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  1. CardiacArrhythmia

    Entering GPA in OMSAS?

    OMSAS will enter & calculate your cGPA this year after they receive the transcripts. They will post them on your OMSAS account when they finish receiving and inputting them. It's probably because they were sick of fixing errors regarding GPA inputs.
  2. CardiacArrhythmia

    OMSAS GPA link not working

    I believe they are updating their site for the next cycle. The scale should be up on July 12th. But in the mean time you can use the omsas 2016 pdf on macs website, it’s likely the same for this cycle. http://bdcprogram-mcmaster.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Omsas_grading-conversion-scale_2016.pdf
  3. CardiacArrhythmia

    2 full year course in General Biology?

    If you're a science student, the introductory biology courses you take in first year (intro. ecology & evolution and intro. cellular biology) can satisfy the general biology prereq. The term general biology is essentially all courses in the "science of life" and is broken down to multiple categories such as botany, zoology, microbiology, genetics, ecology, virology, etc. Always confirm with admissions regarding the eligibility of your course to satisfy the prereqs.
  4. CardiacArrhythmia

    Med school If you don't like biology?

    I think the key thing here is to also understand that "biology" is a really broad field. Do you dread all biology topics or do you dislike some of them? For example, someone could love human anatomy and physiology and hate botany.
  5. CardiacArrhythmia

    Online Courses

    you can take a maximum of 1 online course per semester for that year to still count for the wGPA. It's not written explicitly on their website but actually indirectly with the whole full-time degree rule + the required course load for wGPA.
  6. CardiacArrhythmia

    Volunteer Training Hours

    If the training is a requirement to start the volunteer position I would include it.
  7. CardiacArrhythmia

    GPA Years- US Medical Schools

    I believe no (and someone can correct me if i am wrong). AMCAS should be calculating your cumulative GPA, your science GPA, and your non-science GPA to provide a standardized way for calculating GPA for all USMD.
  8. CardiacArrhythmia

    What is the best choice?

    A W is usually assigned to the transcript for a dropped course and holds no academic penalty. You simply do not enter it on OMSAS. https://www.ouac.on.ca/faq/academic-record-withdrawn-course/
  9. CardiacArrhythmia

    U of Ottawa new rule for pre-req

    it wouldn't matter when the prerequisites were taken, since they'll be assessing them separately. (Note: 2nd FAQ https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/admissions/faq)
  10. CardiacArrhythmia

    U of Ottawa new rule for pre-req

    Yeah that’s at other universities. Ottawa has a weird way of doing things. it’s best that they take out the jargon on their websites and explicitly state things. Now, you can double check with admissions since rules can change on an annual basis.
  11. CardiacArrhythmia

    U of Ottawa new rule for pre-req

    Best to ask Ottawa about this because we don’t really have much information on it besides that there is prerequisites implemented next cycle. How I see it is that, if the prerequisite course you want to use is in biology or humanities, then the solution is simple, take another course that replace the one that is below B to satisfies the requisite. However, it gets trickier if it was a chemistry course since there’s only so many combinations you can use. You can either retake the chemistry course or depending on the situstion use a different chemistry prerequisite combination. However, you should ask how they will look at both course if you decide to repeat a course. To be considered for Ottawa’s wGPA you need to have minimum 4 on campus lectures per semester to be eligible, given that the extra credits come from another year or a summer semester. This really isn’t explicit on their website, but if you email admissions, they will likely tell you the same thing.
  12. Use the 300pg KA notes. It’s the most up to date of the 3 sets of notes developed. Lot easier to understand if you have a weak P/S background.
  13. Are you a grad student? Publication isn't really expect from an undergraduate student. Lots of people get in with zero publications. It's important to understand that a publication to ANY journal isn't going to suffice. Many people would like to ensure their work goes to high impact journals.
  14. CardiacArrhythmia

    New Requirement for uOttawa

    Now the real question is whether or not they decided to implement it as a cutoff for applicants or will they evaluate it competitively.
  15. CardiacArrhythmia

    Would I be eligible for wGPA?????

    Course levels don't matter for eligibility of UofT's wGPA. Your summer courses won't count because they'll only look at full course loads taken between September and April (i.e. Fall and Winter terms). The only exception to this is if you are on a cooperative education program or some extenuating circumstances - both which have to be indicated to them on the academic explanation essay.