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  1. "I want you to want me" still plays in my head every time I write a cover letter
  2. You will NOT get IP status for Dal doing undergrad there haha sorry for the redundancy. I'd just hate for someone to see this and be miss-led for four years thinking they'll be IP at Dal
  3. This is FALSE you can't get IP status at Dal for doing your undergrad there
  4. The first year bio class at Queen's consistently has 1% of the class getting an A+ 10/1000 students most have done AP/IB even. But look at the hlth102 anti-vacc thing. Queen's is shit at monitoring what actually goes on in their classes in the ArtSci Faculty
  5. Yeah, I got a B in BIOL103 (and A+ in every upper year bio since) The prof is honestly absurd. Every year she's written (only 50% even) the final there are only 1% of the class (so literally 10/1000 people) getting an A+. I don't get why the school never looks into it, considering the majority of student have actually gotten 5's or 7's respectivly on AP and IB bio. But I can't describe how absurd this lady's exams are... she asks questions about 'which 70's song title best fits with the theme of lecture 11' seriously, that was a question. I hadn't even heard of any of the songs. It was brutal. But I've heard many profs say that an average of 50-something on an exam is normal for a first year course. Happens every year in chem112 and phys107 on the Dec. exams
  6. That's some pretty strong evidence against grade inflation-the averages when I took them in 2011/2 were within 1-2% of those! Except biol...the current prof plummets the average to 60, and chem112 has actually dropped into the 60's too And psyc in the 60's too, although its apparently been made easier in the last couple years
  7. Like I said, I looked up every single professor in the biochem, physiology, micro, etc deptarment and emailed every one of them who's research I at least knew what some of the words were Like, an email saying I was a student interested in gaining lab experience. Most (like 95%) will say no or not reply at all, but keep trying and you are sure to find one! I ended up with a wonderful prof who has turned into my mentor, fully supports me applying to med, and keeps me from giving up because of my crap first year. I was lucky, but often the profs who will take a chance on a first year are good people The key I cannot stress enough is to send emails in August. This is the only way to be sure you'll find a spot
  8. well I'm 35/10vr so still good! Thanks and best of luck with your application
  9. I had a low first year as well (calc/phys lol...) and I got a volunteer lab position in 2nd yr, and I've been able to get paid research jobs consistantly since. It really seems getting your foot in the door is the hardest part. I just emailed like 30 prof's BEFORE the school year starts in Sept. I can't stress enough how important it is to email them mid-Aug. Any earlier is pointless, but you need to contact them before the majority of people start looking in the first week of classes.You should have luck with this! And don't worry, the majority of people don't get relavent jobs after first year
  10. If I had been graduating this year I wouldn't have bothered based on last years cutoffs... watch it go back up again next year
  11. Wow, ok I guess I will be sending an application to Saskatchewan next year! Thank you I can't imagine how frustrating that must be for people who didn't make the 36/11 from the year before. I figured I wouldn't have a shot
  12. thats ok, I searched through all the threads and was only able to find the 35/11 as well, but I guess it could vary each year.Thanks for your help though!
  13. I hate to bother everyone during what is a stressful time, but I was wondering if any of you knew what the OOP cutoff was for the MCAT this year? I'm budgeting for applications with tight finances and I was wondering if a 35 (but 10VR....)would be a worthwhile attempt or more of a donation to U Sask Thank you, and best of luck in the coming weeks!
  14. uhh..pick what level of study you will be in this fall?
  15. Try looking in ER volunteering opportunities maybe? I am not a non-traditional applicant, but I do work full time 9-6 during the summer and part time during the year so I am also limited to evenings/weekends. I also had a lot of trouble finding non-day shift opportunities, but when I emailed the hospital volunteer programs directly (besides submitting an application) I was able to find that the ER in our hospital has volunteer shifts at later/weekend hours and its worked out great for me! Also since I can tell you're in Ottawa, maybe try Ronald Macdonald house. They need people to help clean, cook, etc at odd hours often and you still would be able to put a medical spin on it because there are always tonnes of patients and familes around the house
  16. Good to know I'm not the only one who nearly laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of this thread....
  17. Seriously. Wait until you have grades to even worry about this and no I'm not taking about you're grade 12 grades
  18. _  _


    I think Dal is the earliest deadline in Canada, its sometime in August
  19. the US is a lot more money, and hence a lot more risk involving USMLE scores, securing a visa for residency, etc. most likely, you'd be fine. but the difference is a 300k+ loan in the (small) chance you run into trouble/run out of money Its honestly a choice no one can, or should make for you. You have to ask yourself what you're willing to do. Personally, I would be too scared to take out such a big loan for the US (even though I'd probaly have no issues paying it off), but coming from a low-income family I can't justify spending that much on myself. However it's a solid option, and if I had the money I'd go to the US in a heartbeat if I can't get in here. But that's me, and you are the only one who can come up with your own answer.
  20. I don't know about UWO, but I took the standard first year physics at another ON uni without any high school physics, 11 or 12, and did just fine.I had to put in a ton of work, but I literally had never added 2 vectors together before. In fact I'd never heard of them-and I wasn't the only one in my class. Tons of people don't take high school physics before university. It was kind of frustrating having to work so much harder than all my friends who kept saying it was easy, but otherwise do-able. Ask the school's physics dept if you want solid answers!
  21. Queen's does the same with their Life Sci program-you think you get admitted out of high school only to find out that everyone is general science. It's easier than biomed at western it seems, but they still need a 3.3 out of chem/bio/calc/phys in first year. I remeber being so shocked when I found out I wasn't actually in lifesci technically during frosh week! It's never really explained during applying.....
  22. Go will you want-seriously. The tuition/15 person class size difference shouldn't determine the next 4 years of your life. What matters more is how much you like the school and the program, which will impact your motivation, GPA, and in turn play way more into where you get into dent
  23. contact them directly-everything with loans is case-by-case.
  24. I gave up an easier program at a local school in my home province for a notorious ON biomed/lifesci program and I wouldn't change a thing. Yeah, its been harder to get the grades I need for med, but I wouldn't change a thing because of the opportunities I've had to be a part of some really amazing projects and teams here that I would never have had at a smaller school. And I've pushed myself way harder than I thought I could because I'm motivated by the other students in my program and how passionate they are about achieving their goals
  25. if you want to go to western medsci, then go. You;ll be fine, and you'll find yourself rising to meet whatever standard you're around.
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