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  1. I have heard that UBC family med is very competitive, especially in Vancouver. But can anyone tell me how the other sites compare? Saw the kootenay boundary, strathcona on vancouver island, or the aboriginal stream on vancouver island
  2. True, I definitely used a bad example with "caring." one from their own test would be better. "You find it easy to stay relaxed even when there is some pressure." this reminds me of my first interprofessional team session where a person described themselves as a type B person and very easy going - but that was more how this person saw themselves as opposed to how they actually acted. I do agree with you though there are definitely different personalities and each bring their own problem solving techniques to the table. I scored intj on it and i definitely do tend to have a different perspective on how to approach things than some of my friends. I have actually found that almost every psychiatrist i have met has a similar thought process and approach to ethics as me - but i can't say i am particularly interested in the field yet so far at least.
  3. I am on the fence about personality testing from the myers-brigg perspective. Especially just due to the easy self-selection bias present in them when doing a test online. Do you want to be seen as caring or do you see yourself as caring or are you actually caring - not that a person could ever really work all that out anyway. But those specialties seem to be haphazardly tossed into different personality types.
  4. MarsRover

    lifestyle of plastic surgery

    It doesn't seem to be any specialty is able to do it easily minus ER and RADs really. peds seems to be a lot of salaried positions so just 4 weeks vacation, surgery call and practice requirements seem to push it out, internal/neurology the call schedules seem to prevent taking 2 week vacations 3 times a year too (at least specialties i have been interested in), family is possible but maybe less from a financial standpoint i seem to hear. Derm potentially, but i haven't ever been interested in it on a personal level enough enough to investigate.
  5. MarsRover

    lifestyle of plastic surgery

    Do you mean in terms of ophtho tends to have less hours per day, or that they can take a few 2 week vacations if they want? I know people have mentioned income as a reason that isn't possible, but if taking 8 weeks of 52 off means a 15-20% pay cut I don't terribly care. 200k vs 160k after over head doesn't really matter to me if it means more time to go do the other things i like. Mind you when i am not on vacation I have no problem with 60+ hour weeks.
  6. MarsRover

    lifestyle of plastic surgery

    Yes, I definitely agree with that. It is unfortunate, that I am definitely accepting of long hours during the weeks, and even being on-call/working weekends. But I would like 6-8 weeks off a year with blocks of 2-3 to then travel to see family that lives further away and such. Not really possible in surgery it seems..
  7. Can you tell me if procedures are something that the residents tend to end up doing more, or is it up to the individual radiologist how much they do? I have shadowed a few times because I did hope to see that procedure side. On ultrasound there weren't any that day, then x-ray stuff, mri day, another ultrasound day, and fluoro day. Didn't end up seeing many procedures although definitely a couple with fluoro. Is it day dependent and i was just there on a bad day - or can a radiologist sort of try to gear themselves into have more or less procedures?
  8. I was just curious if anyone could talk about the lifestyle of a plastic surgeon. I know that likely varies between community and academic hospitals. But just say for community hospitals. There is a lot of talk about surgeons working long hours and little vacation time, but can plastics get around this where they tend to be more private practice than some other surgical specialties?
  9. Title pretty much sums up all I am wondering. I know that through the traditional 5-year emerg program peds is a fellowship, and similarly through peds there is an emerg fellowship. Does that mean that ccfp-em can't work in pediatric emergency rooms? Can general pediatricians? just a random thought that came to my head the other day.
  10. MarsRover

    Writing the USMLE

    Thanks! I am just very confused about how to go about it with visas, different residency lengths, interview times, and suggestions that schools may prefer to not take canadians due to visa issues
  11. MarsRover

    Writing the USMLE

    I have heard that it can be difficult now attaining visa as the government changed the amount of J1 visas they give out. This paired with the different training time for pediatrics here and there makes me think it may not even be worth it.
  12. Given the predicted number of unmatched medical students (~150) in the coming years I am wondering about the value of taking the USMLE. I am interested in a non-traditionally competitive field (pediatrics), but it still wondering if it could be worth while. Doing residency in the states certainly isn't something that'd bother me if it meant in specialty I like.
  13. My fear with residency has been people that I shadow seem to not have a huge variety of cases. In Uro they spent a very sizeable portion of their week removing stones, ENT it was tons of thyroid. Is this just an issue of smaller fields of surgery? I tend to like variety, so I thought it got kind of boring quick shadowing the same one again and again. Do you find variety to be an issue? Perhaps I felt that way because I tend to be more actually hands on as opposed to watching people do stuff where I feel less engaged.
  14. MarsRover

    Group work in medical school

    Honestly, it is because most group work in medical school is extremely pointless. just small meaningless tasks that aren't marked or going to change whether or not you pass for their accreditation. From the student perspective it can seem like a waste of time compared to actually studying and doing activities that help with wellness
  15. Can anyone speak to how well this program works? The sites across NB have appeal to me, and it sounds like it is potentially a good program. Just wondering if this is true or not.