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  1. chemicologist

    NS Waitlist Poll

    Congrats knoxjax99! Can I just ask what the timestamp was on your email? Cheers and good luck!
  2. chemicologist

    NB Waitlist Scores

  3. Sorry knoxjax99! May 25th wasn't any special date for this year, it's just a day that I've seen lots of Dal waitlist movement on historically based on when Ontario/Western schools release their decision letters. Since they went out on the 14th this year, those who received offers have until the 28th to accept or decline the offer. After accepting a second offer (including ones from Dal), applicant have 48 hours to decline one of their seats, according to Dal's acceptance letter. Also, as another update on class enrolment, there are currently 67 people enrolled in 1st year classes, 12 more than my previous update 14 days ago. Glean whatever you will from that.
  4. Here's a small (non)update: there are now 55 people enrolled in classes. That's 12 more than my initial post 14 days ago. I've been trying to gauge the pace of registration leading up to May 15th/25th haha
  5. My sense is that since accepted applicants had until April 5th to hold their spot with a paid deposit, presumably close to 120 people have done that by now. The 43 number I provided comes from the number of people enrolled in first year classes for this September (as of this morning on dalonline). To me, that would seem to imply that 43 people are absolutely committed to attending Dal this fall, and the remaining 77 may be holding out for another school. Of course, this may be reading way too far into it as there could easily be many of those 77 who are in fact committed to attending who simply haven't registered for their classes yet. Sorry for the over-analysis.
  6. I saw a thread like this from a few years ago and thought it might be a good way to pass the time! To add fuel to the speculation fire, I just checked dalonline and saw that there are currently 43/120 students enrolled in the Class of 2023!
  7. Hopefully within these next two weeks (if not by the end of the month) is what I've been hanging onto. Would also appreciate anything more concrete!
  8. IP (NS) applicant Waitlisted with a score of 66. My interview score actually decreased slightly from my previous application, which was disappointing.
  9. chemicologist

    Accepted 2019

    I take "we are in good shape" to mean they will be out well-ahead of the end of the month. Not that that means much since we're already on the later side compared to previous years. 2015 saw them out on the 17th, which is the latest date I've seen anywhere, and is Sunday in 2019. I mean, it's gotta be tomorrow or Friday then right?
  10. chemicologist

    Accepted 2019

    10:39! Haha
  11. chemicologist

    Accepted 2019

    I had a look at those dates posted above on my iCalendar and it seems none of them were later than the third day of the third week in March of each year (sorry a bit neurotic right now haha). To my mind that would put a high probability on tomorrow being the day. Good luck everyone!
  12. chemicologist

    Accepted 2019

    If admissions really said to getrich it could be next or the week after, I would actually bet on it being next week. That's despite what MedHopeful93 said (which I'm sure was credible), just my own feeling.
  13. chemicologist

    Interview Invites 2018/2019 cycle

    NB applicant invited!
  14. chemicologist

    Date Speculation

    I feel the same. The message from admissions last week made me think they won't send yet another "not this week!" but hey stranger things have happened. And now if they do I will feel partially responsible somehow haha :/
  15. chemicologist

    Date Speculation

    I can tell you last year they were saying the exact same thing (nothing more concrete than "by the end of March") except for when an AAMS rep posted a few days into March, on this forum and on the Facebook group, that the adcom had indicated the snowstorms would likely delay the letters, which ended up being sent the morning of March 17th. This makes me think there's no reason to rule out this week, considering recent years have seen letters go out on the 5th, 7th, 11th, etc. and the weather's actually been quite nice in Halifax, contrary to this time last year. This is speculation on my part based on what happened last year and what I've read about previous years, it could technically be the 31st as well. But probably not haha