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  1. Yay so glad to hear that! I guess I should also update that I disclosed my mental illness in my UBC app as well (mentioned how I have learned to manage it well and later excelled in all aspects of my life regardless of it) and I also got an interview! Its great to see particular medical schools being accepting of such disclosures :')
  2. I would say that if its just a few words shifted around in the title and you can still find the article if searched for using the title (and your name) you put in the app, it should be okay. If you're really worried about U of T specifically, you can always call/email to explain that the title of the paper was modified after you submitted and perhaps they can let you know if it's a big deal or not. This doesn't seem something blacklist worthy and they can always contact you if they need clarification about an activity. Just make sure your verifier can explain that the change occurred after you submitted the app if they are ever contacted.
  3. Honestly been debating this as my story is very similar to yours and about my anxiety disorder. Anyone get in having disclosed anything close to a mental health issue?
  4. Hi all, Another neurotic premed here. I was planning on omitting some activities that I had on last year's app because I'd like to use that space to highlight some of my newer activities and accomplishments. Does it look suspicious if the adcoms decide to check last year's app?
  5. Same, I know of 7 of my verifiers that have being contacted so far.
  6. A few of mine were contacted yesterday! I submitted aug.1st if anyone's interested. Its weird because it clearly didn't affect the timing of when they reviewed my app. Seems like the early deadline is more so for them to avoid a large influx of transcripts and apps for their system.
  7. Tbh I was stressing a little so thank you for sharing that
  8. Hmmm that's weird. I met the early deadline and I still haven't heard anything from my verifiers.. unless they were contacted but didn't think it was important enough to mention it to me..which doesn't help me gauge anything. shit.
  9. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has had their verifiers contacted by UBC yet. I'm just curious because there were posts around this time of the year last cycle mentioning that verifiers were contacted already..
  10. Hi all, So my referees are quite busy around this time of the year and all three of them have asked me to produce a draft of the letters that they can subsequently review, modify (if needed), and submit. While I'm glad I have a chance to write the letters and will make sure they're different for each referee, I really want these to be outstanding and was wondering if anyone on here could offer some advice regarding writing reference letters. Should they all include letterheads from the referee when they submit? How long should they be? Should the introduction paragraphs state who the referee is, in what capacity they know me, and for how long? What other tips/advice would you guys give? I would really appreciate some guidance please! Thanks!
  11. Hi, I was looking to re-write my MCAT in January but unfortunately, there's no seats available. I have been checking daily but if anyone is planning on dropping their seat anywhere near Toronto or Montreal can you PLEASE let me know? I would really appreciate it.
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