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  1. I've always had an interest in genetics, but have zero interest in a research career (just not for me, I like a more people-centered work environment) so I'd look into genetics counselling. Although each school takes 6ish people so I'll probably need to find an alternative I actually have a chance at if med doesn't work out
  2. 13VR, and it seems like 0.1GPA is ~1VR point so it'd be like a 11 with a 3.75 just a guess, but 13 is way above average so I'm sure its easily do-able given MAC's weighting
  3. They have this inline portal that you probably made a pin for at some point (a really long time ago) I know for med you never need to use it again, and that the decision status listed isn't an accurate measure
  4. breathe..... it does sound like a stupid siduation. Be upset because you wanted the role. Forget about med school for a minute
  5. You have to watch out-Assuming they have loans from undergrad they'd have to start paying them back. Unless you can get a non-min wage job, paying them back on top f living expenses, AND us med apps fees/inteview flights its pretty tough.....
  6. Online at any small east coast school (except DAL) Seriously-coming from a rural maritime high school to an ON university I was about 1 full year behind-like my friends at home are still about a year behind Orgo1 involved them learning what a functional group was....
  7. http://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/admissions/place-of-residence.html
  8. I'm not trying to scare them, as someone with a low first year myself I've looked into these alot. They will need to take a year off if they drop this course for Dal, unless they plan on doing another year of school, Same for Western-they can't use their first year so they need this year to be a full year (again, unless they plan on adding a 5th year) I never said Queen's was out, but let's face it no one knows what they are looking for And as far as Ottawa goes, I thought it was full courseload of 5? I always heard they were the most strigent And never said UBC was out, but they do cummulative GPA so again, with a low first year it's tough.
  9. During the years considered, at least for ottawa, U of T weighting, Dal, western (+ the 3/5 rule)
  10. Don't feel bad you can't take a volunteer position. The vast majority of people, including myself, don't have the luxury of volunteering full-time and still being able to pay for school, rent, and food. Honestly I was shocked beyond belief when I found out people take the summer off work to study for the MCAT. Outside of med school world, most people can't imagine not working for pay. I think it's completely absurd people expect students to take on work without pay when we only have 4 months. 'Dream' summer jobs are only 4 months, but it'll make the next year of your life difficult. Sometimes this kind of stuff happens, it sucks passing up opportunity because of money, believe me I know. But be thankful you have one paid research opportunity, many people don't get that.
  11. Considering your first year GPA I would seriously think twice before dropping a course. I also had a poor first year GPA, and as far as I know every 2 year GPA school (except Queens, but I'm not sure anyone should rely on 1 school....) requires a full course load per sept-june. U ofT you lose the option to weight your GPA. Western is out. Ottawa (which you could apply to after 4th year because they take 2-3 most recent) is out. Dal is out. Not sure about the west coast. phgy isn't rocket science, work like crazy for 2 weeks and I'm sure you'll manage just fne. Find a tutor who got an A+ last year-have them ask you questions. easier than taking another year of undergrad or doing a masters degree!
  12. I will keep trying to find some in Canada, but I don't have a car (or even a passport yet..need to get on that) so going to the US for day trips just isn't feasible. I've been volunteering in the ER all year though so hopefully that's enough!
  13. thank you! I have gotten the impression its important to them, but I can't find a reasonable way to do so. I was hoping they were aware that its just not viable in Canada and that hospital volunteering is maybe enough
  14. This site does: https://services.aamc.org/30/msar/home I just got this and it's really great! Best 25$ I've spend in this process and it even shows how many internationals got interview/accepted
  15. would you be able to send me a message regarding the school and if you like it? I am most interested in the east coast due to proximity. If not that is fine
  16. yeah....well if you decided to take 4/5 courses 1 term , or ever failed a course you're also kind of screwed for ottawa.... Or did a degree in nursing So many criteria there, from what i've heard they really focus on what you can handle while maintaining a 3.95+ GPA
  17. haha oh my, do people actually do that? I do not have that kind of cash to throw away, but it is good to know it's not needed! I can't say I have extensive expeirience, but I've been volunteering each week since September so hopefully that is sufficient
  18. I have a question! How important is shadowing, which appears to come up in the American applications ? I have 0 connections to any Dr's (rural Canada, haven't had a family doctor in my entire life) I tried endlessly, but I'm in a university town now (with a med school) and got 'no' due to legalities because of the medical school affiliations and insurance and whatnot. I have been volunteering in an ER, but will the lack of this shadowing people talk about be an issue? (I will be applying with a 35/3.8 (4.0 in every year but first year....opps ) thanks you
  19. Some schools only let you include things from undergrad onwards (Dalhousie), or undergrad only (OttawaU)
  20. I have no idea what the actual cutoffs are, but I did speak with a rep from U ofT PharmD when they were at my school and she said that my cGPA (which at the time was <3.8) was most certainly high enough Not sure where a 3.5 would fall, but just try emailing the schools your interested in if you're worried. People tend to post stats online only if they're crazy high
  21. I have 2 questions: the classic: 10VR, 3.78 Possibly IP? I just looked it up, and I did live in ON for 1.5yrs at age 17, plus I have gone to university here for 3 years (4th in Sept.) including every summer. Originally from a coastal province, but will Mac consider me IP as well?
  22. ohh in that case I guess the joy is unavoidable then
  23. I'm not an expert on the new MCAT, but I'm not sure if you'll need orgo2 for the new one. It wasn't needed on the old one and the really cut down on the orgo on the new one. Can anyone else confirm this?
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