My experience is that people from ON have this impression of Halifax being the same size as Ottawa (instead of 1/3 the size) rather than smaller places. Trying to the point across that, like Sudbury, it's still not the most desirable place for most students who have no connections to the area, and that OOP's without any 'connection' are more likely to pack up and leave as soon as school is over
  21. Well then. We're lucky "premed" isn't an actual major!
  22. Focus on your GPA, and taking a full (5) courseload for the next couple years. The one thing I wish to point out is that you've mentioned a few times if your major/coursework will 'help'. The answer, regardless of program, is always a solid no to that question. My advice for your situation right now is to be very selective about the courses you are taking. Thinking that having harder/varied courses will excuse a lower GPA is dangerous because they won't ever get to talk to you, to learn about those interests, if you don't meet the cutoffs to get an interview. That's not saying you should just pick 'bird' courses you don't like, but do keep in mind you need to maximize your GPA, so look carefully at what courses you have done consistently well in, and take more like that.
  23. Again, if you're still in school during that time, an hour or two a day of MCAT studying instead of coursework studying is likely to have much more of a negative impact than 1-2 MCAT points might. 2 months full time would be more than enough for the majority of students. I can't imagine what it would feel like to walk into an exam you'd been studying an entire year for. That's a whole other level of pressure..but maybe that's just me
  24. I'm going to make a guess here and say that the majority of that 100 were US citizens and didn't need a program to pay for their visa. If so, it's pretty misleading to compare that to a Canadian trying to match.
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