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  1. Trying to plan ahead for the upcoming crazy few weeks. In the stress of everything else going on, the last thing I want is to be the only one over/under-dressed at the social events. What do people wear to family medicine interview socials? Is this interview-style outfit, business casual or jeans/casual wear type of thing?
  2. If memory serves me, I believe this past year the tutorial group lists were uploaded to medportal somewhere between 1-2 weeks pre-orientation week! Can't speak to if this will happen this year though!
  3. Last year my offer came on June 10th I know how it feels guys, try to stay positive! It's not over until they say its over! (and even then there are a couple of offers afterwards usually)
  4. Last year the amount was $1000 and deadline was June 30th to pay the deposit, so rest assured you likely still have lots of time. I can't comment on the exact details for this year, but I imagine they will be relatively similar? I received an offer off of the waitlist, and it took about a week after I accepted my offer to receive the deposit information. Not sure what the case was for those who received an offer right away - maybe someone else can comment on this?
  5. Correction: Looks like the first ones last year went out about 8 days after the initial offer day! Based off of last year (and previous years), I believe they generally start to send them out about 10 days from now. This is just going off of the Accepted/Waitlist/Rejected thread. Not sure if that will be the case this year or not, but I'd say there is hope!
  6. I was one of those accepted in June. I can't speak for others, but I was personally waitlisted at Ottawa and Mac and just ended up hearing back from Mac first. I do know of people in the class that received offers much later than I though. Including someone ~two weeks before the start of classes. Mac's waitlist historically moves quite a bit. Thinking of you guys! Try to stay positive! It is not over yet
  7. I think someone confirmed with admin last year that they wouldn't send out offers until the two week deadline for the initial offers arrived! But things can change
  8. Last year for McMaster it was: Waitlist - "McMaster MD Application" Offer - "Offer of Admission, Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University - _______ Campus" For Ottawa: Waitlist - "Status of application - Faculty of Medicine - University of Ottawa" Don't know the offer subject line as I accepted Mac first!
  9. It usually starts the last week of August! So likely the 28th Maybe someone from the O-Week Committee is on here and can confirm that?
  10. Just for information sake, the McMaster interviews this year are on March 25/26 and April 1st.
  11. Funny, this happened last year too. From what I remember, if you highlight all of the text in the email and copy it into a Word document, it should all show up nicely for your reading pleasure
  12. Last year I had just a day shy of a month to prepare for mine. Interview invites went out on January 28th, my date was February 27th. But as mentioned above, this varied. I believe I was in one of the earliest sessions (possibly one session was before me?). Best of luck!
  13. Just building on this (as I know I was anxious for as much info as possible last year), interview invites went out in the morning on January 28th last year. I got mine at 10am on the dot to be exact. If memory serves me there seems to be a consistency year to year for "D-day" to be late in the last week of the month. Best of luck!
  14. I am a first year at Mac right now. I can confirm that there are plenty of students in my class who only completed 3 years of their 4 year degree before receiving admission. These individuals don't necessarily have to be "superstars" (if one can really have a true classification of what this word means), but obviously they would have had to do well enough in the limited number of years of GPA calculation available to "make the cut", in addition to doing well on the MCAT written after first or second year of undergrad. Keep in mind, ECs are not considered in the calculation to receive an interview or admission at Mac. Hope this helps!
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