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  1. Invited! IP 89% AA/RC/PAT 20/20/20 This is it for me - last kick at the proverbial can.... This interview is now everything for me.
  2. I got an invite!!!! - gpa 3.9, AA 23, PAT 22. Thankfully managed to improve my gpa from last year's attempt. I did interview last year but didn't make it due likely to my gpa. As for prepping - I used all resources out there. Practice is everything to go in feeling confident. While there are some online MMI questions to practice on, in order to have much greater quantity I used all the old "situational questions" from previous CDA prep packages (there are a ton out there - like Topstar, Elite, Dental Interview Plus, Astroff, CDA Crush ). Good luck everyone
  3. I agree with Starburst re the American schools taking a much more holistic view and therefore giving you a much better shot than you think. I'd suggest getting some professional help to maximize the impact of your personal statement to elaborate the circumstances to ensure they take a second look at the grade progression. The empathy, fortitude and determination it took to come back from what may have knocked the wind out of many are qualities that will stand you in good stead with American evaluators.All the best!
  4. As was mentioned in another thread quoted from last year, they thought last year that it roughly did resemble CDA a lot, with what I am assuming is just more traditional questions thrown in (which were already part of the UWO process before anyway) - maybe it's just a question of proportion. So I'm practicing both.
  5. I've got a U of T interview and hoping for a Western one - so planning on prepping ALL types to be safe (traditional, MMI, and CDA). Too much on the line to not do everything possible. Confidence in feeling prepared I hope will also make a difference at least for me.
  6. While naturally you need to follow your gut in terms of which of the two careers will ultimately make you happy and fulfilled (only you can answer that) - but in terms of your description re dentistry earning potential - I think you need to additionally factor in the greater ability than what you quoted to pay off debt if you are in fact comfortable working in the more remote areas (definitely more lucrative than the numbers you quoted if you can find the right practice), and the likelihood that you one day invest at least partially in a practice rather than being 100% associate all your career. Profit return when you are making more than the 30-40% cut of an associate will also render salaries higher than you quoted (ie and therefore more aggressive debt-repayment potential). Best of luck in your decision-making!
  7. While I agree with those who have said focus on GPA, that being said, some early paced DAT prep certainly is a good idea - particularly if you're not by nature a "last minute crammer". I also started really early, and just got into a routine (obviously skipped looking at DAT during exam periods and midterms etc). I used Cliff notes, Kaplan, online material, and every darn RC passage I could get my hands on. (I think RC benefits the most from an early start - it really is building up speed more than anything else, which can't be done at the last minute)
  8. I had a few private messages asking me to expand on my January post - thought it faster to just put it down here - personally I used both Crush and Dental Interview Plus as mentioned above. I started early, used the package to formulate my approach and content, and then used Crush to finesse my delivery. Worked for me, but we're all different. I found that I needed to feel like I had prepared a ton in order to feel confident. But then had to work even more to have the delivery then be natural and more concise. There are other companies too - you'd need to hunt on here in history to find more background on the others.
  9. I used this method also and found it helped a lot in terms of scores in my practices
  10. Did you have any problem convincing first practice that you were also going to be working in an alternate practice? (wouldn't the principal be concerned about competition and patients seeking you elsewhere?)
  11. Would also kill for that gpa... an apparently elusive goal for me thus far. CDA interview is far easier to master. I disagree with SHM - in my experience last year, after prepping endlessly with prepared packages and I went into both interviews confident and feel like I nailed it (haven't gotten in due to gpa). CDA is all in the practice - and frankly the breadth and volume of the practice questions did take a lot of time but by the time I completed them all, the questions in the actual interview, while never identical, did feel oddly familiar - and quickly formatting my responses became a breeze. I also used some coaching - that was moreso because I know my delivery is really weak. I lacked polish and help in that area after I had finished all my own personal content practicing via packages was also a wise choice for me at least. I figure I want this badly enough so am willing to invest both the money and the time it takes to get there.
  12. The US Centre for Disease Control categorically states that smoking is a key cause of severe gum disease in the US (Canada not likely that much different) - Since gum disease affects bone structure that support our teeth it goes without saying that smoking has a direct and important impact on teeth. However regardless of whether you involve your gp or your dentist or both, having had 2 parents who were smokers, I know firsthand that if the person isn't self-motivated to quit, little info and support that you provide will make a difference
  13. If you are talking about a lifestyle choice as recompense for the education years invested - then not sure how med is assumed higher - pretty sweet average 4 day weeks, tremendous hours, no on calls, etc etc...Just my opinion but ultimate longterm lifestyle is precisely why I am choosing dentistry -had dent friends married to meds so they were in a great position t give me the comperative
  14. I think I'll be happy if any school accepts me - preferred or not.
  15. Why not do a masters instead of a second undergrad - it would be valued if you consider U of T one of your options for dentistry
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