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  1. As the tour progresses, I'm hearing the same few names being brought up by other applicants at the socials/in interview waiting rooms. These students have apparently gotten interviews at almost every program for our specialty. Does this make them the "superstar" applicants that have been described on these forums? And follow up question: I was talking to one of these superstars, and he said he wasn't happy with his interview performances so far (described them as probably average or maybe slightly below average). To committees, would an average interview significantly drop a superstar's (presumably) high pre-interview rank? Or would they likely still be ranked highly, and it'd take a BAD interview to really change things? (Note, I'm not trying to be malicious or anything. I'm just wondering random stuff while sitting here in my hotel room hahah)
  2. I emailed my program's admin for MUN and they said everything should be fine by saturday, so no alternative interview formats will be offered. YMMV though
  3. Where do people usually put their stuff at socials? I have to get to airports soon after (or even partway through) the socials but it'd be so weird to bring a suitcase to the restaurants
  4. Varies by specialty, but this usually means multiple one-on-one/two stations at the interview if they choose this format over panel
  5. Yes it's exactly as it sounds. You and 1-2 staff and/or residents
  6. Woah, did your classmates email the PDs themselves? Or go through program admin/secretaries and therefore the reconsideration request reached the PD indirectly
  7. I've heard this statistic several times too but have trouble wrapping my mind around it. E.g. for the rads OP, they got 5 interviews. Based on the program pages, most schools have 4 spots. So to match to their top 3, they would be in the top 20 of ~120 rads applicants? I'm godawful with math, so that doesn't sound right hahah By the way to OP, hang in there! Based on what my buddies are telling me, it's a very competitive year for radiology. So 5 interviews is very respectable.
  8. Thanks for the encouragement! I'll email once the holiday break is over, and will keep everyone here updated on how things go.
  9. Long story short: I did an elective at a program, got good feedback while I was there, but ended up waitlisted. Is it ok to email the program asking about the likelihood of getting an interview, or maybe even asking them to reconsider? Not sure what the protocol is for waitlists. It is a popular program and so I don't think there will be lots of people turning down invites...
  10. Had the EXACT same thing happen to me this year. Definitely sucks to get an interview rejection after all the time, money and effort that could've been spent elsewhere. Hope you're doing okay, buddy.
  11. Not sure where your home school is, but that sounds like quite an Ontario-heavy elective spread. You know your goals best, but an important consideration is whether your electives show a willingness to move (if you indeed are). I agree with the above, having a FM elective will go a long way in terms of setting you apart from people who are just throwing in FM apps.
  12. YES, always visit the schools you want to match to most! It shows your commitment to them. You get a feel for their program, and they get to assess you as a potential resident. Your 2 weeks there will be more decisive than your interview, in many ways. But of course, the flip side is that the narrow geographic range you listed is a gamble. The western and atlantic schools may not super be inclined to interview you if you're going for a competitive specialty. So at the end of the day it's up to your personal goals and risk tolerance Most med schools do give their students "preferences" for electives in the sense that you can sign up for them earlier, contact specific preceptors, and/or drop electives closer to the start date. I don't know what year you're in, but your school will probably disseminate this info around early/mid year 3
  13. Can't speak for smaller programs, but Toronto has a database that lets you search up specific preceptors by specialty (including surg specs) and it has their/their secretary's contact info.
  14. Could not agree more with @JohnGrisham and @Aetherus To provide a different perspective to all the apparent doom and gloom: sometimes luck works in your favour too. I did an elective at a school that was not my desired location for an important, long, OOP 4 week slot. I didn't know anyone in the program or even have friends of friends who were in the city. There wasn't a schedule, and I was told to just pick a preceptor's clinic for the day...and repeat that for the whole month. I ended up getting along great with a guy who I later found out was the PD's fishing buddy. Another preceptor I randomly chose was subsequently named Head of Department. On my last day, one of the seniors pat me on the back and said, "looks like we'll be seeing you in january" (Whether that'll actually be true or not, I don't know, but I'll take it for now hahah) It is understandable to have anxiety when the stakes are so high and you've worked so hard. I never believed upper years when they told me how random this whole selection process is. But now that I'm here, staring down the carms deadline, all I can say is that it's true.
  15. Anyone else's casper results still blank on the document tracker? It's been about 4 weeks since the exam...
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