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  1. Use 5th year university or non-degree. Either one works.
  2. I would still put it under research since you can further elaborate your role in publishing the teaching case. If you put it under other, you won’t have the opportunity to express your role in the project.
  3. CardiacArrhythmia

    Project title is too long for the box?

    Abbreviated as much as you can, or simply shortern the title and ensure that your verifier is aware of it.
  4. CardiacArrhythmia

    "Comments" section on OMSAS?

    Is that the comment box that is under the verifier section within the sketch entry? If so, that comment section is used to tell admissions the relationship that the verifier has with you, and any other comments such as if English is not their native language, etc.
  5. CardiacArrhythmia

    "Description" on the ABS

    Do both if character counts permit. Something like the following: sickkids, receptionist if character count is limited just go with the position
  6. CardiacArrhythmia

    University transcript from ontario

    Transcript request submitted through OMSAS by Oct 1st is all you need for Ontario universities - they'll arrange for the transcripts for Ontario universities. For universities outside of Ontario, your transcripts need to be received by Oct 1st by OMSAS.
  7. If you're applying to OMSAS, the only school that allows for an academic explanation is UofT. As long as you believe your grades are not a true reflection of your academic ability, you can write the academic explanations essay and provide the contact information of a verifier for the situation. It is up to ADCOM to use your explanation or not - there's no downside that comes with writing it.
  8. CardiacArrhythmia

    Types of activities in 3 ABS essays

    Nope, won't matter - you're never going to cover every single ABS section with 3 ABS statements. Pick the best 3 activities, regardless of section, that you think you can describe yourself with the 4 clusters.
  9. Unfortunately, it does. 4th year thesis usually come with a course code that is denoted on your transcript - and a likelihood that you will be using the grade you got on the thesis as part of your GPA for your application. HOWEVER, if your 4th year thesis was presented at a CONFERENCE or PUBLISHED in a journal then it would be useable for your ABS since that would be outside of formal studies.
  10. CardiacArrhythmia

    Course Description Website/Course URL for OMSAS

    Course description on your university's calendar should suffice. A course outline simply has the exact same course description, but includes how the students are evaluated (which won't matter to the person evaluating your app).
  11. CardiacArrhythmia

    OMSAS Research/Publication?

    I would write the entire reference in an abbreviation format. Something like: Smedes & Boer. Trends Anal. Chem. 1997, 16, 503 should be suffice. (Note: e.g. taken from http://global.oup.com/us/companion.websites/fdscontent/uscompanion/us/static/companion.websites/9780195305074/9.22.pdf)
  12. CardiacArrhythmia

    OMSAS Research/Publication?

    1. If it is published in a journal, I would simply use the DOI to that article as your reference. So written in this format: "published - journal abbreviation name - DOI" 2. If the manuscript is in preparation, you won't be able to reference it since it's not published yet. 3. Is this project ongoing or is it completed with no publication? If it's ongoing, simply indicate that the project is ongoing.
  13. 1. Put total hours then beside it (per week or per month) e.g. total hours of 20 (4 hours per week) 2. The latter is correct, if you did an activity in multiple years of undergrad, you write a range (1-4th year university)
  14. CardiacArrhythmia

    Are prerequisite grades assessed?

    It is a checklist on their part to essentially show you have "some science" under your belt. Psychology courses are based on the definition of your home university. UofT psych is under science courses because it's offered by their science faculty. If your psych courses come from an "arts" faculty, it is eligible to be used to count towards the humanities/social science requisite.
  15. CardiacArrhythmia

    Course URL on OMSAS?

    This is new this year, what you would simply do is go to your school's undergraduate calendar, find the course and its description and copy & paste that URL to the system. For example, the URL should lead to a course description like this (I used a random orgo course from McMaster here): https://academiccalendars.romcmaster.ca/preview_course_nopop.php?catoid=24&coid=140155