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  1. Hey all, I've been thinking about all the things that matter the most when selecting the right medical school. Here's the list of questions that I have been considering, that I will revise: Which school best prepares you for residency? (CARMs data) What kind of learning style is emphasized at the school and does this suit you? (personal preference) Are there sufficient opportunities for observerships, research? "Sense of community". (every school I went to would boast about this. Felt like it was the same everywhere) Is there anything you would add to this? From the looks of it, the CARMs data doesn't really help discriminate between the various medical schools. Most schools have good years and bad years and the 2014 data at least showed that they're all pretty even in match rates. Overall match rates are 95%+ for every school. ---- Here are the numbers I was looking at: % of students who match to 1st choice program choice Western - 50% McMaster - 58% UofT - 61% Queens - 60% % of students who match to 1st choice discipline all schools between 92-94% CMGs Who Ranked Family Medicine as 1st Choice by School of Graduation Western - 40% McMaster - 40% UofT - 34% Queens - 23% !! (surprising) ---- If the stats are pretty even, then I'm assuming that which school you choose wouldn't affect how your career unfolds (please comment)! In that case, it would come down to a matter of personal preference. I don't care about the teaching style, I'm pretty flexible. I prefer to be close to home and a place where my engineer girlfriend can find work (Toronto or Hamilton). Thoughts??
  2. Hey I'd like to join the practice sessions too! Thanks organizing this.
  3. Trouble is that without a description, it's hard for people to understand what the projects are about. In truth, I continued to work on those projects after the course ended and the music player is still ongoing, but it's hard to draw the line. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hey all, I took a course in my final year where I really only did project work. I worked on some interesting projects - Music player for the deaf or hard of hearing Designed a device that plays music as large physical vibrations that can be felt on the skin, for use by people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Photo journal Utilized camera glasses along with face-detection algorithm to create a collage of people you meet during the day; potential memory aid for seniors. TGH Hand Washing Worked on analyzing data regarding hand washing compliance at the Toronto General Hospital, in presence and absence of a compliance monitor. Should I include any or all of these projects under the formal education category? It's hard to describe them without 150 characters each, and I feel like they are interesting projects that would help me stand out. Would this be considered padding my ABS?
  5. Yea, I am able to add more courses on a separate form. I guess the part I found confusing is that if I indicate 1.0 as the "Credit Value/Weight", then on the "Course Summary" page, it gets turned into "OMSAS Length" of 2.0. What is the OMSAS Length? Thanks for your help!
  6. I went to UofT and on my transcript, the course weights are 0.5 for a semester long course and 1 for a full year course. When I enter the course information on OMSAS, do I do the conversion myself according to their scale (below) and enter 1.0 for half year courses and 2 for full year courses? Full‑year course: weight of 2 Half‑year course: weight of 1 Semester course: weight of 1 Three‑quarter course: weight of 1.5 Also, I have a full year course with a weight of 0.1 on my transcript (lol). It was just a seminar course. How should I include this? One more thing - why is there a limit of 10 in the course list? I have 12 half courses in a year and I know I'm able to add more, so there aren't any problems. Just wondering though, am I supposed to have a separate entry for each semester or is there only one entry for each academic "year"? Appreciate the help folks!
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