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  1. Thank you. All those that meet the cutoff get the interview right? So does the number of applicants really play in?
  2. Hello I am thinking of applying to Western with my current stats. GPA : 3.89, 3.85 MCAT (2014) : 10P, 11V, 10B With the release of the new MCAT, does anyone feel Western might bring their cut off back to 30 as they had a couple of years ago? I am not sure if the removal of writing section of the old MCAT kind of complied with the score increase that Western required on their MCAT in the past two years. If so, wouldn't the increased difficulty of the new MCAT logically decrease it? Do you think I stand a chance? Thanks
  3. That makes me wonder if at any point during the application process being a PR will put me at a disadvantage? My citizenship application is only in progress.
  4. Hello Is there a preference for Canadian citizens over permanent residents when it comes to Canadian med school admissions? I am under the impression that both citizens and PRs are treated equally but would appreciate if someone can confirm. Do you know if there are a large number of medical students/doctors that are PRs? Thanks
  5. I realize it's difficult to answer as the situation is pretty unique. Can someone comment on the competitiveness of my wGPA of 3.83 if possible please?
  6. Hello I have completed two undergraduate degrees and my wGPA for UofT comes to 3.83 and an MCAT score of 10P,11V,10B. I am about to begin my masters (thinking of course-based now). I have diverse and long term ECs and wonder what my realistic chance will be at UofT med. I was actively involved in caring for a family member who had a serious illness at the time (acting as the primary contact for all care providers, accompanying to hospitals, helping communicate, etc) all throughout my undergrad and the depth of the responsibility that I had did significantly affect my GPA. Given those extenuating circumstances, would my wGPA help me at UofT or is it too low to be considered? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks FutureDoctor
  7. Thank you for clarifying. I will for sure apply to Ontario schools. For Calgary, do they consider my best 2 years for GPA or is it cumulative overall 7 years of my undergrad work?
  8. Hello I am an Ontario resident and have started looking at OOP schools. I have two undergrad degrees and am confused as to how Saskatchewan med school will calculate my GPA - will it be entirely based on my second degree marks? I did an honours degree in 3 years for my second undergrad. Also, for the MCAT, I found that they require a minimum of 30, I have a 31 with 10P,11V,10B. Should I apply with this MCAT? My GPA for my second undergrad comes to 86.4%. Thank you FutureDoctor
  9. Hello Does anyone know if having cancelled courses has an impact on whether or not the weighting formula will be applied? There are 30 credits each year after excluding cancelled courses. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Thank you for your suggestions. I believe I saw a few with less than 3.75 wGPA something that got a UofT admission, but they seem to have accomplished much in research (publications). That being said,one issue that I am facing with my choice is about MPH being an inaugural program at McMaster and I just feel a bit unsure as to how it's going to go. Also, it seems that the actual research (thesis) would only start after the first year, which makes it difficult to achieve a high research productivity. Am I overthinking?
  11. Agree. I realize it's a very long shot at Mac. With regards to Western though, we don't know how the new MCAT is going to compare with the old. If the new one is more difficult, wouldn't schools end up lowering their cutoffs? I have not attempted to evaluate this deeply, and am not banking on that....Just a thought !!
  12. Thank you, that's encouraging to hear. Would my wGPA of 3.83 be good enough for UofT with a masters? Do you see any chances for me there - I can definitely provide detailed information on certain extenuating circumstances that made the GPA low but don't know if it will considered. I realize I meet the MCAT cut off for Queens, Dal, MAC, U of T - I don't want to risk my VR score to be honest. Would you think I should retake it now? Thanks again
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