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  1. Hi so I go to UTSC at UofT. When applying to med school, does it matter which specific courses you took? I know a lot of schools will want you to take "a full year of calculus" for example. But at my school, the second semester version of calculus has two options: "MATA35" or "MATA36". Th problem is, people say MATA35 is too easy, my friend got a 100 in it. But MATA36 is ridiculously hard, almost nobody does well, expect to fail the exams and have a bell curve carry you. Being that med schools requirements are so general, is it okay to take MATA35? I know that pharmacy schools will not accept MATA35 so that's a door closed instantly. So does anyone know if any med schools care what exact course you take?
  2. So as everyone probably knows, my school's TAs went on strike. UTSC, my campus, has said that this semester, we can credit/no credit any courses we want, even course requirements. I should be doing fairly well in all my courses (minimum 3.7GPA) except for math, (MATA30). This course I'm probably going to get a seventy something and was wondering if I should credit no credit this math course. A page dedicated to this stuff said that the Registrar will send letters upon request to grad schools explaining this stuff and why people took credit no credit. The site and the details are here: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~registrar/general/faq My question is, will grad schools care about thus letter or anything at all? I heard some places look at courses with CR/N and assume it's a 50% if they see it. However this is no ordinary credit/no credit, it's under special circumstances due to the strike. So what do I do? I organized my schedule all 4 years so that I have the pre requisites to apply to dentistry, med, pharmacy, and law school and I plan to apply pretty much everywhere, all over Canada and US schools as well. So, does anyone know what I should do?? I feel like in an interview i could easily explain and get away with the credit no credit by just talking about how bug UofT is and how critical the small tutorials are for math etc.
  3. See, I've been looking at University's websites but they never get specific about whether to take courses in the summer or not and stuff like that. All I know is that everybody wants you to have a full course load. I do know you are allowed to write a letter explaining why you don't have full course load so perhaps I could explain I had to take summer courses because I was first a management student??
  4. Hi, I'm a first year student who took management in first semester, realized it wasn't for me and switched to a Biochemistry, Psychology double major. Anyways, my first year course load is all screwed up because i finished with 2 courses in Fall and I'll have 5 this Winter. But I'm still behind, my question is, is it a big deal if I take certain prerequisites this Summer 2015 term? I planned all my four years out so I have all the pre-reqs for Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, and I can always apply to Law School. But because these are first year courses and are therefore pre-reqs of pretty much everything at UTSC, and graduate school, I'm wondering if it's okay to take courses in the Summer. For example, at UTSC, I'm taking MATA36, which is a pre-req for pharmacy school. Will it count if I take it during the summer? Sorry, I'm kinda new to this and my experience in highschool was that nobody really cared if you took a course in the summer, or as I was told "it's frowned upon". So will taking this course and a couple others (CHMA11, BIOA01, and maybe STAB22) hurt my transcript when graduate schools look at my transcript and see that these were taken in the Summer? Thanks.
  5. So I took Management at UofT in my first semester of first year and I quickly realized I would not thrive there. I've switched into a Biochemistry and Psychology Major (I have to apply for Psych and will get accepted depending on my grades). Anyway, I basically dropped 3 of my 5 courses this semester leaving me with only 2 courses, intro psych and an astronomy course I was interested in, of which I should get 4.0s in. But rather than wait a whole year I decided I would just do summer school and take the 3 make-up courses I missed in the Summer (Bio Part 1, Chemistry Part 2, Calc Part 2). So I acquiesced my full course load for 1st year. I'm kind of new to all these requirements and stuff but I heard Graduate Schools may not even look at my first year at all because there isn't a full course load. Is this true? And what are the chances I can make it in Med School after years 3, 4, or even 5 of study? Am I already doomed because I heard I'm pretty much screwed for applying in year 3 for sure. Thanks, in advance.
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