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  1. Hey guys, I just declined McMaster in favour of Ottawa. Although Mac is a fantastic school I just prefer four years of education. Best of luck to everyone on the waiting list!
  2. Just got a call from Chantal today at 9:45am. I'm in the English stream, 3.976ish gpa. I was on the waitlist for almost a month and got offers to McMaster and Ottawa today, almost simultaneously. I legit starting crying due to happiness/relief. Will be removing myself from one of the spots, but not sure which yet! Will try to decide asap so other people will not have to wait too long.
  3. Hey guys! I was just accepted to both Ottawa and McMaster (11:05 AM). I will be taking myself off one of the waiting lists. The list is still moving, so don't give up hope!
  4. Hey dude, just ignore the message I sent you. We already met up IRL.
  5. Yo guys. I'm also on the same boat here with no peep from Queens yet. I'm using gmail--nothing in spam or normal folders. RIP I guess the suspense will last until Monday. X(
  6. Hey guys! Sorry for the dumb questions, but how do I send a confirmation? For Mac they emailed a form I had to fill out but Ottawa didn't give any instruction about the type of confirmation they wanted. Should I just send: I ____name____ confirm I am coming to the interview on ________date____________ at Ottawa? Thanks a bunch , ___signature___ ? Since Ottawa stipulated they want a written confirmation, should I hand write it and then scan it? Sorry for the dumb questions. I just don't want to inconvenience the nice admissions lady by doing something incorrectly.
  7. Invite Date Stamp: 28/01/2016 - 11:00 AM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.98 ish Current year:3rd year UG ECs: Minimal research and clinical exposure. Lots of leadership experience in a variety of clubs, not all health or medicine related. I also worked part time. EDIT: I am super excited to interview at Ottawa! I really love the city and I have heard great things from Ottawa med students.
  8. I got 87 percentile on VR. So you are telling me I could have a 129 if I was 1 percentile higher? Feeling so triggered right now. All jokes aside the new MCAT scores has a confidence range. I think medical schools like Western and Queens will take that into account when doing cutoffs. For ex. someone with a 127 in VR but has 128 as the upper limit of their confidence range may still be considered.
  9. It looks like we are being asked to rank the three campuses we would like to attach to during the interview. Can anyone gives pro/cons and differences (if any) of the three Mac campuses? Thank you!
  10. A premed gunner told me it was a equivalent of a 10 and not very good for McMaster. I took his word for it. Edit: Actually now that I did some more research 128 is not bad. It will be right at the cutoffs too for Western and Queens I think?
  11. Hey guys, Wondering if any fellow Gryphons received an interview this year and would like to practice in person with me in Guelph for the next few months.
  12. Thanks for answering my questions! We have two super cute parakeets but they don't belong to me.
  13. Hey Birdy! I just wanted to drop by and say hello. On my very first thread (back when I was a bit of a gunner) you had once thought I might have made this account to parody you (as you are a prolific poster etc.). However I really honestly did not do that. I've never frequented this forum until I made my first topic so I did not make my user name intentionally or anything. I just have two birds in my house. I have two questions if you don't mind: 1. How long did you spend preparing for your interviews and did you find skype sessions with other students help you in that regard? 2. I know there is a bit of a dress code so I was wondering if you've ever seen anyone show up in anything inappropriate. 3. Did you keep your wallet and keys on you in a purse or is there a room to safely store your jackets and personal belongings in McMaster? Thank you so much for answering these questions for us!
  14. Time Stamp: 11:40 am Invite: Yes! cGPA: 3.98 ish CARs: 128 (A bit low for Ontario schools. CARs is usually my best section but I did not deliver on the official MCAT) Casper: I had not prepared for CASPER until the date of. I read the Wikipedia article on Doing right's method of approaching ethical dilemma, then I read the Wikipedia page on Medical Ethics. The Casper itself was a little bit sketchy as I wrote 2 sentence answers for some questions. I took all the breaks and I played loud pop music to keep myself pumped up. Geography: In province Current year: 3rd year UG I think I freaked out on the bus when I got the invite. I didn't expect anything from McMaster due to my low VR score. I hope I can somehow replicate my CASPER performance next year if I have to apply again because I am not rewriting the MCAT.
  15. Hey guys, I want to apply in third year and I'm interested in hearing your tips regarding my current ECs and chances: omsas GPA: First year 3.99 Second year first semester: 3.94 <I took a few challenging courses I really enjoyed even though I knew I wasn't going to get that 4.0. VOLUNTEERING: Very generic things: University ambassador, note taker, minor volunteering at various conferences as a part of the committees I'm on, planing and running a lot of fundraising events, regular pianist at a community home (I really enjoy this one), a bit of hospital volunteering in high school, I help run a graduating class gala each year EC: executive in three committees in uni, a lot of leadership in high school in various clubs (mostly art and life related things), I've displayed my art in some galleries, got my writing/art published in some library magazine a few times, uni sports I'm involved in: rowing+intramurals, I did a lot of dragonboat competitions in highschool, I also do freelance graphic design and offer free posters/ shirts for any non-profit or educational related event, does sewing count as ec AWARDS: Only entrance scholarship/dean's lists. A few award and plaques in high school for various things (art, community leadership, some very minor scholarships from U of T and McMaster). Some medals from sport events (rowing+dragonboat), continental and regional gold medals for various graphic design things WORK: Part time pharmacist assistant, freelance graphic designer/artist probably counts as work RESEARCH: Mostly educational and clinical things at the human anatomy lab, and I will begin a bit of volunteering with a professor whose project I am really interested in in the next month. No NSERC because I made the choice to focus on my MCAT this summer while volunteering. Question: Are prep courses worth it or should I just haul ass this summer and study for the new MCAT on my own?????? I don't want to spend the 2k on a prep course but at the same time there are so little resources for the new MCAT.
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