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  1. I’m not a marker personally, but many of my colleague are. The process for scoring isn’t secretive at all they’re pretty explicit about it on their webinars in previous years. And I had typo, I didn’t mean hostile but rather “holistic” basis.
  2. No that is not true. You need to answer all three questions, not answering one can affect scoring. Per scenario is reviewed on a hostile basis with all three questions.
  3. Well, it's on their website and the admissions office can confirm it if you need clarification. You need to put total hours and then in brackets the approx. hours per week or months beside it.
  4. Not really recommended. Sometimes it works, sometimes your punctuation may show up as square boxes instead.
  5. Are they under one course code - if so, you just have to input the course.If they are separate components (i.e. two different course code) you should input them both. Regardless, admissions will double check your transcripts to ensure you did meet the prerequisites.
  6. You're only in 3rd year (heading to 4th), you have a lot of life still ahead of you. If it doesn't work out one cycle, keep moving your life forward while reapplying.
  7. If your courses are done before conferring your bachelor's degree they'll count for Ottawa. Special student status is more of a term for those who are taking an extra year AFTER they conferred their degree.
  8. 3.90 wGPA for 2Y schools is pretty good. Ace the MCAT and let the committee decide your application from there School dependent regarding 5th year, some schools if you are forced to graduate after completing your credits then by all means add a minor you’re interested in to prolong a year. Psych minors, economic minors, computer science minors are common ones. If your school allows you to continue without a minor, then simply just go back take some courses you’re interested in. Just keep it at the senior level cause any school (not just med school, but grad school) would question a course load >60% full of first and second year courses in your last year.
  9. Take a 5th, aim for a 4.0, that would significantly raise your wGPA for 2Y schools and Ottawa. Keep a back up plan for the following year, such as a gap year or an alternative degree. However, if you do go back for an alternative degree ensure that it can lead to an alternative career you like
  10. It is possible, but not likely if you're talking about only helping 1 summer for an entire master's work. Expect more of a latter author appearance.
  11. A lab would be something associated with the courses above OR an exclusive laboratory course. For example, at Waterloo first year in fall, CHEM 120 for example is divided into CHEM 120 lecture and CHEM 120L (which is the lab). CHEM 120L would be considered an exclusive laboratory course in this case counting 1.5 units for 6 units. Your separate laboratory courses must meet the minimum prerequisite requirement of a letter grade B. But note, a B doesn't necessarily correspond to a 70% on the OMSAS table. You need to check what is considered a B for your home university.
  12. Is your fieldwork placement graded with a numerical or alphabetical value? If it is, as long as none of the classes are distance education or pass/fail in first year or fourth year, then you should be okay. But, please contact admissions to clarify your situations.
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