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  1. I emailed and asked this exact question. They had no issue with it
  2. Just got rejected....really crushed atm
  3. I still dont see anything on omsas for uoft.... I wonder if that means I got an R? Or do they not update everyone's omsas at the same time
  4. U of T only applicant here, No offer yet but "the button" appeared Any other UofT people get a response on OMSAS????
  5. Someone post OPs field goal % after this shitstorm is over lol
  6. I'm in the exact same boat. I've also heard 126 is the cutoff but no one really knows
  7. I applied to 9 schools and received Rs from Boston and Dartmouth. WVU put me on their interview waitlist & the rest haven't responded Stats: 3.85 GPA & 514 MCAT I applied to: Boston, WVU, Dartmouth, Tulane, Columbia, Icahn, Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Duke
  8. Rejection (9:25am) OOP / No Maritime connection Gpa:3.83 MCAT: 514 No mention on how I did on Casper. These emails suck no matter how much I was expecting them.
  9. It'll depend on which schools you apply to but yeah, it is very late in the cycle. If you have the time and money you can always throw in an application, but you're working with a weak MCAT and you're applying super late - both of which work against you. Check the deadline for submissions at the schools you want to submit to.
  10. Apparently they send out notifications to those who didn't make the cutoffs around the end of September/first week of October.
  11. Was Toronto one of those schools? I was planing on reusing parts of my essays from last year.
  12. As per UofT's website: I wouldn't complicate it. Make sure your essays are 250 or less
  13. Called OMSAS today....yeah they told me to pound sand
  14. Was this for last year? I'm wondering if the section cut-offs for Queens is the same for all the MCAT sections. I got a 125 in Cars (514 overall) and unsure if that will automatically screen me out.
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