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  1. Is he a med/professional student or still in undergrad?
  2. Ugggh, hate being right sometimes... https://globalnews.ca/news/5922861/justin-trudeau-brownface-video/ https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/politics/yearbook-photo-surfaces-of-trudeau-wearing-brownface-costume-in-2001/ar-AAHuYo5?li=AAggNb9&ocid=mailsignout People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier described Trudeau on Twitter as a "master of identity politics" whose party has been accusing others of being "white supremacists." "He definitely is the biggest hypocrite in the country."
  3. I am an immigration lawyer with the federal government, and a person of colour whose family came to Canada as refugees. For anonymity reasons, I cannot say more about my workplace. Though, I will say that there is some incorrect information floating around this thread about how our immigration system works and the processing and admittance of refugees. Stick to what you know. Immigrants crossing into our borders through illegal channels do not have the upper hand when going through the refugee system. Many of these people actually need this status more urgently than people still living in their countries, because when you are escaping persecution and hardship, you will do anything to get your family and yourself to a safer place. If this means obtaining fraudulent documents and risking life and limb to cross an international border, you do it. There are people who have done this to come to Canada that have lost their body parts in the process, and some who have even died (https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/dominican-man-dies-on-quebec-n-y-border-trying-to-reach-his-daughter). It is not an easy thing to risk everything and uproot you and your family from a place that you've always called home. It is an act of desperation and usually there is a good reason for it. Again, people who do not understand immigration law and policy, and whom do not work in this field, should not be spouting misinformation and stereotypes as fact. Many of the people working to accept refugees in Canada in the government hold Conservative views and are White (typically leaning on the older side as well). Immigration and Refugee Protection Act Objectives — refugees (2) The objectives of this Act with respect to refugees are (e) to establish fair and efficient procedures that will maintain the integrity of the Canadian refugee protection system, while upholding Canada’s respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all human beings; The Canadian immigration system is not processing refugees by the manner in which they came to Canada, but rather engages a complex process that takes into account a wide range of factors that include the circumstances leading up to their arrival in Canada, and the hardship and persecution they would face if they were to return to their country of origin. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have not decided on whom I will be voting for in the upcoming election, but I will not vote Liberal, this much I know. I am tired of the political correctness and aggressive attitudes surrounding liberal ideology today. Everything is on the extreme end with them. I used to be liberal before realizing that I am more of a centrist, and being liberal means something else entirely today. The Liberal party's entire platform is centered around how Conservatives are racist, evil, White people that want to only help their rich, White friends and nothing more. It is fearmongering and seeks to differentiate the White, male, conservative as being the Other, rather than seeking inclusion, unity, and acceptance. We are first and foremost CANADIANS in a proud land. I've met more accepting Conservatives with neutral beliefs and attitudes than I have Liberals. Many people are Conservative and vote Conservative simply for their economic policies and honestly, if hardworking people want to focus on themselves and their families, and not care too much about larger social and political concerns, they have the right to do so. We live in a democracy after all. We should not be directing people to feel or think one way or another. This is what the liberal ideology has come to. No, I am not a racist for not voting Liberal and it is laughable that this is being suggested by some people. A poster above has faced racial attitudes from White people and holds a deep resentment towards them. I have faced this as well. However, a lot of racists are visible minorities. You should hear what South Asians say about Blacks and Arab/Muslim people and vice-versa, what East Asians say about South Asians, what Blacks say about Whites, and so on. There are a lot of racial attitudes and stereotypes even among people leaning on the left, and among visible minorities. I have even been called out for having male privilege (in an incredibly aggressive manner) by left-leaning females who are White and had a more luxurious and easy upbringing than me. This is the kind of society we live in now, where we judge people by their political and religious beliefs, by their skin colour, race, and ethnicity, rather than by simply viewing people as people and their own person. I find myself agreeing more and more with Conservatives today who just want to live their own lives without being called racists. Look, there are people on the extreme end in every political spectrum. If you think most racists are Conservatives, then most visible minorities also hold racial attitudes and stereotypes (why do you think interracial marriages are so frowned upon?); the latter simply does a better job of hiding it when going outside their homes in a Western society. Why will I not be voting Liberal? Among a host of reasons that include scandals, lies, incompetence, and fearmongering, it is all this political correctness and aggressive direction they are try to steer normal, hardworking Canadian citizens into. The Liberal party is the new twitter handle for toxic social media rhetoric and extremism. I would rather vote NDP, Green, Conservative, or anyone else running solo than for that party with its current leader - who talks about working for the middle-class when in reality is just another rich, White male being a hypocrite and pretending to be something he is not. Peace.
  4. Dude, chill. If the OP wants to give another shot at medicine by raising their GPA, let them. This is a much smarter 2 year investment than going abroad for medicine. At the very least, the higher GPA in this second degree may work in their favour for US medical schools. People have different hustles they have to do. OP may not get into a Canadian medical school regardless and go abroad anyways, but that is their choice to make. Everyone has a different hustle to end up at the finish line. Let them do theirs.
  5. Many of my closest friends went to Mac life science and none of them are in medical school. However, I do know of people that got in. Look, sam, it doesn't matter how many people from Mac life sci get into med school because those people probably could have done it from anywhere, even U of T life science.
  6. He/she is an undergraduate computer science student, not in medical school yet.
  7. Your post history is a little troubling. You've been ranting about your stresses and problems on here for a while. Are you sure this is the way you are being treated, or is it all in your perception? I also noticed that you are a computer science undergraduate student, so what do you mean by "pre-meds" being arrogant. These students are not pre-med. Most of them won't get into medical school. I can't imagine that most of your peers are even aiming for medical school, to begin with. At the end of the day, you're in university, so if you want to avoid people, you generally can, and find people that you enjoy being around. I don't know what school you go to where you can be bullied by your peers, simply because there are thousands of students you could be engaging with in university. If it's that bad, you could also take your concerns to the administration and the appropriate authorities. You posted this a few days ago - I am not miserable (okay that's a lie, I partially am), just very confused and stressed. It is honestly very stressful, medical school would change in that I would know where I am going with life. The main thing that concerns me here is if I'm not good enough, I have no idea what I am going to do with my life. And computer science I 100% regret taking, but I stuck with it because I am so stubborn when I choose courses. And I know they're not prereq's but they're requirements for my major. Cell Biology I thought I would enjoy more as I enjoyed it last year; everything is has been pretty okay. I am trying to stick it out but I also want to be realistic. You may need to do some self-reflection and figure out your path moving forward. It won't get any easier as a med student or practitioner. You also need to develop your emotional intelligence because it's a core life skill you need, especially in this profession.
  8. Yea, I think I may have been too hard on the OP (didn't realize I posted on a new account). To put this in some context, I've already completed a professional degree at a highly competitive school. I see cases like the OP's all the time, and advise a lot of high school students and university students on this topic. Most of them say the exact same things to me as the OP has done here, but almost none of them make it into medicine or "insert another competitive professional program" here. The acceptance rates ARE less than 10% for most professional programs in Canada (the vast majority of posters here, including myself, are/were in the top 10% of their class in undergrad). This will be your competition. Don't focus on being the average. They don't matter. Focus on the students performing at the top of your classes, as they are the ones you need to beat or match up to to reach your end goal. I'll reword things differently here. As people mentioned above, get a better understanding of the medical school admissions process, medical education, and life of doctor/surgeon. If you still want to pursue this path, then get the best grades you can in undergrad - it can be in any program. You want straight A grades to be competitive. Since you're in first year and know already that you want to pursue medicine, you should be working hard to get grades in the top of your class, right now. Again, it can be in any program, so major in an area that you're interested in and are good at. My close friend did a commerce degree and got into U of T's medical school, so anything is possible. Get involved in activities that you enjoy and allow you to engage in some self-learning and reflection. Volunteer with some health organizations and hospitals. Become a research assistant for professor/s. Focus on your goal and give your life to it because those are the people who make it. Yes, it's possible for you to get into medical school, but nothing is certain until you create a plan, motivate yourself, and work towards achieving this goal. Good luck.
  9. Save your parents' hard-earned money and apply to 5 programs at most. There is absolutely no need for you to apply to 10 schools. Something that hasn't been mentioned here is, what is your backup plan if you don't get into med school? Don't have a backup? Plan for one. Select a program that you can fall back on.
  10. I believe the OP is still a high schooler. Remember reading his or her question on the yconic studentawards forum.
  11. The Canadian I know who went to the US for medicine, pharmacy, dentisty and law were from relatively wealthy families and paid for by their families. 80k/ year in tuition alone is way too much and pharmacy doesn't pay what it used to. You have to ask yourself whether this is worth it for your sister or if she'll be mired deep in debt. I don't think it's worth it.
  12. You do know that out of province med schools usually have less than 10 seats available for Ontario residents, right?
  13. This is insane, even at York a 3.90-3.95 GPA accounted for students in the top 1% of their programs.
  14. I wouldn't exactly say that York is the right choice if your goal is medicine, seeing as how an 80-89 is only a 3.8 GPA there. You would essentially need a lot of A+ grades to get a GPA above 3.8, and med has become so competitive that one really needs above a 3.9 GPA (in Ontario) to have a strong chance of admission.
  15. If you put in the same amount of effort at all of those schools you have applied to, you will get the highest GPA in Mac Health Science.
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