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  1. There were several who got offers with lower GPAs than mine on the accepted thread boss
  2. Yeah poster referenced is fake news. I got in with a 3.83 and 127 cars this cycle. Def possible
  3. Time Stamp: January 30 2020, 10:04 AM Invite/reject: Invite IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 3.82 MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 128/127/128/126 Essays (X/8): 8/8
  4. Taken from UWO MD Admission website: What is defined as "potentially adversely impacted..." and what is considered a socio-cultural barrier? The ACCESS Pathway is vaguely worded around these two areas so if any UWO alumn/students could chime in, that would be great.
  5. I am hopeful for a lower cars cutoff. As I went through the pdf that Western has attached for this part of the application, it seems that they are VERY clear on what they are looking for. I do admit that there are some translucent elements in their description of the values but how they want you to write is much more concretely explained than UofT.
  6. I disagree with you on this. In the new application that Western has put out, they have a section similar to UofT in which they give you the opportunity to mention any relevant obstacles in your career in medicine and any gaps in your transcript. This would undermine your point about their holisticness being a front for making it easier for rich kids to get in. I also think that even those who are not rich and cannot afford to volunteer (which I have found out this year, is truly a privilege and not a norm) can still get in. I have seen several personal examples in my own life of students that worked multiple jobs and could only afford to do 1-2 extracurriculars while balancing home and family life get into medical school. I do agree that there is a certain barrier to entry (such that not even the poorest vagrant can get in) but it is certainly getting better, not worse like you're implying.
  7. I don't think the majority of pre-meds should care too much about this change aside from two interesting developments that come up. 1) Potentially a lower CARS cutoff 2) The extra work needed to be done. Any self-respecting pre-med knows that you need to have a diverse set of extracurricular experiences not just for med school but for yourself as a person. They are great opportunities in and of themselves aside from check marks on your pre-med resume. I would not be happy if 20-22 year olds forewent their entire undergrad without doing any ECs and expected to get in entirely based off grades and an interview.
  8. IDC we are burning him to the stake regardless of his explanation. That is what makes an authentic witch hunt.
  9. Didn't the Jeff guy on the forum get in with a 3.61 GPA to UofT? Theyre saying here the lowest accepted GPA was 3.66. Does this mean he was lying?
  10. You don't need to to hit the average. That is the entire point that I am trying to make. The UofT Average accepted GPAs are fake news. They give absolutely 0 indication of where the cutoff GPA is.
  11. I have to disagree. It is because of our skewed demographic that we are able to determine the GPA cutoff, roughly speaking. Our demographic is more likely to have individuals with excellent ECs due to the nature of students here being more keen than the average premed. They know the kinds of ECs that will get them in and thus they are more likely to have a diverse and impactful set of them. All it takes are a few students with excellent ECs and a subpar GPA to give us a glimpse of the cutoff. I can say this because they need their GPA to meet the cutoff in order to get the file review. I am also assuming that their ECs are diverse and impactful enough (I judge them based on what they say on the invites thread) to determine if they would've gotten an interview. If you see an invite post with a guy that has a 3.85 but excellent ECs resulting in an invite, you can tell that the cutoff is around that area. Once again, it is our kind of demographic that allows for any sort of analysis to be done. This cycle, I came to the conclusion that the cutoff was around 3.89 to 3.9. Is it accurate? not really. Is it better than speculation and intuition? Absolutely. As long as its grounded in some form of quantitative data and healthy-ish assumptions, its as good as we're going to get. Also you can figure out exactly what the invite to offer numbers are. Its 599 invites with 324 offers of acceptance and the class size rounds arounds to 260. The ASsociation of Faculty of Medicine Canada has these numbers. Idk what harvards cutoff is or how they run things but UofT runs a different ship. All med schools in Canada do. Infact, they pride themselves on it in their admissions videos and their websites. Cannot make these assumptions unless its really 1 to 1.
  12. You don't know if that user wrote an Academics Explanation Essay. Those things have the potential to get 3.6 GPA students in. I know of another person with a similarly low GPA that got into UofT as well. He showed me his OMSAS gpa and did not qualify for the weight scale either. I attached the e-mail from the registrar onto this post for confirmation of what I'm saying.
  13. @_gettingthere_ I watched that video and I e-mailed the registrar of UofT. UofT GPA is assessed competitively at a cutoff. It is not ranked. They have a competitive cutoff each year and once you meet that cutoff, GPA doesn't matter. I am 100% sure on this. I worked with another user to get a grasp of the competitive cutoff last year and it was around 3.88 to 3.89. Years don't fluctuate that much, statistically it would be very unlikely. Im sure youve watched the video but to sum it up: GPA cutoff screening --> MCAT cutoff screening --> ABS/Essays scored out of 20 and they rank that to give out 600 invites. This is assuming your application is complete. Also, @medicineballislife, your chances are up in the air like everyone else and that is worth applying for. They judge your circumstances however they wish. The lady at the admins office told me that if you write an AEE, thats the first thing they look at before even looking at your GPA and then they decide what to do with your GPA. They are considerate but they also uphold personal responsibility.
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