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  1. 命运的羽毛

    MCAT for USMD application?

    Correct me if I'm wrong since it's been a few years but I thought the application opens to submission in the end of June, therefore don't you need the score ready before then?
  2. 命运的羽毛

    USMLE Step 1

    If you just need to pass, at your level, probably just FA is enough.
  3. Build a chart-review database --> stats analysis on x parameters --> x amount of papers. That's how a girl in my school got her 6 first-author paper out and matched into ophthalmology in a good program.
  4. Nah...they know bench work takes 10x more efforts and time than chart reviews. But the point is, for a undergrad/med student, basic research is not cost-effective. One basic research 1st author paper may beat one chart-review 1st author paper, but two chart-review 1st author paper will beat 1 basic research paper. Considering it's possible to pump out 6 clinical papers in a summer while the minimum amount of time to finish a basic research project is 6 months, it's not to anyone's interest to pursue a basic research project if the goal is to get a paper out. Also, the chance of getting a basic research paper out is significantly lower than clinical research. I always find it amusing that some students talk about going to a lab and getting a paper out like it's set in stone. At least in the lab I just worked in, we haven't had a single undergrad/med student first author paper out, and we had tons of undergrad/med students working in our lab. People have a tendency to over-estimate their ability and their fate (for example I thought I could publish a IF=20 paper in a year when I first started). Of course, unless someone is really interested in doing western and pcr and doesn't care about what he/she can get out in the end, then by all means go for it.
  5. first author basic research paper>first author clinical research paper>>>>>co-authored paper>>>>>>>>no paper. Doesn't matter how much more prestigious one lab is compared to the other, if you can't get a paper out, you fail (quote an ophthalmologist I spoke to a couple of years ago: "no paper, no LOR.") BTW co-authored paper is all about politics. I was offered a co-authorship by proof-reading a colleague's manuscript (I felt bad so I did do some experiments for her in the end but you get the gist) because we are gossip buddies.
  6. 命运的羽毛

    List of Canadian-friendly USMD Schools

    Yeah I've always felt a little bit uncertain about "Canadian treated same as American" statement in certain med schools. Doesn't quite fit the whole political correct movement. Ppl might start ask questions like "Canadians don't pay tax to US government so why should they be treated differently than other foreigners?"
  7. 命运的羽毛

    Med vs dent

    boring is such a subjective feeling. all i know is i have a family friend who smells, not particularly smart, and went to waterloo for actuerial science and is having a more than good life right now. certainly beats my life. he doesn't find his job boring either.
  8. 命运的羽毛

    List of Canadian-friendly USMD Schools

    nice thread. UVA i'm not sure if they really treat canadians as oos americans, i'll go down there today to confirm. nothing on their website that mentions it.
  9. 命运的羽毛

    Bank of Canada Rises Rates - again!

    i hate my life
  10. 命运的羽毛

    How Do You Study Anatomy?

    Moore's for studying, HY anatomy for notes taking and exam prep.
  11. 命运的羽毛

    Med vs dent

    actuarial science or accounting beats both.
  12. A Canadian citizen born in Canada, went to UofT for undergrad Vs. A mainland Chinese citizen born in China, went to a top 30 US university for undergrad Similar grades, similar EC, similar MCAT, similar in everything, which one has a higher chance to get into a US med school?
  13. 命运的羽毛

    Mcmaster Life Sci

    Going into any bio programs in Canada is like gambling on med/dental/pharm school. Many people just don't realize how low the acceptance rate is, or sometimes even refuse to acknowledge the low rate. If you are in a bio program and can't get into any of those professional schools, you have three options: 1. get another degree that you can use to get a job = 4 years wasted (grad school and postdoc are not jobs) 2. become a sales rep which doesn't require a degree, again 4 years wasted 3. go into grad school and have you and your entire family and your children and your children's children suffer for eternity.
  14. I prefer reading textbooks on my own.
  15. 命运的羽毛

    Anybody Studying In The Us Want To Comment?

    "we'll have to jump through some hoops and broaden our net a bit when applying for residency because of your visa" --dean of my college