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  1. I'd just re-write. Your score is more than enough on the one that's the most difficult to change (CARS) and a 125 in sciences is generally in the range that indicates just a bit of weakness in the subject matter-which can easily be improved
  2. We'll never know, so honestly I don't see much point in debating these things or wasting time being upset about it. If every school had the exact same set of entrance requirements, or same cutoffs, the same 200 people would get into every school. Personally, i think it's smart on their part to be one of the few schools that accepts a 9VR/125 CARS equivalent. Especially with VR, that 1-2 question difference can effectively ruin an ON students chances at medical school. I've know quite a few intelligent, caring, students who will be great doctors only get interviewed/accepted to UofT because they got a 9VR. Keep in mind too-people aren't all first-language English speakers. Some people have dyslexia, etc. and simply can't get high CARS/VR scores. It's nice that at least one school is open for those people in ON
  3. There isn't any 'knowledge' required for these kinds of questions-they aren't looking for experts on the city of Vancouver, police officers, or sporting events in that example. Just read more news, talk about events with people, etc. and you'll feel more comfortable. But really, it's just creative/on the spot thinking, not knowledge, for these kinds of questions
  4. Yes, it won't be fun to watch many of your classmates graduate if you do a 5th year on your degree, but it's the better option in terms of med apps. There are so, so many people who do 5th years for any number of reasons-co-op, switching programs, etc. The 'special year' option creates more limitations for your application, which is why you'd be doing the year anyway, so you should try to maximize the benefit of the year
  5. My guess would be they are hoping to get some data about the applicants MCAT scores before implementing it next year. But that's just a guess
  6. Basically, you prepare like it's all going to be all over the MCAT you write. Why? Because they can add as much or as little orgo to each exam as they like, and there's no way to know which one you'll ge
  7. My first reaction to this answer (and I'm going to be 100% honest) is: You totally missed the point. You rambled about issues with access to healthcare in rural areas using broad generalizations that show not just a lack of understanding of rural challenges, but an unawareness of your own stereotyping. But that's less concerning than your complete failure to actually address the question being asked anywhere in your answer. They asked about what the effect of preferential admission of medical students would be. You just restated that there's unequal access to healthcare in rural areas. You never once mentioned anything about what specific effects preferential admission of medical students would have. You just assumed it would 100% solve the problem. I think the biggest issue to address here is IF these initiatives would actually work as intended, and the effects they-as in preferential admission- would have long-term on the community. Do NOT assume it would work perfectly-because it wouldn't. Explain why/why not. That is answering the question being asked. This, to me, is a classic trap people fall into. You saw 'rural' and went on a rant about rural healthcare challenged without ever coming close to even answering the question being asked. It's the danger of preparing in the wrong way, because you saw a buzzword (rural) and went off on a tangent without ever once mentioning the specific scenario. Ideally, you would talk about if preferential admission would/would not work. Why? Why not? Do you really think someone from the GTA wouldn't just use this as a loophole to get into med school (seriously...look at the crazy things people do already) and then peace out to Toronto the second 2 years was up? Leaving rural towns with a constant rotation of 2-3 year term fam docs who really don't give a crap about the population and don't understand the actual challenges of rural health access, as you demonstrated for us above with the generalization of "rural=farmers and low SES" Read about the baby who died last winter up north because a similar approach is already being used there-and failing miserably. People are on 6 month-1 year incentive-based contracts (even less appealing then the elusive admission to medical school) and it's created a terrible cycle of dis-continuous primary care by people who don't understand, or care to understand the population
  8. Just because you included it doesn't at all mean it was scored though. There's a pretty high chance that it didn't make or break your application, if they did or didn't score it. I would say there's no harm in doing so, since you can't 'lose' points, but if you're putting on something they say they won't score (i.e. a undergrad thesis) I wouldn't push a poster or something they definetly will score off to keep it in the top3
  9. I was told this too, but it doesn't apply apparently to the credit card they gave me, which has a way better points program than the visa I used to have with TD anyway, so I just closed my old one. They didn't say I had to close it, but aparently it would just reduced the LOC by the limit of the TD card though, which wasn't much since I had a low-fee card. So it doesn't seem like a huge deal if you kept other cards open, unless you had multiple cards with high limits
  10. Because not every physician wants to be a business owner, so forcing them to be one is a bit much, don't you think? I'd happily take a small reduction in salary to never have to deal with all the administrative mess of running a practice. I'm sure you disagree, which is completely fine. But I'm sure I can't be the only one who would be very happy not having to be an owner
  11. Applying SWOMEN is certainly much better odds, but they aren't mutually exclusive? Apply to both, since rural is still helpful for NOSM
  12. Exactly. Makes me think they've seen such a jump in GPA's this year/last that they're looking to evaluate academics in some other way, i.e. by using the MCAT to some extent. And they want data before making any decisions, which most schools probably do. Honestly, while adding it this year would have been unfair, I 100% think it's good to implement for the English stream eventually. There's a point when GPA starts reflecting course choice, uni major, and professor's moods more than student capability, and I think a 3.95+ average certainly crosses that line. And my guess is that given the recent additions of casper and maybe MCATs, Ottawa U has noticed that too
  13. Apply to Manitoba and Saskatchewan also. You're pretty much guaranteed an interview an interview at Sask based on previous year cutoffs
  14. It has no impact, again, it varied between most recent score and highest score for ON schools-specifics are found on their websites.I can't recall which are which
  15. You will NOT be able to use OSAP even after changing your permanent residence. Assuming you are unmarried, graduated high school at least 4 years ago, and have not been out of post-secondary ed. for >12 months while living in ON, you will get Alberta loans. It is dependent on the last place you lived as a single, dependent student (aka everyone during the first 4 post-high school years), which is the province your parents lived in during this time
  16. This. A 123 shows a lack of basic knowledge needed for the test. Drop the review-style books and relearn the basics, however works for you. Once you know those inside out, then move along to MCAT style questions
  17. Seriously. Please make an attempt to look up this easily available information on the school websites before asking here. It is made very clear there
  18. You need to take 10 minutes and look it up yourself. Small price to pay, really.
  19. When in doubt, contact the school. Courses vary, so what someone says here may not apply to you....better safe then sorry, no?
  20. I'm not sure were this idea about UofT needing research came from, but I also had pretty much none. I think the school tends to attract people more interested in research in general, but it's certainly not required for med applications
  21. I applied with literally the exact same GPA breakdown and a very similar MCAT (excet in psyc) and was pre-interivew rejected at Mac/Ottawa/western and accepted to toronto and queen's, plus an OOP school. You could apply to Ottawa/Mac, but either way it's a gamble. I had a 3.86 so I did Ottawa, but the cutoff was a 3.85 last year so a 3.84 wouldn't have made it. Either way, congrats on the amazing GPA turnaround and good luck next cycle! It might go a lot better than you're expecting
  22. As far as I know, it has no impact if you've taken it more than once. They use either most recent or highest score, depending on the school. That said, if you're planning to re-write, then you're basically giving up now. The MCAT isn't something to half-study for and hope for the best, you need to commit to it. August is plenty far away, even with a job, if you just go all in and start focusing. i've seen way to many friends decide 2+ months before their test they 'couldn't' be ready, but still wasted 2 months half-studying, and of course doing the same thing all over again the next summer. I don't mean that to be harsh-I mean that you have the time and opportunity now to get the score you need. It's hard around work, I remember, but just keep your goal in mind. I liked to think of it as a 'test' to see if I was able to handle the kind of crazy work/study schedule of med school/residency. Maybe it was weird, but it was motivation to me
  23. Just be honest about were you're competitive. Some people will do better in ON (such as myself) , and others will have better luck OOP. It depends a lot on what your strengths are as an applicant, i.e. a 38 MCAT with a 10VR and few ECs might get no interviews in ON, but get accepted into Sask and Manitoba. Look carefully at past stats, usually on sites, and see where you best chances are if money is tight. Also, get another job if needed to finance the applications in one cycle. It's tough, but better than reapplying another year (even more $$) because you didn't apply to a few more schools
  24. I think it's just more of a concern in ON than other places, because the politicians there currently are fans of publicly blaming healthcare budget problems on physician salaries....frequently. To justify why they are capping FM billings So by only releasing the Top 100 names, they can continue to 'justify' why they need to cap family med wages (although those top 100 aren't GP's, I'm guessing) because doctors are being 'greedy' and are to blame for healthcare debt.....and this will work great on the majority of the population who will take the billings as average doctor take-home pay. BC politicians, it seems, are not using those numbers to publish articles in major newspapers that bash doctors
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