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  1. IP or OOP? 27 seems "sufficient" for IPs to get accepted.. with an above average interview, AQ, and NAQ, I'd look at the other factors that they might have considered as well.
  2. http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2012/12/03/explanation-of-scores-and-faqs/
  3. I think the e-mail is sent automatically to the applicant once the status is updated. So at the same time.. Can't believe it's been almost 3 months since we interviewed.... sigh.
  4. Tough decision but will have to withdraw from the waitlist when I withdraw from the courses.
  5. I'm in the exact same situation - I'm even considering withdrawing from a pre-req course if I get waitlisted just to save my GPA for next year
  6. Good luck everyone !! Hope you all receive good news soon
  7. I have the same opinion; I can't see why AU courses count as "online" courses while you are writing the final exams in-person (40% for one of the courses I'm taking). Although the English courses offered by my home university have weekly lectures, you do not need to write the essay in class, except for the final exam. I have hard time distinguishing the two.
  8. haha like Gohan said, I wish I had your problem lol for me it's either I get in, or go back to write the new MCAT and all over again from day 1
  9. where are you guys going to be on the 8th? what's the plan for the next few days? anyone else having zero productivity these days?
  10. I'm rooting for you guys... I hope we all hear the news we want come May 8th (for me) and May 12th for most of you guys! 1-interview situation is extremely tough
  11. How are those of us with 1 interview coping with the stress? I think I need help...
  12. Above average in my opinion
  13. Ok so I'm not alone then haha.. for someone reason all of the ppl I knew who interviewed at UBC this year were super happy with their performance...! I kind of felt like a loser walking out Do you guys know anyone who got accepted with similar post-interview feelings? lol
  14. I feel like I want to throw up everytime I think about some of the answers I gave that day....
  15. Same here man.. can't really count on OOP acceptances.. specially as you said when you know your application is no where near the others (like myself)
  16. I think 2-3 days once it gets to the >4th round of offers.. look at their blog posts from last year ^ make sure you have someone accept your offer for you
  17. I wouldn't necessarily say "fairer" since the NAQ portion seems to be much more subjective and unpredictable. But again, it will never be perfect.
  18. Anyone else got a heart attack by first reading the subject of the e-mail (UBC Undergrad Admissions Offer Notifications)? ...
  19. Thank you UBC !!!!! I can return to my normal life a week earlier ... Ontario schools should learn from UofA, UofC, and UBC being sympathetic to the students and their needs
  20. Feelings, Ideas, Function, and Expectations.
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