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  1. Do you have tips to strengthen reading skills?
  2. May I ask what you are doing as your second degree and what schools you applied to?
  3. Sorry to intrude, but did you hold a position throughout your second year? Like during school?
  4. Guys which center is near Fairview mall? Pls don't tell me it's Gibbs Rd. (Queen's Collegiate) b/c I signed up there PeterPatting, I too did lots of research but decided to stick with the one closest to my house to save time in the morning. When I signed up the Bloor locations were full, so that was another factor.
  5. I didn't see it as a listing. That's why I was wondering
  6. May I ask what the Mississauga centre is? Because when I looked at the site locations none of them said "Mississauga, ON"
  7. Darn, Bloor was full I should've registered in the morning. sigh. I chose Queenston Collegiate since it was the next closest. Hopefully it's good? It looks a bit cramped though from what I saw in a pic
  8. Not data manipulation, I just said the wrong function of a reagent that I used for my experiment. I don't know why I said that
  9. I'm still interested in working in a clinical environment, so I would probably get a nursing degree and Masters/PhD and specialize since it's the closest (imo?) thing to a doctor lol
  10. Honestly I tried to take it like a pinch of salt. It's somebody's opinion and there's not enough people who took MCAT 2015 to fully judge whether the books are terrible. Yolo?
  11. I got a research job this summer and my PI told me to get started early (1 month early). Except I messed up a few experiments and said some inaccurate scientific stuff. I'm just lost and don't know what to do. He said he won't keep me for the summer anymore how can I get on his good side? I don't want to be fired it's just I feel intimidated by him and get nervous. Sigh
  12. Hi guys! Planning to write my MCAT later this summer. Anybody with previous experience have any suggestions for test sites? Even bad experiences would be helpful to me. I live in the GTA so Toronto/Hamilton would be good for me. I really value all your inputs.
  13. I'm doing the same TPR course + EK books been hearing bad things about TPR 2015 books so I'm going to get EK just in case
  14. Western takes your last two years and Queens takes your best two years. Ottawa looks at your recent 3 years. Lots of other schools also drop your "worst year". Your 3rd and 4th year (if you can keep up the 3.98 for 2nd semester) look pretty competitive for medical school. Also, a lot of medical schools in Canada don't require pre-reqs. UofC is dropping their pre-reqs for 2015! I'd say re-taking all your pre-reqs is not a good allocation of money. Use that to take other courses that you enjoy and will boost your GPA. And to add, a great MCAT score can offset a pretty-low GPA. It honestly sounds to me like you'll regret not trying for medical school, so I say give it a shot. Believe in yourself! Even taking an extra year may help you in terms of GPA/ECs/scholarships. If you decide to pursue a Master's, I don't think it will decrease your chances but only benefit it. Hope that helps
  15. Hi guys! I'm planning on writing the new MCAT this summer. The section I'm most worried about is the new VR. I heard they're changing the passages to non-science based and that's scary for me since I barely even took any essay-based/ English courses in uni! They're all just multiple choice midterms or lab based courses. I was hoping to read some books and slowly gain more exposure to non-science passages before I actually start studying for the VR section of the MCAT this summer in my free time (if I even end up having any lol). Anyone have any study tips, or a study plan to tackle the new VR section? (if you don't mind sharing!) Even if anything helped anyone who already took the MCAT for VR would help tremendously! Sidenote: It's nice to go on this website. It feels like we're all in this together, even though med school is very competitive x3
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