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  1. I'd like to know this as well. I'm forced to take Chemistry through Athabsca because my home university will not allow me to do so since I do not have gr 11 / 12 chemistry.
  2. This is a silly question but... I am applying to medical school next year and I know that a majority of schools require you to submit references from an academic (prof, etc). My two professors that I have worked with very closely for the past 5 years and published many papers with are retiring by the time I apply. Would I still be able to use them as references even though they will not be professors by the time I am applying but they were a year or two ago? Thank you!
  3. Hmmm... that's weird. On the phone they stated that they don't consider canadian applicants as international so maybe that's why? We're considered out of state applicants
  4. Yea I figured!! That's why I am leaning towards athabasca because they don't require (they recommend) high school chemistry.
  5. Because I prefer to go to a Canadian school and I feel like I have a decent chance depending on my MCAT. maybe I will apply to more American schools once I have a mark. I'm not sure And nope: "The MSU College of Human Medicine accepts citizens of Canada. We will accept courses from accredited Canadian universities that belong to the Association of University and Colleges of Canada. A one-year Canadian course is recognized as fulfilling our one-year course requirement, if a lab component is included with the science requirements. We consider Grade 13 OAC English along with writing-intensive courses toward the fulfillment of our English/Writing requirement. We also accept applicants who have obtained permanent residency in the US as well as documented asylees." They also mentioned on the phone to me that Canadian applicants are NOT viewed as international. They are considered out of state applicants which is a plus.
  6. How did you find the exam? did it reflect exactly the material taught? any surprises?
  7. I called Michigan State (the only state school I'll be applying to) and they are fine with an online class as long as a lab is included. My only issue is that I prefer 100% to take a course in person.. UWO chemistry department refuses to allow me to take chemistry because I don't have gr. 12 chem. even though I am strong in chemistry and I understand it's challenging but I can't imagine taking a year off to do high school gr. 11 and 12 chemistry. so that's why I am thinking of athabasca.
  8. Hello, I am wanting to apply to US and Canadian med schools. I have already graduated from undergrad and finished a masters in science. However, my undergraduate degree is not entirely in science so I did not take first year chemistry, physics etc. I have been self-studying for the MCAT all summer and I feel that taking chemistry + orgo course at the university level would give me the extra push needed for me to get a decent mark on the MCAT. However, UWO (where I did my undergrad) refuses to allow me to take chemistry because I did not take chemistry in high school.. regardless of my background. I am now looking into taking the chemistry (and other science courses) at Athabasca to complete my prerequisites for US schools but I am wondering if anyone has had experience taking a chemistry course through Athabasca? any advice? Is it equivalent to the UWO chemistry so maybe I can get my orgo at UWO after I complete this credit at least? Thank you
  9. I'm thinking of taking the chemistry online course. How did you find it?
  10. But what if you withdrew from your masters after two months of being in the program without any courses taken yet - I know you can't get a point for that but would that reflect badly on your application OR result in a point reduced?
  11. What if you withdrew from your masters program a few months in? would that result in eliminating a point or having no impact (point wise) to your application?
  12. Why hasn't anyone mentioned the option of of applying to Canadian schools that focus on your best/last two years? Ie. UWO and Queens..? Plus, you can do a special year for both schools to bump up your final two years or best two. Anyway, UWO has a course requirement 3/5 must be senior level courses. I feel a second degree would be best or if you have these requirements and your final two years are 3.7+ (or maybe if you do a special year and you can achieve that gpa).
  13. I did a 5th year and it was the best decision. During that time, I really had the chance to focus on what I wanted to do in the future. I know it can be hard watching your friends graduate, but you're in school for you and you have to do what is best for yourself. It can really increase your GPA, especially for schools that consider your final two years. I didn't feel older in classes at all! I actually loved it. I had 4 years of undergrad under my belt so I knew exactly how to study to get a 4.0 in classes. I actually felt like I had an advantage. Best of luck!
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