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  1. Nevermind the fact that plastics isn't all about making people beautiful. There's a lot to plastics that is just plain grotesque and nasty ie sacral ulcers, burns etc.. And talkign to a few plastic surgeons, the cosmetic side of things is a tough gig. Patients often expect more, are often dissatisfied with the cosmetic result and are often more vocal about their dissatisfaction.
  2. hero147

    CaRMS 2019 Prelim Data

    Someone ended up matchign to their 35th choice. Oof. Hopefully that's due to them ranking multiple family sites at each location. For diagnostic radiology, it came to me as a surprise. Talking to some of the rads residents, they said there seemed to be some renewed interest this year, but I guess not.
  3. hero147

    CaRMS 2019 Prelim Data

    https://www.carms.ca/pdfs/2019-CaRMS-Forum-data.pdf Fewer unmatched CMGs but less and less CMGs are matching to their top 3.
  4. hero147

    Unique Situation

    Honestly, if you can get into residency as an IMG, chances are you can get into medical school in Canada. The only difference is, you will have many more career opportunities graduating from a Canadian school. If you go abroad and don't like family medicine or pathology? Well you're SOL.
  5. Yes they will know. Interviewers may or may not know depending ont he school.
  6. hero147

    Feeling alone in med school

    It might be a bit awkward, but maybe try joining some undergrad clubs? I regularly frequented a couple of sports club throughout med school. It definitely allows you to maintain a life outside of medical school a lot better than if you just hung out with your classmates.
  7. That can only be decided by you. Everyone has different priorities and value different things. What would make you happier, being a non-ENT in the city of your dreams or doing your dream career in ENT in Nunavut (just for argument's sake)? Alternatively, you could do fellowships in places you want to work.
  8. hero147

    Family Medicine Salary

    Why would you not though? Do you think Steve Jobs should have been content with earning 100k a year because he didn't graduate college considering the average college drop out likely made close to minimum wage?
  9. hero147

    most competitive anesthesiology programs?

    People usually rank programs according to their location, distance from family etc.... But if you were to rank things, Ottawa is probably the most competitive. Manitoba and Dal also have very good programs, but likely suffer due to their location.
  10. It is not too late. You have nothing to lose by applying. If you don't get into the royal college emerg, just go into family and do the +1. Chances are you will match to family if you apply broadly, even more so considering emerg is quite similar to family. There are people who have done 6-7 surgery electives and were able to successfully back up and match to family. You will be fine.
  11. If you want to go into family medicine, go into family medicine. Don't let your preceptor dissuade you. I am not in family, but even if family was less flexible than in the past and FHO/FHTs are harder to obtain in desirable locations, it is still relatively easier to do so in family than most specialties except maybe derm and geriatrics. You may have done very well in your surgery rotation and likely would have become an excellent surgeon, but if it's not in line with your interests and values, I would recommend you not pursue it.
  12. I think its to make it easier for med students to back up/parallel plan without negatively decreasing their chances at matching to their preferred specialty since everyone else is on the same playing field.
  13. hero147

    Deferring Graduation Opinion

    It is a little bit late but you could have also applied to Canada and US at the same time. The Canadian match happens first so if you didn't match to ortho (or a backup) this year in Canada, you still would've had a shot in the US. Just something to think about for the coming year. And I think you'd have to reach out to your supervisor or program to determine whether or not delaying your masters would be feasible. I think these are on a very university and program specific.