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  1. On a semi-related note, does anyone have any tips for writing case reports on a tight time budget? Many of my Year 4 electives require a case report to be written every week, which is kind of stressing me out since I've never written one before...
  2. garlic

    CaRMS 2019 Prelim Data

    From what I understand, the quality of applicants was very high this year, even if numbers were not impressive - so many people still did not get their first or second choices.
  3. That certainly is the trend, though I heard this year was very competitive (especially at Western, Calgary and UBC). Dal, as usual, was popular as well.
  4. This is anecdotal of course, but my gf is an anesthesia resident and she says it's VERY common to see people decide on anesthesia in third year or even early fourth year. The programs know that not a lot of med students are aware of the specialty's scope until they've rotated through it. As beeboop said, relevant research is always better. But don't sweat it if you can't get something impressive done in time for carms. You have a fair shot if you read up on drugs, help set up the equipment, know cardio + resp physiology, and are pleasant to sit next to.
  5. Conversely, if one is from the west coast, how far away is enough to prove willingness to move for residency?
  6. garlic

    Importance Of Mspr

    Thanks for the great feedback and info as always! Wishing everyone a happy and stress-free holiday season (if possible)
  7. garlic

    Importance Of Mspr

    Hey guys, sorry to dig up this ancient post. Just wanted to know if this "MSPR is just a flag" idea is still true for CaRMS these days. I've been getting "meets expectations" for literally all my rotations, and have no idea if this is something to be worried/annoyed/worked up about. I admit I'm not above avg for clinical knowledge but I've consistently been marked top 10% for work ethic, motivation for learning, and other soft skills-y things. I have lots of classmates who have gotten the distinction, so it's not as rare as the faculty would have us believe.. I guess bottom line is am I worrying over nothing? Should I just go study now? Lol
  8. garlic


    Wonder if there'll be a reactionary increase in Radiology applications next year for 2020. Happened just a few years ago when there was a nadir and everyone was saying the golden days for Rads were irrefutably over. Also interested to see how this relatively newfound interest in Pathology will trend!
  9. Hah it sounds easy, but med school normal ≠ normal normal!
  10. Thanks for all your advice and perspectives, everyone! Really helpful to have gotten feedback from people at all different stages of training/practice. Can confirm that no changes in group dynamic have occurred since I've actually started going home after calls or when offered. Nice to know it wasn't a test of how dedicated I was to the rotation or team or whatever else. Oh and it turns out the foreign student asked not to be given certain duties since they're not comfortable with it. Apparently clerkship back home for them is more like shadowing from 9-5...
  11. Hey all, I was hoping to get your opinions on a topic (just for discussion/out of curiosity). I'm an MSI3 on rotation with another student from a foreign institution. Post-call I'm usually given patients to round on whereas the other student gets to go home when they're post-call. Obviously it differs person to person, but what are your thoughts on this? I'd like to think it's because my home school is trying to train me better or that I'm capable at ward stuff, but I highly doubt that's the case. If not, then am I being punished because the resident(s) don't like me or something.... Also, what is the etiquette when a resident tells you to go home? As an MSI3 I imagine it'd be annoying for them to have me around, so it seems like I should just say thank you and leave. Is it any different as an MSI4 when youre trying to impress them?
  12. Just checked my old emails - the summer workshops were held twice a week starting in early June. (Not sure if it's the same now but that's at least a rough estimate for your timeline.) There's also a Financial Night in September where different banks have representatives available to answer your questions, provide brochures, etc. Those reps are usually very familiar with professional LOCs and med students. But overall, like @ JohnGrisham said, there isn't much variability for rates between banks. It's mostly what perks you'd like to have.
  13. I used formal sentences as well. Abbreviations were used if they were obvious (e.g. UBC, VGH) and I went to town with ampersands and semicolons.
  14. I know most people use pdf/e-textbooks, but will there be a used book sale at the start of the year? I learn better with hard copies so I was wondering whether I should buy them on amazon now or hope to get a better price from upper years!
  15. garlic

    Ubc Med Hoodies?

    Haha I don't know about that...lots of people think program hoodies are tacky or obnoxious, regardless of the program! Anyway I plan on buying like three med hoodies once they're available Btw, what are you buying early at the bookstore? I went just the other week but didn't know what to get, other than maybe the Toronto Notes