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  1. Is the 'Welcome to the Profession of Medicine Ceremony' one where we can invite family? Is it equivalent to the white coat ceremony?
  2. Do we know if the Masters point gets transferred to the cGPA during calculation? Or is it added on after the fact?
  3. Question: Do I do the conversion myself? Or do they do it for me? i.e. Do I enter what exactly is on my transcript?
  4. Any verifiers contacted? I had 2 of mine contacted pre-interview. Just wondering if any heard anything post interview?
  5. In Barbados….It will either be a very good trip…or a good trip
  6. I think its actually May 1st. Makes sense. Don't forget. U of C starts end of July….we need some more time to get organized than a UofA acceptance
  7. I thought I heard Dr. Walker say that its around 200 people that interview at both schools (might be wrong)
  8. They said mid-Febuary this year. I emailed them a while back.
  9. I am down also. Let me know.
  10. I think that UCAN crashed because we are all so awesome! It just couldn't handle how awesome we are!
  11. Will send the email at the end of the work day and walk out of the office…… and enjoy the evening with no phone calls
  12. So having a Masters gives you an extra point on your application. Is it one percentage point? Or is it a point on the overall score (like out of 8/10 +1 gives you 9/10)? Curious how they score this. I thought it was 1 percentage point but they don't truly specify.
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