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  1. I don't think anyone would know this - program specific etc, etc. Probably repeat things but that is a guess.


    The only down side is if you ranked them, and they still have a spot open then they simply didn't decide to rank you. You would hope for a second interview if they are reconsidering you.



    I applied to a Psych program and ranked it high, they still had seats left over. They told me they didn't rank me because they saw I was going after another specialty...who knows...but if I had reapplied they were going to use my original scores from CaRMS 1 and that makes sense to me b/c really, what has changed? 

  2. Anatomical Pathology: MUN, QU, UofO, Western, McGill, Dal, Manitoba, TO, McMaster

    Anesthesiology: NOSM, UofO, Saskatchewan, Sherbrooke, Western
    Cardiac Surgery: UofC Manitoba
    Dermatology: TO, Uof, UofC
    Diagnostic Radiology: QU, McGill, Saskatchewan, Dalhousie, UofC, UofO, MUN
    Emergency Medicine: Laval, Queen's
    Family Medicine: Mac, MUN, Sherbrooke, TO, Western, McGill, Sask (Prince Albert), Manitoba, UofA, Laval, Sask (Regina),NOSM
    General Pathology: UofC, Dal, Montreal
    General Surgery: Mac (Niagara), TO, McGill
    Hematological Pathology: UofA
    Internal Medicine: Laval
    Laboratory Medicine:
    Medical Biochemistry:
    Medical Genetics: UofC
    Medical Microbiology:
    Neurology: Manitoba, Dal, UofO, Western, McGill, Sask, UBC
    Neurology - Pediatric: TO, UBC, UofA
    Neurosurgery: Western, UBC, USask, Manitoba
    Nuclear Medicine: McGill
    Obstetrics & Gynecology: Montreal, TO, UofO, UBC
    Ophthalmology: Western, McGill, Manitoba
    Orthopedic Surgery: MUN, USask, Manitoba, UofA, Dal, Calgary
    Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery: UofA, Western
    Pediatrics: Mac, Manitoba, USask, Dal, UofA, UBC (Vancouver) Toronto
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: QU, UofA, Mac, UofO, USask, UofC, Western, UBC, Manitoba, Dal
    Plastic Surgery: TO, Dal
    Psychiatry: Mac (Waterloo/Hamilton), NOSM, Western (London/Windsor), Cal, Man, QU, McGill, UofO (Montfort), Laval, Montréal, Dal, UBC (Van/Fraser), UofA, Sherbrooke
    Public Health & Preventive Medicine: UofA, Mac, McGill
    Radiation Oncology: Mac, UofO
    Vascular Surgery: UofC
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