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  1. Yes, that was my understanding as well. McMaster admin said she was swamped with emails/application inquiries so they are probably still wading through the CaRMS files, but did mention the plan was Skype. No invite here either at the moment. No word from Manitoba. Best wishes, post if you hear anything!
  2. Has anyone had contact with anyone applying to Vascular surgery positions?
  3. Manitoba fm, cmg out of province, Thursday Friday am pm interviews skype or in person
  4. I applied to a Psych program and ranked it high, they still had seats left over. They told me they didn't rank me because they saw I was going after another specialty...who knows...but if I had reapplied they were going to use my original scores from CaRMS 1 and that makes sense to me b/c really, what has changed?
  5. I am a CMG, but not from U of S The deadline to reply was asap as interviews were advertised as being held Monday March 16th from 10:00-11:30 a.m. AND 1:00-3:00 p.m.
  6. I received an invite for phone interview from U of S Peds on Friday...I am a non-U of S applicant
  7. Anatomical Pathology: MUN, QU, UofO, Western, McGill, Dal, Manitoba, TO, McMaster Anesthesiology: NOSM, UofO, Saskatchewan, Sherbrooke, Western Cardiac Surgery: UofC Manitoba Dermatology: TO, Uof, UofC Diagnostic Radiology: QU, McGill, Saskatchewan, Dalhousie, UofC, UofO, MUN Emergency Medicine: Laval, Queen's Family Medicine: Mac, MUN, Sherbrooke, TO, Western, McGill, Sask (Prince Albert), Manitoba, UofA, Laval, Sask (Regina),NOSM General Pathology: UofC, Dal, Montreal General Surgery: Mac (Niagara), TO, McGill Hematological Pathology: UofA Internal Medicine: Laval Laboratory Medicine: Medical Biochemistry: Medical Genetics: UofC Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Manitoba, Dal, UofO, Western, McGill, Sask, UBC Neurology - Pediatric: TO, UBC, UofA Neuropathology: Neurosurgery: Western, UBC, USask, Manitoba Nuclear Medicine: McGill Obstetrics & Gynecology: Montreal, TO, UofO, UBC Ophthalmology: Western, McGill, Manitoba Orthopedic Surgery: MUN, USask, Manitoba, UofA, Dal, Calgary Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery: UofA, Western Pediatrics: Mac, Manitoba, USask, Dal, UofA, UBC (Vancouver) Toronto Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: QU, UofA, Mac, UofO, USask, UofC, Western, UBC, Manitoba, Dal Plastic Surgery: TO, Dal Psychiatry: Mac (Waterloo/Hamilton), NOSM, Western (London/Windsor), Cal, Man, QU, McGill, UofO (Montfort), Laval, Montréal, Dal, UBC (Van/Fraser), UofA, Sherbrooke Public Health & Preventive Medicine: UofA, Mac, McGill Radiation Oncology: Mac, UofO Urology: Vascular Surgery: UofC
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