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  1. Thank you! I was thinking cardiology general ward ... however I've heard from a 4th year, cardiology is a tough elective to impress on/get a letter from (and at Ottawa's heart institute it'll probably be even more complex patients than usual) and that I should consider other electives. Any thoughts on that? Second choice would be heme. I've applied for an ID elective at Western.
  2. Mac doesn't offer electives in July/August and I'm pretty happy with my confirmed UBC electives in September onwards. Otherwise Mac would have certainly been my top choice along with Ottawa given how close it is to Toronto. Think I should reconsider given my location preferences and perhaps just change up my UBC elective to accommodate Mac's blackout period?
  3. UBC student here on OOP electives in July/August. I'm applying for 2 weeks CTU at St. Mikes, 2 weeks MTU in Calgary, 2 weeks of subspecialty at UofOttawa and I can't decide where to put my last 2 weeks (or whether to alternatively just put it in my home school and maximize my facetime there - that said I already have 10 weeks of UBC IM CTU/subspecialty). - Torn now between Western vs. Queens. Collegial atmosphere and a good, supportive program are very important points to me, I sense that both Queens and Western will meet those criteria. I'm most wary of the towns themselves - I love Vancouver so so so much for the music/food/nightlife scene, nature, my diverse friend groups the list goes on. In that regard which city might be a better fit for me? I suspect London being the bigger of the two may be a better fit? Would love to hear what people think about Western vs. Queens IM and the cities themselves
  4. Hmmm, I remember telling my parents that if I dont get an acceptance this year, I'd be happy to do whatever helps me support myself and my family, including a job at a restaurant/fast food chain. They shared the same sentiments as you, you dont get a BSc to work at mcdicks. However, I just see it as doing whatever I can to support myself and if possible my family, its temporary and I think in that regard I leave my pride at the door. My dad has worked as a security guard and pizza delivery man due to health issues and trouble finding work at his age after immigrating here, he used to make 6 figures back home and certainly did his fair share of studying. You do what you gotta do to get by temporarily, there is big difference between that and selling yourself short by working 'pathetic' jobs. I do understand where you are coming from, but people from all walks of life work those jobs that you put down for respectable reasons and to many, its due to a lack of other options. If OP wants to work at McDicks let him, he may 'learn literally nothing' but he also may become a more humble, resilient human being (not to say you aren't that already OP). Intangibles like those are immensely valuable when it comes to connecting with other human beings. if something better comes along/OP searches hard enough he may very well find a better job. OP, maybe you can look hard for any other job and if resorting to McDonalds causes you grief, you will likely find a better job at some point if you keep searching. You can come out of this a better, stronger person. I won't pretend to relate to this particular situation, but I believe that more often than not we look back fondly on these tough experiences provided we use them to fuel positive self-development. It will take some time, but you can get out of this rut, try to freshen things up in your life. I wish you the absolute best!
  5. I just got a place between UBC and VGH, literally smack dab in the middle on West 16th Avenue. Walking distance to so many Kits restaurants, the beach and a 20-30 min bus ride to campus (less when its quiet hours) so thats a perk of living off campus yet nearby. I'll be getting a car soon, but I haven't decided if I'll be driving to school or not (may be worth the 8 AM classes), carpool? You cant go wrong by living on or just off campus in a nicer area like Kits. Campus is convenient but frankly, it can get boring and isolating at times, I've lived on campus for 4 years now and I want out. UBC is massive, it can become a bubble that you never leave if you let it, Food options are minimal, overpriced and so is on campus grocery shopping. On the other hand, its extremely convenient to have a short walk back to your room after late night studying and living on campus on avg. will probably save you 20-40 minutes of extra sleep per day if you study late, I'm already dreading drives home while exhausted after a long day. So my point is, if you have never lived on campus, it may be worth a shot especially if you were a commuter undergrad (treat yo self!). I think Kits is great as well because of the food options, the proximity to downtown/VGH/UBC and just the general vibe of the area! I'm no med student yet though, so I may eat all my words in a few months
  6. 46dr, do you mind sharing what incentives (especially the credit cards being offered) Daniel is offering you at Scotia? I'm going to be calling him soon and it'd be cool to see if we can land any sweet deals or at least ensure that we are all receiving fair offers
  7. Can any current/older students or incoming 2021 students who have secured a line of credit PM me the name of their trusted financial advisors (if that isn't too confidential, I understand if you would not like to share that information with an online stranger)? I'd rather approach a trustworthy financial advisor right off the bat rather than have to sift through ones that are trying to take advantage of me. Any especially important points I should arm myself with before I go in for an appointment? All I know right now is that prime - 0.25% is competitive.
  8. I accepted my offer so I'm in it either way ????... Thanks everyone! Not sure if I should break the ice in the 2021 group, its quiet I guess it's still early eh.
  9. Hey everyone, I was wondering how much pre-CARMS elective time UBC students have?! If its solid, im gonna accept my offer tonight woooo.
  10. I can't 100% decide where to go and here I have my parents talking about university rankings of UBC and Queens lol fml. Can someone tell me based on this limited information I have... what they think of my pro's and con's of each, and share their own experiences with selecting a med school? Pro's of Queens/Cons of UBC: 1. To get a fresh start - Obvious winner Queens. I did my undergrad at UBC and frankly outside of Greek life, the school lacks spirit. Vancouver is beautiful but I have yet to make the most of what it offers (nature). 2. I'm interested in living in a BIG CITY in the LONG RUN (i.e. as a resident), Toronto is the goal, I'd at least want to try and make it out there eventually...would Kingston make this easier than staying in Vancouver? I want the university experience at Queens for the vibe, but the career experience I'd like in a big city, Toronto for residency by far being my number one choice, and Vancouver being my second if Toronto were not to work out (is that a realistic goal)? This will obviously take hard work and passion, but I'm willing to do that. Could Queens make it any easier to get to Toronto residencies or does it not really matter significantly compared to going to UBC? 3. I'm currently pretty interested in Emergency Medicine or Medical Oncology (Isn't there a great internal medicine program at McMaster or something?)....in the long run what I mean is I see Ontario providing more opportunity in terms of having great residency programs to choose from vs. BC...and by extension isnt it easier to match to your own province (or is that just your own school's city)? I know UBC as a school will provide more in terms of opportunity because its just a bigger school in a city with more resources/research. 4. I love how supportive Queens is...Small class, mentorship groups, small groups, the patient you follow for 4 years...UBC does have some innovative ideas but Queens curriculum seems much more interactive to me. Con's of Queens/Pros of UBC: 1. I really dont feel so great about doing rotations in the middle of nowhere Ontario during the clinical years. 2. The end goal is Toronto, if not Toronto, then Vancouver for residency. I'm not keen on the idea of living in Kingston for longer than the 4 years of med school because I am a big city person...I just think that social aspects of Queens are what I need at this stage of my life at 21. Career wise, I will always be a city person so there is that to keep in mind. 3. UBC has a support system of friends (on the other hand there are some not so fond faces at UBC too not that it should matter too much), and more importantly, UBC has my family support network. 4. The risk of me not liking the small town vibe and being wrong about Queens based on my interview impressions. 5. Opportunities to work abroad (USA, Middle East) with a big name school like UBC on my transcript could be advantageous? These are my current concerns, please please please let me know what you think guys. I'd love to hear from any one who has had to make a similar decision in the past Like This
  11. Oh man, those are solid points... I'd really love to hear what more people think about this. On one hand, a tight knit class and fresh faces means a great deal to me but have the freedom to do research year round, and that support system is certainly advantageous. What seems to be the deal breaker here is that UBC med students appear to match to Toronto residencies just fine (provided they work for it of course)...The end goal really is Toronto, I really do want to try something new. If I had applied to UofT (and gotten in, it'd be a no brainer to go there)...so ultimately does one school really give me an advantage over the other in terms of a Toronto residency?
  12. In on this, have a similar question in the ama thread would love to hear opinions.
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