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  1. Accepted off waitlist (yesterday at 3:03 PM) IP Best 2 yrs: 90.1% (full course load) DAT: 22RC / 22AA Graduated from Western in 2015 (Did a 5th year of UG) Accepting ABS stuffs: -volunteered in a lab for a couple years during undergrad -a very small amount of dental shadowing (both general dentist and specialist) -partnered in creating an online study aid and collaborated with psychology researchers/professors to create a primary study -lots of sports and sport related training As for my marks, because I took a 5th year before graduating they said they combined two of my years (repeat years) so I'm not sure the exact best two years they used on my application. I'd say somewhere between 88% - 90%. Been years of waiting to be able to make this post. Hang in there everyone and don't give up even if it seems impossible at times. Focus on ECs and doing some unique stuff as it looks like they are trending towards putting a lot more weight on that kind of stuff. Waitlisters, try not to stress out too much if possible, movement will continue right up until the end of August. Start looking into what the next step will be if you don't end up getting a call from Trish this year. If anyone ever has any questions or would like some guidance feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to respond and give some insight to the best of my abilities.
  2. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure everyone is on the same waitlist. There is no differentiation between IP and OOP.
  3. In general from what I've seen through the forums and from friends, the trend is usually that people chose U of T over UWO if they are accepted to both. By no means is that the decision everyone makes, and by no means do I think that is the right decision for every individual. But I think Dentistry2020 is looking for a response from someone currently in dental school who can give a first hand account of their experiences so they can more accurately make their decision.
  4. Both schools are great, I'm sure others can explain why they think each school is better or worse in their personal opinion, but be cautious and take everything said with a grain of salt. For example someone who is on the waitlist for U of T might try to make UWO sound like the better choice to influence people's opinion on the forum. I'm sure that goes both ways and I personally don't think you can go wrong with either school but just make sure you keep that in mind.
  5. I've been trying to figure this out for the past month or so. It seems very odd and a bit unfair that they aren't telling us the style of interview it will be. We will be the only group who has to do this unless they decide to change their interview style again in the future and not tell people. From what I've gathered it sounds like it will be more traditional but when I asked specifically if it is a traditional interview, they explained that it is unique and that it is confidential. It is hard to prepare for something when you don't know what it is, but hopefully people will continue to call and email as I've been doing and we can get some more details and figure out what prep is best. If anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.
  6. It says list but also says describe. Also, there is lots of room in the box provided which makes me think we are supposed to write something more than just a list of 3 activities. What's everyone else doing? Also, what's the consensus decision on the address thing? Email address/ physical address/ address of experience? I feel like the safest bet is putting the physical address seeing as most would naturally assume a physical address when it asks for an "address". I don't think they could dock us for assuming that but would have more reason to do so for the other options.
  7. Do you know if the autobio sketch and personal statement are just components in receiving an interview (kinda like the RC section) or are they a component which is looked at post interview when making a decision about acceptance/rejection? In other words, after receiving an interview, do they then look at a combination of your best two years, DAT AA, interview, and autobio sketch/ personal statement, or do they just look at our best two years, DAT AA, and interview?
  8. I'm in a similar boat. I'm hoping that it is more of a gradual transition into experiences becoming a "requirement", but no one will have any idea until after this year when we see who gets accepted. Where did you see the actual outline for the autobiographical sketch/ personal statement? Is that something that appears after you complete the online application form?
  9. I'm fairly confident that Western is the only place where I have a reasonable chance of being accepted (and it is my first choice regardless), but I'm wondering if it is worth the time/money to apply to any other Canadian dental schools and if so which ones? I'm from Ontario and these are my stats (full course load every year): 1st Year: 77.2% (GPA: 3.18) 2nd Year: 73.8% (GPA: 3.0) 3rd Year: 84.4% (GPA: 3.75) 4th Year: 90.4% (GPA: 3.94) 5th Year: 89.8% (GPA: 3.93) DAT: AA: 22 RC: 22 PAT: 19 I'd appreciate any feedback as to whether or not it's worth it to apply anywhere other than Western and/or what you guys think my chances of getting in are. Thanks!
  10. So the interview cutoff was 87.5% and RC 19 if anyone is wondering. Good luck to everyone who got interviews!
  11. I also got a rejection letter. I never thought I would get in this year but I was hoping to at least get an interview. Looks like they raised the interview cut-off average above 87% this year.
  12. I believe topstar still exists and can be found at www.topstar.websitebuilderfree.com/products.html. I'm personally trying to decide between dental interview plus and topstar right now. I'm assuming dental interview plus is more in depth but I have read that topstar gives full responses to the questions whereas I am unsure if dental interview plus gives full responses to all the questions in the book.
  13. I'm planning on getting Crush along with one other prep resource that is an actual book/pdf (I would like to have something that is tangible to go along with Crush which is just an online tutorial and 1 on 1 tutoring as far as I know) . I've heard some things about Dental Interview Plus, Topstar, Astroff, etc. Can anyone comment on these? I am leaning towards getting the Dental Interview Plus but am curious if that has mostly just questions without answers or if it has answers to all the questions. I'm also assuming that it is significantly more in depth than topstar seeing as it is 4x the price. If anyone could give some advice it would be greatly appreciated
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