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  1. I agree with @Edict. The 'cutoff'' isn't as high for Mac technically, but with a 3.7GPA you are fighting an uphill battle. It's certainly possible, but it really depends on your CARS score. You'd realistically be aiming for something similar to Westerns' cutoffs to have a good chance at an interview. But it's always good to apply and at least try out Casper, even if it just ends up being practice.
  2. This is a nice idea, but there are no PA's in New Brunswick as of now. It's an ON/western canada thing. So they would need to move
  3. Switching majors is irrelevant. What is your point, you switched majors and.....? Your grades dropped a tiny bit? That's not the purpose of the essay. You don't need to write one with a 3.97. It's useless.
  4. Funnily enough, the purpose of the weighted GPA according to UofT is to account for students taking harder courses. Which makes this even more ridiculous. Personally, I think it's almost riskier to write the essay in this case. Complaining you found biochemistry too hard probably isn't going to boost their impression of you in any way, and they certainly not going to drop more courses from your GPA because you found them too difficult....
  5. Yes. You have a chance. How good? There's no way to tell, because as you said, many seemingly 'perfect' applicants get rejected each year. However, as mentioned above, self-descriptions are often terribly inaccurate. If you're still feeling worried, look up the "Dunning-Kruger Effect". From what I've seen, it's very applicable to this whole process
  6. Most people don't do those things when waitlisted, but it would be very wise to check over the immunization requirements to make sure you have all the shots you need, and start getting any vaccines you're missing, if there are any.
  7. Have you considered doing another year of courses this year, in case you don't get an interview again. It's the one thing you can 'count on' more than anything else to get you a chance at an interview. Then, if you are rejected again, the next time you apply you'll know you've improved your scores and made steps forward
  8. How does your MCAT keep you from applying to western if you're SWOMEN? And why does it keep you from applying to Queen's?
  9. Exactly. First year grades are hugely affected by background coming in. The people getting A's who went to schools that offered IB/AP and are essentially repeating courses, which is very different from people who didn't get a chance to do those things. So upper year grades are more telling of the individual's actual ability
  10. Oh I agree completely. Going in with an open mind, as I am, isn't the same as waiting around until third year to think about things. I mean that maybe it's a bit of a disservice to yourself to not take advantage of all the opportunities you have to exposure yourself to as many different areas of potential interest as possible, to make the best decision for you. One of the things I most excited about is to learn what all the different areas are like, to see if any of the thoughts I've had about things I may or may not like are as I imagined.
  11. You should take whatever will get the highest GPA, based on your strengths, and to be perfectly honest you should also be doing something that will lead you into another career you might enjoy, because there are no guarantees here, ever. For example, Western uses a 3.7 2 year GPA cutoff as mentioned, but they require a ~97th percentile score on the reading comprehension section of the MCAT, which is not something you be counting on with no 'back-up'
  12. Maybe. But it depends-are you for sure going to the US if you get in there? You'll get an interview at Western, and thus have a very high chance at acceptance. The only school I see changing with a full course load is Ottawa, and better chances at Mac. I'd disagree with the above "Ace Casper and should get interview", as a 3.7/10 is low for Mac. Possible, but low. It depends what you're planning on doing if this cycle doesn't work out. What's Plan B? Are you ok working (just assuming here) for a third year if you don't get in, or would you rather apply again with maybe better chances at Ottawa. Is a another year worth it for 1 school? It's up to you, really.
  13. By that logic, how does anyone know what career they want? The difference is, if you can make a decision after 2+ more years of exposure, a decision that will have a pretty big impact on your life, it surprises me that people would risk making one they may be less happy with based on assumptions, if you have this opportunity to try and avoid that.
  14. Thank you. That's very much a relief to hear. I do realize that sooner is better, so with the wednesdays off next year in my school, I'm hoping to set up some observerships to at least cover major different areas (like med/surg) in the next year.
  15. But....how do they even know yet that they want to do those things? Like, really know that out of all the different things that it's the right one for them? Is it terribly uncommon to have not a clue what I want to do yet? I just feel like it would be so presumptuous to worry about that before even starting. I feel like anything I think I might know at this point is probably very different than the reality.....
  16. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.
  17. Writing when you're the most prepared you can be gives you an advantage.... Also I wouldn't assume that people who write in august are 'most prepared'. My friends who wrote in July were the ones studying full-time (no jobs), taking prep courses, and living and breathing MCAT for 2 months. Probably equal hours to me working and writing in Aug, in the end. Plus people who aren't in undergrad write at any point in the year, and have prepared lots. I've never heard of that happening, but even if it did, are you really willing to risk preparation for a maybe possibly slight statistical advantage?
  18. Also did this.....only it was because I wanted confirmation that I wasn't reading it wrong and they were, in fact real lol
  19. Most of the time, no, you can't reapply this cycle. I think it's likely an effort to prevent profs from having half their students drop their research abruptly and leave, after spending tons of time teaching them, applying for grants, etc. It's definitely something to consider, but also consider were you got interviews this year and how much your application has changed since sept. It's very much a personal choice, and how useful a grad degree is for an application varies
  20. Especially given the cost of US schools, if an extra 100$ or so is a dealbreaker, then they might run into much bigger problems with financing the school later on
  21. Exactly. While I was very happy with my score, and met the cutoffs everywhere except being 1 point short for Western, but who knows what would have happened if had an extra 45 hours per week of time to study? Or could afford all the AAMC practice tests to get 1 question better at CARS. While the MCAT felt fairer and more of an equalizer than some things, it's not so immune to uncontrollable factors, like an extra 40+ hrs/wk, or new prep books/courses that 1 or 2 questions should determine if you get into med school or not
  22. Those are all great experiences, and very well-rounded. Regardless of how they score it, those will help you for sure
  23. I cried. Which is something I very rarely ever do, making it ever weirder. On the side.....how is this research related? lol
  24. Working multiple jobs. Line of credit. Some (read-most) ask their parents. I wish I had a better answer for you. I never really figured this one out either
  25. You don't submit your letters-the referee's do. So there really is no connection at all between the 2 submissions, not anything to worry about
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