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  1. Any updates on this? Haven't been following it very closely.
  2. It's a compelling thought. Makes me want to live my life seizing as many opportunities as I possibly can
  3. Somebody once told me the definition of hell: It's your last day on Earth and the person you became meets the person you could have become. -- Unknown
  4. Leaving for California soon, can't wait!
  5. I probably should but I won't. It's the result of heavy lifting.
  6. My back is hurting like crazy. I'm way too young for this.
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for all the great insight. I really appreciate it. It clearly seems like it is a great learning experience and the events you can get involved with seem very interesting. I'm glad to know that this training is free if you start volunteering with SJA. I've started looking into that because those are the kinds of things I've been looking to take part in for a while now (and it doesn't hurt that volunteering would mean that I don't have to shell out $600+!)
  8. Won't have anything to do with my original post but I'm not complaining Would actually love to hear people's thoughts on all this.
  9. I think we could have a whole discussion about the advantages of attractiveness all on its own (and not only in hiring).
  10. And then there'll be someone else. When will some human beings learn?
  11. Thanks for responding, guys! Yes, I do have a few specific questions. I apologize in advance if they are overly basic as I have just started looking into this. 1) While doing research, I came across the SJA AMFR course and the EMR course offered by the Red Cross. I was wondering if you know the difference between the two, which is better and why you choose the one you did? 2) There's not a whole lot of information about the actual classes or curriculum on SJA's website. They kind of just give a basic outline of what they'll teach. What are the classes like? Is it mostly lecture-based or more hands-on? What are the tests like? Is it "hard" to pass (i.e. get 80%) or is much of it common sense? 3) The course is something like $650, which is pretty expensive. Having gone through the program, was the money worth it? Have you been able to use your certification since? If you have, what have you had the chance to be involved in? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts/advice
  12. Brussels, Belgium warns of "imminent attack." When will this end, I ask?
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