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  1. Does anyone have experience with maternity leave after residency? I was thinking of trying to plan a pregnancy such that I become pregnant in my final year and then have the baby a few months after residency is done. Would I be eligible for EI benefits?
  2. Thanks everyone. I think I will deduct any call-related driving.
  3. You can deduct them! I know many residents that do and it is listed as an allowable deduction on one of the tax forms from Alberta Health Services
  4. I cover call at a few different hospitals, and as a result tend to drive around the city a fair amount when I'm on call. I logged my driving in 2017 and I am hoping to deduct a portion of my motor vehicle expenses on my taxes this year. The CRA website states that a trip to-and-from work each day are considered personal (i.e. non tax deductable). It is the extra driving beyond that first trip to work that you can deduct. However, I have a few situations like the one below that I am not sure what to do with: Scenario 1: - Drive from my house to hospital A (normal centre) to go see inpatients (trip to work) - Drive from hospital A to hospital B to see a consult - Drive from hospital B to home That is, I didn't have to drive back to the first hospital. Can I deduct my final trip home? Or, do you think this would be considered the trip home, even though it is from a different location? Scenario 2: I drive from my house to hospital C and back. Hospital C is further away and don't work there routinely. I didn't have to go to my main centre (hospital A) that day. Does that trip to hospital C count as my "trip to and from work"? Or, can I deduct it because it is further away and not where I usually work. Interested in your perspectives and experiences. Thank you!
  5. I know lots of people that failed. I actually wonder what the failure rate is now that they raised the pass score. There are huge time constraints. I was thinking in real life I would spend 30 min on most of those stations.
  6. Does anyone have any information about fellowships in the US and which states DON'T require the USMLEs? Thanks
  7. I appreciate the discussion everyone. I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.
  8. Does anyone know if specific guidelines exist with regards to admittion patients that have depression or have had suicide attempts? For example, a young person overdoses but once they are medically stable no longer have suicidal ideations. Can you send them home with close follow up? Should everyone be admitted for monitoring for 24 hours? Thanks!
  9. That's great. Thanks Commons for your reply!
  10. Is anyone able to tell me when the first years at UBC are done this year? End of april? I can't find it online anywhere... Thanks
  11. Hi there! I know this has been discussed previously, but I just want to clarify a final time. Is there any reason I shouldn't pay off my BC-combined student loan with my LOC? I am not going to do rural family medicine. Are there any other types of grants/assistance with repayment that would warrant keeping my student loan? Thanks for your help.
  12. Sorry for the wrong section. I am actively trying to decide between family medicine and dermatology. My rank list changes every day...
  13. Does anyone know the difference in billing between a dermatologist and a family doctor that specializes in dermatology? I have heard mixed things. Some people say family doctors bill higher for the same problem, but it would seem that the specialists would have higher billing. Thoughts?
  14. Does anyone know if UBC Family Medicine will be having any social events? I didn't see anything about it in the email or on the website. Thanks in advance.
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