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  1. I've just declined my offer to Mac PT. I hope this makes someone's day Good luck!
  2. Accepted (off the NB waitlist) GPA: 3.8/4.0 MCAT: 30 (10, 10, 10) ECs: 4 years of local community volunteering, 3 of which were in leadership roles (youth breakfast program, homework tutoring help, afterschool program, summer camp), 2 years of hospital volunteering, 11 years of competitive soccer, most of which were as captain (various leagues), 1 research project, at least 3 hours/week of fitness activities (weights, running, or biking) Interview preparation: I read Doing Right and practised every two days with my friend via Skype for a month. Note: My EC score was very low, likely due to my lack of more healthcare related experience. Good luck future applicants and don't give up!
  3. Does anyone have any information about the writing section? In terms of what types of questions are asked and how long is the station? As far as I know, it's not part of the MMI's 5 stations. As for MMI, are they similar to med school MMI stations (but geared towards PT of course)? Sorry for the basic questions. I just received a second round invite a couple days ago and I hadn't been preparing earlier as I didn't expect an invite after the first rejection.
  4. Awesome, thank you so much again You are very helpful
  5. Thank you so much for fantastic response I really appreciate it. To clarify, the 2 min to read the prompt includes the time to move from one station to the next? And the buzzer rings after 2 min and again after 8 min? Lastly, when I enter the room, do I introduce myself and then, simply begin talking or will the evaluator prompt me a question first (e.g "What are your opinions regarding this prompt?") and then I begin talking?
  6. Can you please give a run through of how the entire interview process goes? My understanding now is: - Sign in and you are given instructions - Go to first MMI station (read the instructions on the door for 2 min) and then go in and talk about the topic for 6 minutes. Do the evaluators ask follow up questions or is it simply me talking for 6 minutes? - Get out to next station (which we have 2 min for?). Then again begin the reading for 2 min + 6 min inside the door process. - Do the above 2 steps for 8 stations. - Enter traditional interview room and a group of faculty members ask you questions (can you please elaborate more on this? eg. how many members interview you and how to introduce yourself [for ex, should I go from left to right shaking everyone's hand?] and how to conclude?) - Exit traditional interview and you are done Also as for preparation, I am planning on reading Doing Right, learning about Canadian healthcare (any resource suggestions?), and doing practise questions from Google searches. Do you recommend any other preparation steps? Also to confirm, males should wear suit and tie throughout the entire MMI and traditional interview portions? I apologize for asking so many questions! I appreciate answers to any of them
  7. I believe they have begun sending them out today as I have just received mine (email).
  8. Hi guys, I am interested in this as well if I receive an interview invitation.
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