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  1. Just curious, I've got my heart set out on ER, how competitive is it currently?
  2. I apologize if I'm being naive here but the problem seems to be getting worse each year. A couple of years ago I only heard of 1-2 students from these forums and the news. I don't know but this doesn't seem good at all.
  3. Wartortle

    Rise in competition last 5 years

    I agree with Edict.
  4. Wartortle

    Unmathched Human Rights Complaint

    I am no where in the same shoes as you guys but this line of thinking helps a lot.
  5. Wartortle

    Unmathched Human Rights Complaint

    Can you elaborate on your education background. From my understanding you are a CMG who did a residency in Canada? On a side note, you have people on your side, it might not be the banks or schools, but friends and family. Stay strong man. Edit: I am very glad that upper "classmen" (best way I can put in words those down the line of a long journey) are coming forth with these problems. It's something students, graduates should consider when pursuing medical education now a days. Whatever the result, it's not in vain in my opinion.
  6. Wartortle

    Dating Profiles

    What a truth bomb haha. I agree though, being a doctor isn't a silver bullet to relationship struggles. I wonder if there are poor saps who think models (exaggerating here, but women in general) will be lining up to be with them because they are dr's.
  7. Not sure. But if I recall you have to live there for 3 Years!
  8. I'm not sure if I'm not mistake but the schools that require the 3.9+ GPA's are out of the question anyways (McMaster, Toronto, most OOP schools). He essentially has two schools he has to bank on in Ontario: Western and Queen's. Western requires 3.7 weighted accordingly and Queen's a 3.8+ from previous students admissions. A lot people forget that Ontario has the most GPA forgiveness out of the provinces.
  9. It's very much the norm now in Canada to take more years to increase chances.
  10. Wartortle


    Just out of curiousity: How are double majors calculated? For example, student who completes a double major in biochem and chemistry?
  11. Wartortle

    Good MCAT, low CARS

    That's what I thought. I wasn't sure what the others were talking about. Historically, 3.8 and above has been enough to continue to the next step. My weighted is 3.82666666....I kinda shat myself when others said high GPA is needed (which in my mind is 3.9 and above).
  12. Wartortle

    Good MCAT, low CARS

    With this MCAT a wGPA or CGPA of 3.8+ is needed, right?
  13. Wartortle

    516 with 126 C/P - Re-write?

    Same boat as I am. Mac and Queen's are your go to schools. Rewrite isn't worth it IMO.
  14. Wartortle

    Course Load Road Map

    Full course load, in general for Ontario and most Canadian schools, is 5 courses per semester. However, Ottawa allows you to complete a minimum of 4 in every semester but you have to complete those 1 extra courses in the summer or another year. So yes, it still is 5 courses, they just allow you to distribute it a bit differently if you must. In general though, 5 courses per semester is the standard and the safest way to set up your courses for most schools.