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  1. Congrats! I'll see you in August. All that hard work paid off:)!!
  2. ACCEPTED!!! I'm shaking... NB Applicant GPA 3.8 MCAT 503 Mature student I don't see a score break down on my letter though? Where is it supposed to be? Unbelievably happy right now! There are no words to describe how I feel. I can't wait to meet my classmates in August:) DAL 2020!!
  3. That makes sense. Well here's for practicing patience (not to be confused with practicing on patents)????
  4. Yes. Why? Do they typically elect a committee in a cycle of a few years..or was there a reason/ initiative?
  5. Same! Can't turn my brain off though! Tomorrow mornings gonna be rough;)
  6. From reading old threads there isn't a position in the wait list provided. Your score can somewhat tell you where you are in relation to those accepted though....holding out hope for one more day:)
  7. Oh that's so cute! I know that it's not all doom and gloom if things don't work out...trust me I've experienced more than my share of crappy things happen in life. I'm older than most of my peers who are in this situation which makes me feel the stress of time...life is not a dress rehearsal...you get one chance to put on your best show, and I'm hoping that time is now. If for some reason I don't get in this cycle I will enjoy that mental rest, find work/research for the coming year and go at it strong next cycle! Thanks Js660327 for the kind words...and good luck!!!
  8. I'm scared????....I've never done more school work in March break...barely distracted me. I just want to know so I can go on with my life/pray that I get into MUN if the news from Dal is bad!
  9. I'm not sure if they have ever come out on a weekend??...
  10. Oh my god, I'm glad I'm not the only one! Hopefully the insanity will end soon;)
  11. I had the most vivid dream last night that I received my acceptance letter. I called my family and friends to give them the news...Then flash forward and I was at the campus with all the other med 1s for orientation. I just need an answer....not even my dreams are safe;)!!!!!
  12. Well here goes another week of stressing????. At least I can check my email now without having a panic attack;) Hang in there everyone!
  13. I don't know what # ranked means? I just wrote what was in the reports...hoping someone out there might have some insight. There are 30 students a year in the class...that has remained static. I wish I knew what "ranked" meant??
  14. Year # invited to MMI # met NB criteria #Ranked Schools from # waitlist 2010/2011 96 2011/2012 96 61 61 25 2012/2013 96 72 72 UNBF (9), UNBSJ (8), Mirimichi (1) 2013/1024 96 81 46 " " (8), " " (3) sorry...aren't I great with technology:(
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