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  1. Going back a few years - overall you can assume that a 3.9 GPA would be required to be considered. Below that and you'd be best to start considering the US, where extra curriculars and other factors are weighed in more than here.
  2. Really bummed - U of T rejection and now only Western left as alternative. Feeling desperate. Did use http://www.crushinterview.com last year, and got http://www.dentalinterviewplus.org this year. Any recommendations based on your experiences with other sources much appreciated.
  3. crackingup

    UofT Interview

    Can't agree more! Personally I'm practicing in all my spare time (this is my last kick at the can so to speak - last year trying to get in and only U of T and Western as possibilities). I'm using all the MMI and CDA sources I can get my hands on right now in prepping for U of T. My thinking is that "thinking on my feet" is what I am practicing so the more varying the material I work on, the more comfortable I will be when confronted with something new. CDA scenarios can be used as extra MMI practice as well to increase the volume I am working with. Since I am hoping for a Western interview as well, I figure starting with all CDA and MMI material will simultaneously prepare me for the Western interview too (banking on optimism right now too)
  4. crackingup

    Number of Tries to get in

    Yes I've also talked to many people in different grad years who tried multiple times to get in before being accepted in Canada. So patience and a "plan" appear key. Although I would do the calculations of the American investment - if you factor in the number of extra earning potential in the interim years (assuming the work you do waiting to get into Canadian is not well-paying) - then for some the american investment may in fact make sense. Certainly many are practicing here after having gone to the many american schools that our canadian dat would qualify us for.
  5. crackingup

    Send Trascripts To Uoft

    The onus is on you to expedite a transcript and babysit it through the system
  6. Trish has retired? She was a great go to in the past. I agree this office morseso than many others is good at answering questions. I've hounded them enough!
  7. Shouldn't this go without saying. If you really want dentistry that any component of the process is treated seriously?
  8. crackingup

    Only 6 Questions?

    I've heard of others who have had 6 questions in the past, went overtime answering the 6, and still got in. Don't sweat it.
  9. crackingup

    U Of T Post-Interview Thoughts

    I agree with Ancient Dentist --- just in absolute weighting terms - even if we feel we screwed it up (yours truly included), other factors with more weighting such as GPA can more than compensate and allow us to still have a chance --- there's always hope (and of course there's always next year!)
  10. From friends I have who have all entered the profession and have had differing levels of success in their respective job hunts and job experiences - I think the issue is less one of saturation or non-saturation in any given area, and more an issue of the specific practice itself.... many have found great spots with tons of work in areas that technically are supposed to be "over saturated". The key is in the practice, which can really only be assessed by very close interaction over time.
  11. crackingup

    Dat From Scratch

    I used Kaplan that I bought - but since Reading Comp was my nemesis I did everything I could to get my hands on every practice passage I could get my hands on - including med ones - public libraries have previous years prep packages so I just photocopied every brand, every year, med and dent - and just did them all. While the med ones were easier, the volume of practice certainly helped because eventually you run out and each time you practice it needs to be fresh and unseen.
  12. crackingup

    Cda Interviews

    I have heard from others interviewing last year that they did use the "if it were to happen" approach. It shows the same thinking and application of priorities and CDA competencies as situational and is better than a pass that overall gives a less than optimal impression.
  13. I agree with this approach as well. Given that US schools will obviously see less than a full course load in the overall assessment, definitely best to keep all 5 regardless of where you are applying. As for gpa goals - whether US or Canada, the higher the better so your goal should be 4.0 to strive for the best you can possibly do. While US schools do look at EC's, they do put a lot of weight in the gpa so doing anything less than your optimal in that area is not strategic. As for EC's and shadowing - if you can afford it, blasting through as much as possible in the summer should cover your bases in case the US option ends up being the lead. I would also consider working on a personal statement early (they also put a lot of weight in that) to ensure that you have a great one ready since the rolling admission process and initial application date is really early - a friend in a similar position who wanted to cover her bases applied to the US at the same time as Canada given waiting for canadian rejections would mean a 1 year delay in getting into the us. just a thought
  14. crackingup

    Cda Interviews

    Am in the process of doing this combo as well now and found it really helpful
  15. crackingup

    Altima Dental

    Have heard as per comment above - that quotas and quality dentistry don't go hand in hand - and if quotas are not met in some of these ''production houses" you are told to go elsewhere - so much for fostering patient/dentist relationships!!