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    Queen's Life Science Transfer?

    Ready for an honest opinion? Is it a good program (i.e. do you learn lots and does it seem to prepare students well for post-graduate studies, including med school)? Yes, it is. There's a lot of great proffessors who are really passionate about their work and teaching, and while some of the courses are pretty demanding and force you to work harder than you though you could, after the second year it gets (in my opinion) easier to handle and you learn a ton. You also learn (i've found) how to work. By this I mean in order to balance lifesci and EC's, working part time (something I've done all along) etc, you learn how to effectively manage your time and still get the grades you want. You'll also become a better test taker. I have for sure. Also, everyone I've known has said (myself included) that my the end of second year lifesci you're more than prepared, content wise, to take the MCAT and do well, which makes studying easier for sure! But, there are downsides. You're right about some people being super intense 'gunners' for lack of a better word. I'm doing a minor in another department, and even taking courses in other programs, that lifesci isn't the friendliest on campus. Some people might disagree with me, and I don't mean that there isn't nice people, but it feels like there's always this underlying competitivness behind everything people do, and it kind of feels like everyone, literally everyone, is going for med school. So that much I don't like. But I know others like being around other premeds all the time, it depends on the person. If you're transferring in uppers years basically, because it's a large program, don't expect to be 'welcomed with open arms' by fellow lifesci's, they probably wouldn't notice anyone new so I would highly recomend getting involved on campus (if you do transfer) and then you'll likely meet other lifesci's in a more casual environment! The lectures are (occasionally) smaller in third/fourth year so you might meet people more then too. Overall, Lifesci lets you take a ton of different classes (in upper years) in anything from anat, pathology, pharm, epidimiology, etc, which is great, and there's also lots of opportunities to work in labs in the summer and the year (I've been able to find steady employment through cold-emailing profs my whole time here!). Be prepared for a ton of multiple choice exams (downside to lg classes) though hope that helps! let me know if you have any other questions
  2. I've been stuck at a 10 consistenly, any tips on how to work on moving up for th 11-12 range?
  3. excellent news, so if I had a rough first year (3.4...long story, tiny high school with literally no science pre-reqs) but 3.96 in year 2 and looking the same this year, I might still be able to apply pending DAT?
  4. Just to clarify, if you are applying in your fourth year is it years 2/3 they use for the GPA? Or cummulative...