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  1. CardiacArrhythmia

    Retaking MCAT

    No, but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. Realistically, the 15 days is more than enough to go through all the passages given to you on UWorld.
  2. CardiacArrhythmia

    Retaking MCAT

    Khan Academy and UWorld are also other resources that are free to use.
  3. Yes it goes by the academic year GPA, not course-specific.
  4. School dependent. Western requires you to maintain at least a 3.7 GPA in your current year if you only had 1 year previously eligible. Ottawa requires you to maintain the cut-off GPA for your current year, so 3.85 for Ontario and 3.87 for OOP. So if you’re applying to all Ontario schools, I suggest you use the Ottawa cut-off GPA as your measuring stick for your final year.
  5. CardiacArrhythmia

    Verifiers Number of Hours

    Well, you should be providing your verifiers with the specific ABS information that you require them to verify. This allows them to clarify if 1) they agree with what you put down and 2) everything they need to verify if needed. Depends on the school. Ottawa requires you to put total hours of the activity as that is the duration/time commitment they're mainly looking at. The x hours per week/month can be indicate after for clarification breakdown and/or if you are applying to other schools as well.
  6. CardiacArrhythmia

    Pass/fail on OMSAS transcript

    You’ll be okay. Any Pass/Fail courses aren’t shown as credits on OMSAS due to how they set up the system - if they added the credit value alongside your pass/fail course, your cGPA would likely be lower since pass/fail courses are automatically considered 0.00 GPA by their system. Each Ontario school will count them as a credit towards your course load.
  7. CardiacArrhythmia

    is this course accepted?

    Only if they’re taken on a letter of permission to be applied to your degree at your home institution and if they’re completed before April.
  8. CardiacArrhythmia

    Backup Plan for a Graduating 4th Year?

    Not 100% sure for other provinces, but I noticed I wasn't clear/a bit misleading on my previous post. Ontario provides a "one year grace period" rather than the original 6 months for those who are doing 30 hours/week for not for profit organizations. Now, to clarify, Ontario will continue to pay off the interest accumulated for the provincial portion of your loan over 1 year span rather than the original 6 months grace period. It really is a good "last resort" plan to delay payments for a year - especially if you're planning to head back to school the following year. https://www.osap.gov.on.ca/OSAPPortal/en/A-ZListofAid/PRDR017891.html
  9. CardiacArrhythmia

    Backup Plan for a Graduating 4th Year?

    Well I wouldn't say negative, but it's always good to have a backup plan for the following year, regardless of the number of cycles you've gone through already. 1) You could take a 5th year if you require prereqs for another field 2) Grab a job - make a bit of money to pay a bit of your student loans and/or travel 3) Go to grad school - especially if higher academia is of interest to you. 4) If finding a job isn't what you want to do, you don't want to go to grad school, and you're fine with your current finances, you can go volunteer at not for profit organizations (if you volunteer for at least 30 hours/week at these organizations, with their permission, the government helps pay off more of your student loans on the year off)
  10. CardiacArrhythmia

    Low stat, considering US and in need of advice

    Adding on to the above posts, you should also look at your financial commitment to 4 years of schooling in the US - at times, even if an applicant is competitive for USMD, they may not have the funds to adequately attend. The Canadian dollar isn’t doing too hot compared to American dollar right now.
  11. CardiacArrhythmia

    Retaking a Course?

    1. No do not retake it IF you're only planning on applying to Saskatchewan since they'll look at both courses if they fall within your UAA calculations. Power through the rest of the courses and ace the MCAT. 2. Is this orgo 1 or 2? If this is orgo 1, then you have a chance to reevaluate yourself and continue with orgo 2. Ottawa requires at least a minimum B (3.0/4.0 OMSAS) in prerequisites, including a combination of chemistry courses, including orgo. McGill has orgo in both options 1 and 2 and prerequisite grades can play a large part during post-interview selections.
  12. CardiacArrhythmia

    Courses taken after 120 credit ( 5th year)

    Yes that is correct. Westerns will count an additional 1 year post-grad (aka the “special” year) - however if OP does this, that 5th year won’t count for Ottawa.
  13. CardiacArrhythmia

    Course Changes As An Applicant

    Nope. Reason why is If you get accepted you’ll have to send them in your final transcripts anyways
  14. CardiacArrhythmia

    Advice and opinions wanted: Masters degree - Pharmacology

    Well a course-based masters can give you small bonus points at mac and it can make up a GPA year for Calgary. Unfortunately, it's likely that UofT won't give you that grad review. So really, there's not really much benefit for admissions, but hey, sometimes applicant only need that little push to be interviewed and, if lucky, accepted. I think you should look at the course-based masters as if it is something you really want to do and how it will apply to your future career - I wouldn't throw your finances out if it really no purpose for 1) your future career or 2) your alternative path. As for common knockdown on course-based masters, sure they might not have a strong relevance for MD applications compared to thesis based, but depending on whether you lean towards academic or private practice, course-based masters can still provide benefits of improving both your clinical practice and/or job employment (a.k.a. MPH).
  15. CardiacArrhythmia

    Opting out of Turnitin

    No. Has Western told you specifically they'll put it through turnitin? If not, then I wouldn't worry.
  16. CardiacArrhythmia

    Opting out of Turnitin

    Only BPEs are put through turnitin. Your ABS essays are a part of the overall ABS review.
  17. CardiacArrhythmia

    WGPA and the FCEs

    Well in this case, it's better to go with the assumption that you'll get a 6 FCE drop rather than a "2nd degree only review"
  18. CardiacArrhythmia

    WGPA and the FCEs

    Yes, that is correct. On top of that, if there is a significant GPA difference from your 1st vs. 2nd degree (given that your 1st degree didn't meet GPA requirements), you can also write an academic explanation essay to request special consideration to use only your second degree.
  19. CardiacArrhythmia

    Opting out of Turnitin

    I don’t know the specifics of it, but Leslie has told me before that that’s what they do if you opt out of turnitin. Just know that you’ll be equally likely to be caught with plagiarism with either method.
  20. CardiacArrhythmia

    Opting out of Turnitin

    Well turnitin would be a large data base comprised of everything submitted before. Reapplicants should opt out if they reuse portions of their previous essays-otherwise they’ll be unfairly marked for self-plagiarism by the system. In academia, self-plagiarism is as bad as plagiarizing others’ work, but for the sake of UofT MD applications, they allow reuse of your previous essays as long as you let them know. Theres no effect if you choose to opt out, they’ll do a manual plagirism check across your BPEs
  21. CardiacArrhythmia


    Maybe it's a tutor/staff availability problem? Call and ask their IT team when they're back at work tomorrow. You should look into other DE writing course in case ENGL 255 doesn't work out.
  22. You can’t remove anything on the ABS after you submit your application - they won’t budge even if asked prior to interview invites.
  23. CardiacArrhythmia

    Extracurricular Options?

    Anything you want to do looks good on your application. Use the medical bible known as CANMEDs to guide you.
  24. Yes that's fine. If you complete at least 3 years towards a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 4 courses per semester in those years and where the missing credits is coming from summer courses (doesn't matter which summer is taken in) or another academic year you'll be eligible.