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  1. Yes it's allowed. I talked to a cardiologist resident who moonlights as an internist. In terms of how much they make, he said he paid off all of his loans already and he's a PGY5, so it's quite a lot I imagine.
  2. It depends on location and specialty. Any specialty that's tied to the hospital is going to have more limited job opportunities. So basically any surgery field right now has a pretty bad job market, neurosurgery and ortho being the worst. There are things like Rad Onc that used to be really bad too but now the job market is opening up for them. If you become an internist / FM you can pretty much work anywhere you want including downtown Toronto. Academic positions in any specialty are tough to get. You will get a job in any specialty in Canada, but you may get an undesirable location depending on your specialty.
  3. You can order the Schulich medicine merch in September/early october and January, you can't do it yet as far as I know.
  4. Unfortunately(?) in the class cliques will form. The rich preppy types will form their own clique, and you will most likely befriend the people from blue collar background with a few exceptions. For example in my friend circle there is only 1 person with a physician parent (but in this case this person's demeanor is much closer to ours than those from the other cliques). Either way, from my experience all you need is a small group of friends, you'll be cordial with everyone else in the class and that's ok.
  5. The difference is I could lose my entire portfolio tomorrow and my ability to pay for the remainder of school and expenses through residency is unaffected. My portfolio is relatively low risk, which is the kind of distribution I recommend to friends and family. Almost everyone who day trades loses money, make no mistake about it. Anyone reading this: if you try to time market swings, you will lose money, 100%, I guarantee it.
  6. Ya and it's just as likely that you get stuck in some pump and dump scheme and buy in at $8 before the stock crashes back down to $2 or less. From what I understand IMRN was awarded some navy contract for developing drugs to combat diarrhea, which is why it shot up. You could have made a lot of money if you knew this yesterday, but unfortunately for us common folk time in the market > timing the market
  7. Do not invest money from your LoC into the stock market, not ever and especially not right now (we are in a particularly volatile moment in time). I have about $30K in equities but it's all from money I made before medschool. Really I cannot stress how stupid and dangerous it is to spend LoC money on the market, in my opinion. This advice does not apply if your family is rich and can support you. But even then, It's not a smart play but not as catastrophic I suppose.
  8. They do send a class full email but it's usually sent very late even weeks after the class is full. It's not unheard of for a few (think 1-2) offers to be handed out in late summer for a variety of reasons, but almost all of the spots are filled much earlier.
  9. If you get Western London Campus, come here. If not, go to Queens. imo as a biased uwo 2023
  10. Word on the street is us and the 2024's will have all online classes in September except possibly PCCM, which is 1x / week - nothing official yet though
  11. Acceptance on OMSAS = High specificity, Low sensitivity (there you go, your first lesson on medicine ) Congratulations to those accepted, and goodluck to waitlisters.
  12. Just to give a counterexample I did send one last year to Western and got in so it clearly wasn't a dealbreaker atleast.
  13. it depends on the social clique you join. There are certain groups of people in the class that will hit the bars or clubs 1-2x a week, once on Monday (we have Tuesdays off), and once on Friday. There are also house parties almost every week. I don't know what other schools are like but I would say we're a pretty outgoing bunch especially because of our 4 day schedule (maybe an unintended consequence from the admin's POV ha). (in my experience) When you start med school things are going to be overwhelming, but after a few months it will be a breeze and you will have a lot of free time, so there's plenty of opportunity to do things. I had a resident tell me that medical school doesn't really start until 3rd year which I've come to realize is pretty true.
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