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  1. No problem Olle! I'm still somewhat active in the neuroscience students association, so maybe we'll bump into each other! 1. Do you have any thoughts as to why the medical school acceptance rate drop from 70-80% to 20%? (It's still an amazing proportion but I'm just curious). Where are the other 80% headed off to? Probably just a normal fluctuation with the strength of the class and what the class wants to do. Many people elected for a graduate degree after their BSc this year. Last year, a large proportion of students applied to med 2. Can you still apply to the U of C med school during year 4 if you decide not to apply in 3? Maybe this is the reason why the acceptance rate dropped this year? Definitely. This is probably the more common path. 3. Why is it that students in neuro have priority over other science students when looking for research opportunities? With the high entrance average, neuro is seen as a "prestigious" or "elite" degree at the University of Calgary. Students are usually well motivated and hard working (usually haha). Professors are more sure that a neuro student can pull weight with this track record! 4. How long has it been since the program was created? That's a great question. I'm not quite sure. Ten years?
  2. Hi, UCalgary med student here who did Neuroscience in Calgary for undergrad 1. Small student population - 30 students are admitted to first year Yes, the small class size builds a great sense of camaraderie. This is especially helpful when you and your friends are applying to medical school together and need support through MCAT, applications and interviews. That being said, first and second year classes are mixed with other science majors and have 150+ people 2. Supports and encourages undergrad research - In my understanding, after reading the program's webpage is that the program really pushes undergraduate research. It's jointly-run program under the collaboration of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, the Cumming School of Medicine, the Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Arts. Super easy to get research opportunities in Neuroscience. In Calgary, most principle investigators jump on the chance to recruit an undergrad neuro student over the summer 3. Students in their third year of the BSc Neuroscience program are eligible to apply to the HBI-Oxford Summer Research Exchange which supports full-time lab research at the University of Oxford of up to four months in duration. "In addition to covering travel and accommodation costs, the award provides a stipend of $1,500/month through generous funding by RHISE, Oxford Neuroscience, the University of Calgary BSc Neuroscience program and external sources (e.g. AI-HS)." http://www.ucalgary....national/oxford This program is great, but you cannot apply to it if you are applying to medical school in the same year (they made it a rule last year when both RHISE students left neuroscience to go into medical school early) 4. I received a $4000 scholarship for first year Great job! Add it to your application 5. Some say 70-80% of the grads make it to medical school. Others say up to 20% or more. Depends on the class. I would say last year was 70-80% but this year is closer to 20% 6. I'll be living in Calgary which grants me automatically an IP status. According to this post : ( http://forums.premed...an-med-schools/ ) the GPA cut off for IP (Alberta) students is 3.6 and the MCAT score I need is "moderate" Two medical schools (Calgary and Alberta) vs one medical school (UBC)... sounds pretty good to me 7. I'm going to assume it is easier to receive a decent GPA score at the U of C than UBC (But I may be wrong in the upper years b/c the neurosci kids are strong too). Can't comment on how the course difficulty is in UBC. I would say 50% of neuroscience students have a 3.9+ GPA Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions. Happy to chime in
  3. Result: Accepted! GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 12 PS 11 VR 12BS ECs: Started company at 18 years old, working on cool ideas and projects, long term service commitments Year: 3rd year UG Geography : IP Interview: Had a blast
  4. None of my verifiers said anything about being contacted post-interview. That being said, they were definitely contacted before interview!
  5. This is definitely nerve wracking, but they say that the entire sea won't sink a boat unless it gets inside. So don't let your nerves get inside you, you've all put a lot of work to make it to this point. For those who make it in, it was an honor and privilege to meet you guys at interview. I'm sure that you will make stellar clinicians and I am very happy for you. For those who are not quite as lucky, keep your chin up. Calm seas never make good sailors. Best of luck everyone!
  6. TIME STAMP: 5:05pm Interview Date: March 8th Result: Invite wGPA: 3.96 MCAT: PS 12 VR 11 BS 12 ECs: Started company at 18, PM me for details Essays: Felt creative and strong Year: 3rd year UG Geography : OOP
  7. TIME STAMP: 2:04PM Result: Invite GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 12 PS 11 VR 12 BS Year: 3rd year UG Geography: IP
  8. TIME STAMP: 11:16 AM Interview Date: undecided (probably 21) Result: Invite wGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 12 PS 11 VR 12BS ECs: Started company at 18 years old. PM me for list Year: 3rd year UG Geography : IP Looking forward to meeting you all on interview day!
  9. TIME STAMP: 8:18AM Result: Invite wGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 35 (12/11/12) ECs: Started company at 18 years old. PM me for list Year: 3rd Year UG
  10. Invite Date Stamp: 28/01/2015 - 7:58 AM Location: OOP Stream: English wGPA: 3.96 Current year: 3rd year UG ECs: PM me for list. Founded company at 18 years old
  11. Time stamp: 10:42 AM PST Interview date: Feb 7 Result: Invite GPA: 92% MCAT: 35 ECs: PM me for list. Founded company at 18 years old Year: 3rd year UG Geography: OOP It's such an honor and privilege to be invited to interview. Can't wait to meet you all!
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