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  1. False alarm then, thanks for confirming guys. Like I said we shall wait and see what happens.
  2. Yes it's a sticky note inside the document. I would upload a screenshot but it's supposed to be a confidential document unfortunately. I think the previous poster confused the date on the document itself with the sticky note, or my software is not showing the date on the sticky note. There is a bracket under the sticky note that days "last edited June 1 2018", but that's part of the document itself and not the sticky note.
  3. Hmm I can't see on my software when it's dated. Never mind then, lol (there is a bracket under the post-it comment that is part of the document and not the post-it that says last edited June 1, 2018, but the post-it comment itself is not dated). I guess we shall have to wait and see. The wording on their website flat out says they'll interview based on a combination score, so I guess we should trust them on their word.
  4. I can confirm that my ABS sketch has begun to be marked despite me having a 128 CARS (129 in both Chemistry and Biology). If you open your uploaded document in SAM, you can see a sticky note by a member of the committee. Mine says "set marked by (name, I won't say the name here)". I don't know why they would be marking a 128 CARS ABS if they are using hard cutoffs again. It's VERY likely that they're going to be using a scoring system / soft cutoffs.
  5. Too low. You could try DO in the states. If you had one more year above a 3.7 or 3.75 so many doors would have opened for you in Canada, but too late for that now I suppose.
  6. I don't see a realistic path for you in Canada with the exception of an outside shot at McMaster. 2nd undergrad would be the only solution if you want to stay here. You don't qualify for any other schools in Ontario with your stats.
  7. ysera

    Dropping out of Dental School

    Haha ya I was pretty serious into hearthstone when I created this account, reached legend rank 68 in standard. These days I'm playing games more casually, mainly Red dead redemption 2 and nba 2k (I'm a big basketball guy)
  8. ysera

    Dropping out of Dental School

    Before you do anything you should ask yourself if you want to pursue medicine or dentistry for the right reasons. I read a couple of red flags in your comment, but obviously I can't know everything about you based on a paragraph.
  9. ysera

    Is my MCAT sufficient?

    Last year's cutoffs have no bearing on this year's since they each rely on the applicant pool. 126 CARS has usually been good enough but that doesn't mean it will be this year.
  10. ysera


    With the introduction of ABS, it's very likely that Western is using a point system to rank applicants for interviews based on their MCAT, GPA and ABS scores. Seeing as how Western is a MCAT-centric heavy school, I don't see a MCAT score that low moving the needle at all. You're very unlikely to go anywhere for Western even if you have a perfect GPA and ABS score. I think I saw you post the same thing for Queens (if not, my apologies I have you mixed up with someone else). your MCAT score disqualifies you for every school in Ontario that is MCAT-centric except Utoronto.
  11. ysera

    Is my MCAT sufficient?

    You might get screened based on your CARS score, and you might not. It depends on the applicant pool, no way to tell.
  12. ysera


    Your MCAT breakdown may or may not get you automatically screened by the computer. If not, it will come down to your EC's and how you presented them.
  13. ysera

    Interviews 2019

    There is no second round of interview invites. All interview invites have already been sent out. There will be a handful of additional invites in early November based on the number of people who reject their interview invite. As you might imagine, very few people will turn down their interview invite, so at this point everyone else is more or less already rejected. We will receive a formal rejection email in early November once they've filled all of their interview seats. This information is directly from the admin office. Hopefully that clears things up.
  14. The two relevant parts to know are Applicants who embark on a second undergraduate degree program are eligible to apply during the final year of their new program. In order to be considered for GPA purposes, the second degree must be equivalent to a four-year degree. In this situation, GPA consideration will be based only on the two best years of the second degree program. Course load and course level requirements for the second degree are analogous to the requirements of the first degree. Applicants who are given a conditional offer must complete all program requirements for the second degree by June 30th. and Applicants who complete the requirements of a four-year undergraduate degree (20 full or equivalent courses) in less than four years may apply to the medical program without penalty. However, they will still be judged on the GPA achieved in their two best years during which they have completed a full course load
  15. ysera

    Interviews 2019

    Here's direct confirmation from the admissions office: "All interview invitations have been distributed ... All remaining applicants will be notified when our interview maximum capacity has been reached in early November." On to the next one guys.