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  1. Are those GPA/MCAT scores the overall average, or the international average?
  2. Invite OOP GPA: 3.90 DAT: 24 or 23 AA (depending on how the calculate american DAT), 21 PAT Will not be attending. Best of luck all of you .
  3. I got a confirmation. Interviews are so early this year :s
  4. No they don't unfortunately. Although it is not really necessary as I feel that the third part companies replicate the DAT logic fine (there isn't that much). I
  5. Thanks for the support man Best of luck this cycle and in your next steps !!
  6. Hey man, Thanks a bunch for the insight. I also agree with what you said, that dentistry interviews shouldn't necessarily bring me down in other areas. After reflecting a bit, I agree with you that I've sort of been putting off the effort, perhaps due to not wanting dentistry or other laziness. Going to have to think hard about this. thanks again
  7. Hey all, I might get some ridicule from asking something like this on a forum (and rightfully so) but here goes: During undergrad I graduated from undergrad this past May, and during undergrad I aimed for dental school. In my 4th year I applied to dental schools, interviewed at some but interviewed poorly and did not get in. I was pretty choked at the time, but was determined to re apply. The present Since getting rejected I started a full time job that I love, and that has given my a little bit of exposure to professions outside of dentistry. I am very intrigued by these others professions and not 100% sure if dentistry is what I want anymore. By no means am I trying to talk down on the profession as I still think it is great, I'm just not sure if it the one for me . The conflict I just feel confused to be honest. For one, people tell me that I should apply as it would be a waste not to with all the time spent studying for coursework and the DAT. Furthermore, as much as I love my current job, it certainly isn't something I can do forever, and if I was ever fortunate to get into dentistry this cycle, it would be nice to "move on". I've also already paid for CASPER. I guess because of my somewhat neurotic and "go go go" mentality, I would feel like I "wasted" a gap year not applying to anything. However, on the other hand, there are parts of me that don't really want to apply this year. I'm currently 21 turning 22 soon, and while some people are mature and independent at this age to know what they want, I feel like I'm a late bloomer in that regard as I just don't have much life experience and exposure to know 100% what I want in life. Part of me feels hesitant to apply to dentistry knowing that I didn't try or consider the other things out there. Furthermore, if I was ever fortunate enough to get interviews to dentistry this cycle, the timing of these interviews would interfere with some of the things I am doing to try to keep other doors open. I'm scared that with trying to keep my foot in all these doors, I may just burn myself out and do a shitty job at everything. I guess another CON of not applying to dentistry would be that my DAT scores would expire. However, if I one day realize that dentistry is what I love again, I would be more than willing to re write. Have any of you found your self in this situation, or have any advice? Thanks
  8. Destroyer is good because it exposes you to harder questions. However, given that you've written (and killed) the MCAT, you probably have lots of experience answering difficult questions correctly. I honestly think Feralis and Bootcamp is enough for you
  9. Hey, I just graduated from UBC undergrad, and a 95% first year average is no joke! I was in arguably one of the easiest programs (not a science program) and never achieved an average like that. You should be very proud of that I understand your burnout (you probably worked your ass off!) and frustration since UBC is somewhat of a keener school. However, you are such a strong canadian applicant, and it's also hard to know what you want to do so early on. If you go to australia, just make sure dentistry is something you REAAAAALLY want. My suggestion would be maybe take a step back, enjoy the rest of your summer and do non academic related things just to get your mind off. Maybe try to approach second year UBC with a more intrinsically motivated perspective (if that makes sense) and just do your own thing. I also never really fit in with all the cliquey people at UBC so I just did my own thing and that made me enjoy things alot more. If in the end, if you just can't do it anymore you may still be able to go to australia since I think their school year doesn't start until January (i'm not too familiar though). Best of luck.
  10. I believe it's actually a written interview. So basically you read a question and then write your response.
  11. You are in a very strong position , keep it up, and build on it so you can translate it to other years . I wouldn't worry about Australia for now. If you are curiOus I believe you can go on a website called oztrekk and subscribe to an email list that keeps you up to date about admissions processes for Canadian applicants to Australia. Honestly unless you need to get the DAT out of the way I would just focus on GPA for now . Most schools Don't weight ECs that much so do things that will either let you just grow as an individual or things that you like that help you destress things I would have told myself : 1) don't place my entire self worth on my ability to get into dentistry. I didn't get in this year and I took it pretty hard initially 2) although dentistry is cool , I wish I didn't have tunnel vision for it and kept an open mind to other careers and built resume accordingly
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