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  1. I'm pretty confident about getting a U of T interview so have started prepping - given we won't have much time before D-day next month. I found the above in last year's U of T posts - any other insights as we start prepping for the interview? Fingers crossed everyone. I hope I'm not jinxing this.
  2. I would argue that just moving outside of the GTA does not guarantee the ability to build a practice. Too many grads in the golden horseshoe at least are finding their days not full and needing to piece together part time work in multiple practices
  3. I used Kaplan book and yes did do handwritten notes for all the studying to solidify the learning.
  4. I agree with the above - I plan on covering my bases and prepping both traditional and CDA once again - can't hurt to be prepared
  5. Not sure I agree that by the time it comes to the interview that that is the determiner since everyone is then "in the same boat". At least in the far past there was a clear weighting of which the interview was not the overwhelming weighting - so gpa comes into play throughout. Even if you have an outstanding interview relative to the pack, if your gpa drags your "total" down too much you are out of luck. With the gpa of 87.8, it is definitely worth applying but you need to be realistic about a fair number who will be starting out ahead of you in gpa. Your DAT definitely helps but you definitely would require a strong gpa (we still don't know the weighting now given to the EC/statement factor though)
  6. I'm with you - booking my Feb slot now - got killed in RC
  7. I agree with mp99 - went with third parties for DAT as well and were really helpful
  8. Totally agree - I'm boning up on the prep I did last year and even then feel like I'm running out of time for uwo ... fingers crossed everyone.
  9. No I think BC's MMI is a whole other ball game. I'm referring to places like U of T and UWO where it is clearly CDA-based ---- huge benefit then in tons of CDA practice - in which case investing in the broadest content base possible is well worth the investment.
  10. While I won't recommend one company over another - in my experience last year yes definitely worth investing in the CDA interview prep. When I first applied last year I had a friend in dental school who advised me that the biggest issue with CDA is going in prepared and therefore confident. I felt naturally nervous since interviewing was my weakness. I looked into everything I could get my hands on - Topstar, Elite, Crush, and Dental Interview Plus. I bore out what she had said - that CDA interviews particularly lend themselves well to preparation. I did a ton and I think aced each of the interviews (now if I could only say the same for my DAT scores!)
  11. I've heard that you rarely get in at UBC the first year you apply. Don't know how much merit that carries - just anecdotal but bodes well then to try and and try again!
  12. But nothing worthwhile is free - probably worth it in the end when practicing in a fulfilling career that you love and where you can pick a very reasonable work/life balance
  13. Your GPA by far is the most important element --- if you got a med interview on the basis of your EC's you are therefore fine. But given the amount of work that went into getting that great GPA, not that big a deal investing a couple of hours in shadowing before interviews so that at least if it comes up you have something to talk about - quantity would 't be as key - you just wouldn't highlight how many hours - you would just talk experience itself.
  14. Given the heavy weighting of gpa versus DAT and interview in makes no sense that you didn't get further last year. In case the same happens this year I'd seriously consider petitioning after a rejection - there have been specific instances (I know of 2 in the last 6 years in Ontario) who petitioned and found errors in processing and actually got in.
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