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  1. There's a pretty even male:female split for the class of 2022, I hope the class of 2023 if I get accepted has a significantly higher proportion of female to male
  2. This is the same document that's on the schulich website right? edit: yep
  3. ysera


    What about specialties that were formerly competitive and are now starting to become less so? Like radiology for example.
  4. Unless you have a very strong 2Y GPA you will be facing an uphill battle. I would say that if medicine is something you want to do, a second undergrad is the clear path forward.
  5. These people are born with every advantage from the moment of birth. They start to go the the best schools even at the kindergarten level, they never have to worry about anything other than 100% focusing on their academics, they get all the help they need with unlimited resources available at their earliest convenience. Every possible thing that could give them even a slight edge is freely offered to them. But this is all not enough. It's not enough that things are already extremely easy for them as is. They STILL have to go that extra step, they have to lie and cheat to absolutely make sure they get the spots that they feel ENTITLED to. I'm reminded of that doctor's kid we've all become familiar with in the past few days, but unfortunately he's not really important because he's merely one of the "unlucky" ones that was caught. All of the political and economic power in Canada, and North America really, has been concentrated in the hands of the wealthy and the well connected in the past 30 years. It needs to be wrestled away and given back to everyday working people. I'm not sure if this country was ever at any point designed to reward people based on merit, but it certainly isn't the case right now, and things are only getting worse.
  6. Ya but realistically all the committee does is add up the Z-scores from your interview/GPA/MCAT/ABS and hand out acceptances to the top 250 or so applicants after the waitlist is done. So the impression you make on your interviewers can have an impact especially since your interview score is usually a big chunk of the final formula.
  7. Ya I just saw that and accessed my @uwo email through the link. Thanks for the tip.
  8. ysera

    TB +

    At my community hospital I had to be tested every 5 years and yes, upon a positive result I couldn't volunteer until I cleared up the issue with a followup scan. As for your second question, couldn't say.
  9. ysera

    TB +

    This damn BCG vaccine flared up a similar false positive for me when I was trying to volunteer at a hospital. All I had to do was get a scan done which showed I didn't have TB. I've run across this issue twice and both times I had to go to the next step to be cleared. This makes sense as technically just because one test was a false positive doesn't mean the next one is as well. It'll just be a minor inconvenience that we have to deal with every time we do the PDD test.
  10. Hello, Where do emails from the admission committee go after we activate our western identity? Do they continue to go to our OMSAS-linked email, or do they start to go to the @uwo email that is listed in our account? I don't exactly have access to my @uwo email yet. Thanks
  11. The total number of spots that were offered are available in a pdf somewhere online, I found it there. I'm at work right now but you should be able to find it with a easy google search. Also the success rate of the school was 10.6% last year, so do 10.6% of 2500 applicants.
  12. The past 2 years Western accepted 258 and 260 students out of the 450 that interviewed. So the acceptance rate isn't actually 170/450, it's more like 58-60%, even higher if you account for people who don't show up for the interview, and people who fail the written section (assuming you show up to yours and do not fail the written section.)
  13. ysera

    Steps to improve for next year?

    I think a MCAT rewrite would have the most immediate impact on your chances as long as you can score a 128 or above in CARS.
  14. They probably have an internal score distribution they used to rank all applicants based on GPA / MCAT / ABS score. Theoretically they would call up the person with the next best score, but like I said all interview slots seem to be full so I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  15. All the interview slots seem to be full on their matching system so probably not.