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    Medical condition

    Bring it up if it is strong support towards your reason(s) to pursue medicine. If you do bring it up, make sure you are firm with them that it will not affect the essential skills and abilities required for medical school.
  2. CardiacArrhythmia

    3.91 wGPA

    Hi, asking for a friend who is applying next year He was just wondering if anyone has received an English stream interview this past cycle with a wGPA of 3.91? But TBH, based on the invite/reject thread 2017, the minimum I saw for an undergrad IP (Out of Ottawa) was at least wGPA 3.93, so 3.91 doesn't really seem quite promising...but hopefully, someone out there can provide some hope !
  3. CardiacArrhythmia

    What Am I doing Wrong?

    1. As a former TA, no questions are stupid questions - students tend to be imitated by their TA because they hold a lot of power and control over your mark, so students don't seek their help as often as they should since they think they'll annoy them, which leads to a false belief that they will drop your mark because of it. Your TA should be answering every question and guide/mentor you for you to ultimately come up with the final decision. They aren't obligated to make a decision for you, but it is within their role to help you understand something/give advice. 2. The anxiety provoking part and lowered self-esteem worries me here. Seek counselling and/or peer support if you feel like it's becoming worse. Also, I will caution you regarding comparisons to others. Most premeds, in their early university stages, are always going to compare themselves to others due to the competitive nature of the field. As you go further in the process, you realize that the only thing you can control are your own actions. Do not think about others right now (ironically for a future physician), but focus on your own goals and actions, plan out your next steps and seek guidance (upper year mentor who is in the same program, MD student, grad students, etc). Relax and It will work out - stay resilient. 3. How are you doing on the midterms mark wise? Are they significant higher than your lab average (~20-30%)? If it is the case, it may not be that you don't know the content of the course, but more so how to apply that content to reality. One thing undergraduate labs do poorly is relate the lab technique and the content you learn in the course - this is often due to the lack of communication between the course instructor and the lab coordinator. One thing you can do is talk to a peer prior to your lab session and see if you can go over the techniques being used in the lab, and what that cell/molecule/compound, etc that lab technique is being used to discover. Relate said discovery to your lecture notes and try to draw the connection; if you cannot do it yourself, your peer "study" group might be able to.
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  6. CardiacArrhythmia

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    Do your own calculation using the OMSAS equivalents, if it doesn’t match up to what you see then contact them
  7. CardiacArrhythmia

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    If you have taken 10 courses per year, each length per year should say 10.00. Pass/Fails are included into the "length of study" but not into the GPA values.
  8. CardiacArrhythmia

    This Is Insane

    The nature of the research field and amount of time that needs to be put into each paper can differ. Some fields like epi, you're going to see someone with more pubs than someone in benchwork (given that they have equivalent time commitments) most of the time. This is because the nature of benchwork research takes a long time - prepping cell cultures/experimental animals, repetition in data reports for validity and accuracy, praying to the gods of research that your p < 0.05 so you won't feel like ripping your hair out when your hypothesis is rejected after years of work. Medical schools know the differences in the nature of the work. For example, UofT when they look at a Master's, an MSc in say immunology vs. an MPH/MSc in epidemiology, they look at the grad reviews differently because they know epi would be more likely to publish compared to immunology. You can find more information on this in their admission video. But guaranteed, anyone in the research realm would understand that 1 nature publication would probably be better than 30 publications in a zero impact factor magazine. On the last point about competition, it's understandable that you feel pressure due to all the competitive applicants, but the only thing you have control is your own application and journey. Focus on your own journey, as the additional effort that you're using to stress on others can be used to further build yourself into an even better applicant/individual.
  9. CardiacArrhythmia

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    Remember, OMSAS calculates the GPA in one way, but each medical school have their own viewpoints on your credits and GPA calculations. Best to double check with the medical schools you are applying for. If you have 31 credits, you should be okay, but best to confirm. Never understood why OMSAS had to calculate your GPA when the medical schools are going to be recalculating them by their own rules.
  10. Have you tried altitude mentoring? I know Mac runs a program for med students and 1st year UG student mentorships.
  11. https://www.carms.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/2018-carms-forum.pdf On slide 48 and 49 is probably what you're looking for.
  12. CardiacArrhythmia

    Withdrawn Undergrad Course

    How many withdraws do you have currently? If it’s 1 or 2 it won’t hurt you. If you have a continuous trend with multiple withdraws then they may be concerned. But as @rmorelan said earlier be wary about the different med school GPA weighting policies if you choose to drop. i would also like to add that a 6 course load in a semester can be very heavy - make sure you plan well if you choose to do this.
  13. CardiacArrhythmia

    omsas grades

    Verification of Application Data Legend Beginning in November, applicants will have access to their OMSAS GPA calculations in the “Document Tracking” section of their application. Applicants are responsible for reporting any required changes to their academic record by December 3, 2018. Any questions or concerns about your GPA should be communicated to OMSAS via Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM) within your application. Source: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-gpa-calculations/ So, yeah. you do get to see them come November.
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    Course-dependent. I heavily relied on the lectures, and only used the textbook for a diagram or a visual of the points made in the lectures. However, for courses like medical ethics/bioethics, I heavily relied on the textbook as it provided more clarification than the lectures. If you realized that the term tests don't contain textbook content, then it really isn't worth it to be adding notes from the textbook - focus on the lectures in this case.
  15. CardiacArrhythmia


    1. Since you're low on finances, I would first try using a study buddy and the MCAT threads on R E D D I T and ask your content questions there , a lot of people there really help you out regarding content - you may not even need to hire a tutor at all. If it isn't work for you for the first 2 weeks (this will be evident on practice questions you do), then look into a tutor. The universitytutor.com provides private tutors and what they can teach. 2. If Khan Academy was too "simplified" in terms of content, try AK Lectures, AK goes into more depth but his videos are a bit more lengthy. Good luck and all the best!
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    I think this point is important here. What you think is important and what the professor thinks is important may differ at times. Some people may disagree with me here, but you can't ignore the small details on your slides - if it's on your slides, your professor likely think its testable. Back in undergrad, I made sure I knew the broad overview of the unit and then I went through every point on my notes and asked myself how it related back to the unit topic and why would the professor ask this. In terms, of cell biology and physiology, have you tried a combination learning style - like one that uses both visual diagrams and word definitions? It might help to have the same idea depicted to you in two different ways. I feel like you know your mechanisms if you can: 1) given a diagram and explain the mechanism in words AND 2) given words, you can draw out a diagram of the cellular mechanism. One more thing, regarding quizlet, it's good that you're doing flashcards. If you want to try a new app, it's called anki. It's similar to quizlet, but Anki provides the stepwise space-repetition, which quizlet doesn't.
  17. CardiacArrhythmia


    I say get a study partner (check the mcat thread on R E D D I T) and go through concepts together (FREE method). If you have money to use, get an (ADEQUATE) tutor to study for chem/phys on top of that - preferably someone with higher education (MSc/PhD). But simply studying content won't cut it on the MCAT, it'll probably get you around 125-126 only. Remember that you'll also need to practice questions for CHEM/PHYS. Popular chem/phys practice resources include: khan academy (FREE), UWorld (FREE), TPR science workbook (probably find it on torrent), AAMC Chem Q pack, AAMC Phys Q pack, AAMC CP Section bank, etc. Practice is also key to raise it 127+ 3 months is definitely do able to raise that score, but you have to work hard and EFFICIENT on your studying. Stay efficient because you can easily be overwhelmed by the MCAT, especially if its material you have never covered in classes before.
  18. CardiacArrhythmia


    1. Yes. By retaking you can open doors to more schools. Not so worried about the CARS score but more so the Chem/Phys. A third re-write isn't going to hurt you in terms of Canadian schools. 2. A big difference in terms of opportunities, by up-ing that CHEM/PHYS, you open doors to more schools. 3. Use Khan academy or hiring a tutor. Likely, CHEM/PHYS can be easily brought up compared to CARS. Usually I tell people not to use test company textbooks since they are too dense for a science-background student. However, in your case, that 124 in CHEM/PHYS tells me that there is content gaps, so I would probably use one like TPR or Kaplan along with Khan academy/Tutoring. Make sure you're hammering home the concepts with practice questions as well.
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  20. Calgary definitely does - it's in their application manual. For Ontario, well, they don't look at your graduate grades as heavily compared to your undergraduate grades. UofT does look at your graduate grades but not as importantly compare to your graduate productivity - you can find this stated in one of their facebook admissions video.
  21. This. Don't forget that your test averages are later standardized into a Z-score and it's that z-score that's being used in your admissions.
  22. Yep, I do agree with security implementation through companies - but man security process like the one from the MCAT really makes it feel like you’re heading behind bars rather than a test. But at the end of the day, an applicant simply has to go through the test and let the Altus do the security. Applicants shouldn’t be worried about security since that’s probably 2nd/3rd in priority in terms of the actual content of the test itself.
  23. I agree that it really should be administered through an actual proctoring company. But I guess the reason why they didn’t do it would be because the cost of the CASPer test would probably be driven up to cover th expenses for the proctoring companies - which would counter their the original idea of CASPer being a “supposably” a cheap test
  24. When you’re signing up for the test, they do already tell you it’s a remote controlled security measure - within their terms and agreements. So you have already signed away your access for it. Again, they aren’t going to be opening files, etc., in remote control access, if you see a file being open, it will pop out on your screen as well - in that case it becomes a legal matter since they overstepped their boundaries in terms of what they indicate in their legal terms and conditions.