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  1. so in first iteration under manitoba FM it says "videoconferencing" (assuming that is skype) will be weighed equally with in-person interviews. This is not stated in the 2nd iteration carms program description. Long story short I can't make it to the Manitoba FM interviews and will book a skype interview - curious if any residents know if there really is no diff whether skype or in-person
  2. Started this thread since I didn't see any match-results thread up yet. First of all congratulations on matching and getting to this stage of your life. Feel free to add any advice for next year's class My shameless plug - shout-out to the 1T5s Carms I definitely won't miss you - for me stressful 14 interviews by the end was mixing up Manitoba/Saskatchewan/rural Alberta places..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISaq-G1QsSM
  3. SUSPENSE is so agonziing Don't remember a time when I was so nervous for something since everything you've worked up to so far doesn't mean anything unless you match.
  4. Hey everyone I'm a Canadian Med Grad and was recently talking to my classmates about the Family Medicine interview - some people I talked to said they got lots of odd questions that they struggled with since they had to come with an answer on the spot - I received none of those questions....I was also at the same interview day with some of them.....does this matter at all?? I'm so worried that maybe they saved those odd questions for people high on their rank list. this was at the U of T interview
  5. I don't believe they see contents of your evaluation. You could always e-mail the medical education director. They obviously see your letter though
  6. Can you tell by the questions you are asked during the interview whether or not you were ranked by the program....i.e. if they are all nice and smiley and ask questions only about your hobbies is that a sign that you were ranked? i.e. My U of T FM interview was nice...Western FM went wrong in every way you could imagine ....resident was a general surgeon in his former country and asked me some questions on surgical procedures.... i.e. #1 Calot's triangle...#2 what is the next step if appendix looks fine during a lap appendectomy in patient with strong suspicion of appendicitis Apparently you take the appendix out anyways, search for Meckel's I know that UWO preranks you so I guess my ranking was low and FM resident was having some fun..or didn't get the memo that this is a FM interview
  7. So I completely dropped the ball on the 2 clinical cases during USask FM interview.....just wondering my chances are not now...assuming not the great? Deciding whether I should even rank the program...did well during the rest of the interview but suddenly they were like....yeah here are two clinical cases...threw me off... I am a CMG and pretty embarrassed that this happened
  8. I was wondering if any resident from U of T family medicine can comment on this....how much is the interivew at U of T worth for family medicine - can it only bring you down (i.e. are you already pre-ranked even before the interview so the interview can really only bring you down but not up)
  9. I misinterpreted what the boringEM guy was trying to say....I thought he meant that rankings are done immediately after each interview day......so obviously you would be at a disadvantage if you were on the last day since rankings for each day were being done
  10. I read in the boringEM guide to carms that ranking is done hours after interview - does this mean that if you have a later interview i.e. Feb. 5 at U of T you are at a disadvantage
  11. you can e-mail U of A and they will give you a direct answer within a few days whether you made the cut or on the waiting list (see school specific info on carms website for the program assistants/secretaries)
  12. i would e-mail the program director that specifically told you this - was this statement made in passing/casually or a cold hard promise? I'm sure PDs deal with 100s-1000s of students every year and my understanding is most of the initial screening is via residents so perhaps the residents were not aware of this promise. I am not an international student but I rotated at a US hospital with tons of carribean medical students and did hear them mention of the NAC OSCE filter of 80 this year. for some Ontario schools..maybe if you got NAC OSCE < 80 your application never even made it for primary review, etc....my 2 cents anyways
  13. Did you use the MCCQE 1 and MCCEE banks or just MCCQE 1 I saw one post in a previous topic recommending that MCCEE qbank better prepared them for the actual MCCQE1
  14. Can anyone (i.e. resident) comment on which family medicine residencies are most competitive and least competitive. It is not practical for me to attend all interviews since I received interviews from every program except Northern, Laval, Newfoundland. I would like to attend interviews at several "safety" schools to ensure I successfully match (if such safety schools exist) Thanks
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