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  1. If that's the case, wouldn't it be more reasonable to go into FM route and save yourself another 2-3 years of brutal residency to be a GIM doc since you are doing what a GIM does basically with a lot less complexity ... That's my internal dilemma for pursuing FM versus IM ...
  2. Can you comment on the lifestyle/hours/call and income of a family physician working as a hospitalist at a community centre? Are they mainly on salary or is it FFS? do they get benefits like extended health benefits and dental benefits? Thank you
  3. Hi, 3rd year medical student interested in IM and potentially GIM. Would you mind sharing how your work-life balance is as a GIM staff compared to residency? I have heard IM residency is very brutal and I am wondering if that becomes better once you are a staff? Also, do you still have to do 1 in 4 call as a staff GIM.
  4. I am a third year med student interested in FM and GIM. I was wondering if anyone can comment/suggestions about 4 year vs 5 GIM. I am interested to work in community hospitals and I was under the impression that a 4 year GIM would be sufficient to work in community settings. I am wondering if there is a possibility that this changes in the future? Also, what is the job prospect for a 4 year GIM in urban areas?
  5. Does anyone has any info about hospitalists income and how is the job in general including calls, shifts? and how does it differ from GIM ... 3rd year med student trying to decide between GIM vs FM
  6. Thanks for your insight. How many weeks of electives did you have in total?
  7. Hi all, I am at the end of my clerkship and in the process of choosing my electives for next year. I am very torn between FM and IM, some days I'm leaning towards FM and other days I am thinking more about IM. In terms of interest, I enjoyed pretty much all of my rotations and I can't say I really loved CTU, although the idea of being a specialist and have the opportunity to spend more time with the patient and really delve into their complex problems sound appealing to me and I was more thinking of doing GIM, or clinic-based IM (Rheum/Endo). On the other hand, when I think about 3 years of residency, 1-4 calls, applying to CaRMS for the second round with possibility to not matching to my desired location, unstable job market and possibility of working in an undesired location makes me to think about my decision. Family medicine on the other hand is very flexible with only 2 years, stable jobs, ability to do whatever I enjoy (EM, women's health, etc) seems appealing. Financial aspects is not really part of my decision as I think FM can be quite decent in terms of compensation with optimum billings from what I understand and not too much different from GIM or clinic-based IM. So right now, I am doing 6-8 weeks of FM and 12-14 weeks of IM. I am from BC and I really want to stay in BC. Knowing that IM is very competitive and FM in BC has always been competitive, makes me think that I should make my decision and direct all of my electives towards one or the other. If I have to go OOP for FM, it's fine since it's only 2 years but I know I can't do 5 years of tough IM residency away from family and significant other. As I get closer to CaRMS and finalizing my electives, I feel very anxious and I would really appreciate if I could have anyone's suggestions/advice
  8. Just wondering if I should do ICU or an IM sub specialty elective if I am applying to IM? Is ICU a must do elective for applying to IM?
  9. 3rd year medical student here. I just want some insight about the OB/GYN specialty, competitiveness, residency, lifestyle after residency? I was interested in FM and IM before but now thinking about OB/GYN ... it's probably too late but I have a great reference letter from one of the staff here. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks for your post! Can you also comment about more lifestyle sub specialties of IM like endocrinology and rheumatology? Are these fellowships paid since i have heard some IM fellowships are not paid! Also, can you comment about the job prospect of these sub specialties? Thanks
  11. I am kinda in the same boat ... debating FM and IM and have reasons to equally like both! Why don't you do electives in both and decide which one to rank first later in CaRMS? that's what I am going to do. Although it would have been more helpful to know for sure what we want but I think a lot of people are in the same situation.
  12. Hi All, I am an MS3 and have to choose my electives including OOP electives pretty soon. I am thinking between IM and FM and I cannot decide which one is my preferred choice at this point. Location is very important for me so I would rather stay here in BC where my family is. So I would rank IM and FM in my current location first but if I have to do residency OOP, I would rather do FM so I can come home after 2 years rather than having to stay there for the next 5 years. Knowing that both FM and IM in my home province is increasingly competitive, I would like to know how you would advise me on choosing my electives considering that I have 20 weeks electives allowance.
  13. Thanks for all of your posts. Third year medical student here, seriously undecided between FM and IM (GIM or lifestyle sub specialties like endo and rheum). Do you have any suggestions/insight on the lifestyle and job prospect of these two and how to make this decision considering that CaRMS is getting a lot more competitive and most people choose to do most of their electives in one specialty? Really appreciate it.
  14. Thanks for the info. Would you mind sharing if you are in an MI-related specialty?
  15. I have read this forum and want to thank everyone in advance for all the helpful information. I am currently in third year, in the process of choosing my electives and cannot make up my mind between IM and FM. The 2 year residency is attractive considering that I am an older/non-trad applicant and also the flexibility and job prospect is very appealing. I feel like the breadth of FM is too broad for me as you have to be able to deal with pediatrics issues, OB/GYN issues, mental health, and etc. I have also heard from various family doctors complaining about how they are not compensated enough and one told me he makes only slightly more than what he made during residency. Regardless, there flexibility, job prospect, and the 2 year residency is very appealing. I enjoyed my CTU rotation and although the hours are long, the depth and the detailed-ness of the consult and problem solving aspect was enjoyable. I've heard from multiple residents that the job prospects for some IM sub specialties (GI, Cardio, resp, nephro) is not good so if I pursue IM, I'm interested in either GIM at a community hospital or endo/rheum sub specialty. I am wondering if I can get insight about people who were kinda in the same position and if they can elaborate more on how they chose between the two. Some info about the lifestyle/job prospect/ and income of FM and GIM/Rheum/Endo would be very helpful. Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance.
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