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  1. I wish coalition wasn't such a dirty word, and that Trudeau wasn't too proud to form one. Had to LOL at his comment saying he would not form any coalitions - formal or informal. Wonder if anyone let him know he has a minority position and that an informal coalition, aka working together, will be required.
  2. What kind of description do you add to your clinical electives section of CARMS? Relevant cases you saw? CanMEDs-y type buzz words? Just straight to the point?
  3. Fair but a small surface level effort is also unlikely to change anything meaningful. One could also argue while Trudeau attending a protest during his majority government term in office he didn't try to change much and literally had the power to. I don't think a great reason to vote liberal is that while not great they are better than conservative. what about the other parties?
  4. If discussing environmentalism. It is hard to say that the liberal's are really that much better than conservatives on this front really. Lots of small band-aid solutions for sure. Vague goals like ban non-reusable plastics (whatever this means), plant 2 billion trees (ok cool doesn't really solve underlying issues), etc
  5. Absolutely. It would be silly to be as black and white as to suggest that even a majority of conservatives are racist. There are a variety of reasons a person may vote for any of the parties. Similarly, no one should be made to feel bad for being critical of their own party, agreeing with with another party says, or taking the time to dabble into or learn about other parties. This isn't war. Both parties have lead us into both good and bad times.
  6. Yea, again I was not saying whether or not I supported the conservatives. Which I do not. I am saying that people who are on the middle of the spectrum and swing between voting liberal or conservative, don't like being told they have to vote liberal or they are X. It's also important to note that for example in the trump election analytic companies like cambridge analytica were able to make very detailed psychological profiles on voters, and created targeted ads that progressively become more pro-trump. Similar tactics were used in brexit. All i am saying is if middle of the road people are getting targeted ads telling them a variety of falsehoods and to think of the average joe, and then finally to make a choice and empower themselves. Then we as liberals say hey actually no you have to pick us cause the other peoples take on all these things are awful so you have to pick us. How do you think humans will interpret that? I'm not commenting on the conservatives policies, which I don't support. - Or the liberals who also have yes socially progressive policies but none the less issues with other things. I'm commenting on the social psychology and trends I have seen emerge in the last few years. After watching the movie brexit and documentaries on trump getting voted in, and critically evaluating the recent political discourse and comparing it to the past. There is certainly a new push that left-wing is the only reasonable choice. I agree left-wing is good, especially on environmental and green policies which I do not think the liberals do enough of. I'm just saying if people focus on compelling others to vote for them by showing what the liberal party can give them and what they stand to gain, as opposed to delving into why the conservatives are bad. People may feel they are being given more of a choice than being told they have to do something. EDIT: I mean just look how aggressive your comment to me was. I AM a liberal/left wing. Just pointing out ways we can realize our dialogue may alienate centrist people, and you get aggressive and discuss how all conservatives are essentially against minorities/lgbt/immigration. If I am a centrist deciding who to vote for and i look to the left and get treated as though I have to vote liberal because if i even consider conservative well we all know how bad they are, and on top of that if I don't follow the exact same values as you i'm going to get aggressive messages directed at me, why would I want to vote for that?
  7. Recently, I have come to a realization I felt some might be interested in. This particularly applies to liberals. I say that as a person who voted liberal, identifies as liberal. This election will likely vote green. With those disclosures out of the way it is this. No one, and I mean no one likes being made to feel that they don't have choice. I say this because I look back on the brexit vote, on trump v hilary, and likely the upcoming trudeau v scheer. Core themes I have noticed from liberals lately is a steady steer away from describing why picking them is good. What policies they have to offer, what they will offer the average joe, why a person is empowered by voting for them. Instead they have reflexively moved towards almost like you have to. "what kind of visible minority would vote conservative". It usually seems to get set up in a way that almost assumes someone is un-educated, prejudiced or wrong for not voting liberal. No one likes feeling like they have to do something. Yes the conservatives take on immigration is not great. However, the liberals have certainly had their hands full with other blunders and scandals. To just say nope how could you possibly vote conservative, then not address other important issues in this election or sell why a person should vote liberal beyond you shouldn't vote conservative it won't work. Certainly trump had analytic companies working for him as described in the news, similar to the leave brexit movement. However, the democrats essentially saying you have to vote hilary because trump is shitty, racist - and if you vote for him you are too. It doesn't bode well with people to be told what to do. All I am saying is in the last few years there seems to have been a liberal movement toward conservative = racist, bad, you can't do that. Alienate people for even looking at it, and it can play badly.
  8. They must be hoping to increase their chances of getting that elective. If it isn't available for one time slot it may be for the next. The portal itself does not care at all what you enter into it. The school on the other hand might. You should read the schools policies to find out. Some schools if you are open for multiple dates then indicate that on the application and you will save money. Other schools won't allow multiple applications for the same specialty. If you truly want both then yes just apply for a 4 week elective.
  9. Hey, I was just wondering if schools giving preference to those who did electives there refers more specifically to anesthesia electives, or just electives in general? For example I wasn't able to arrange an anesthesia elective at Ottawa, but I did get offered an elective in a non-anesthesia specialty (IE icu, ER, cardiology, palliative care) after applications are due. Will this be of any benefit or not really? Edit: also sorry for rebumping an old thread
  10. In general lmcc questions are a couple sentences long and don't seem too technical. NBME, Uworld, and I am assuming USMLE are thick paragraphs.
  11. Wish I could help. That is all I used to be honest. I just used toronto note to prep for my blocks, and read uptodate around cases. Just doing clinic makes you quite familiar with the type questions you will get. Then a few months before I started to read peds, obs/gyn, psych, gen surg quite a few times. Then health ethics once, and family med a few times and once right before the exam. Don't bother with internal med, you will learn enough in clerkship. For the LMCC it is like 13 chapters to cover 1/6 of the exam. As peds, obsgyn, psych, surgery, internal, and ethics all get 1/6. Family med chapter of toronto notes is a good review of internal med type stuff you see on the LMCC as its initial work up of a lot of stuff and guidelines. Uworld questions are much harder than the LMCC - however, I think it is good learning. plus there are days you just can't bring yourself to read torontonotes but its good for forcing you to think and learn. Again closer to the exam I just made my tests peds, obs, psych, surgery. To maximize my yield. Don't let your uworld scores get you down - especially in internal. Overall though I felt like the LMCC is something that draws more from experience you gain during clerkship and clinical intuition. Plus asking you more the level of end of med school questions - what should a day one R1 know. Which is why many people can pass it with minimum studying. It seems to focus on if you know initial work ups, and med student level diagnostics and guidelines. On the other hand Uworld, NBMEs, USMLE, these all seem to demand more specific diagnostic knowledge from you. Here is the clinical description of the case, what exactly does this person have wrong with them type questions. If you plan to write the usmle I would definitely try to do much more uworld than torontonotes and maybe even look into usmle specific studying recommendations.
  12. Most people write the exam after 4th year. Sometime in April/May 2021 for you. Alternatively there is now the option to write it at the end of third year. In July.
  13. Any advice for studying peds? I have read the toronto notes section quite a few times now, but don't seem to improve on Uworld. My rotation didn't seem to help me much at all, so many zebras on Uworld compared to clinic.
  14. Even if you come from a money with family you would have to be crazy to turn down a LoC with the best interest rate you will ever get. You don't need it to pay for tuition? Great. From a business/personal investment stand point this LoC has some very good advantages. If you come from a family that has made a lot of money or have enough for you to do school, I suggest you talk to the family members that have been successful about the potential LoC you have access to and they will quickly steer you to getting it.
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