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  1. ysera

    Steps to improve for next year?

    I think a MCAT rewrite would have the most immediate impact on your chances as long as you can score a 128 or above in CARS.
  2. They probably have an internal score distribution they used to rank all applicants based on GPA / MCAT / ABS score. Theoretically they would call up the person with the next best score, but like I said all interview slots seem to be full so I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  3. All the interview slots seem to be full on their matching system so probably not.
  4. I picked the later weekend as my first choice and received my first choice. Gl guys.
  5. Is it confirmed that the interview is open book? Edit: checked my interview email, according to that email it is closed file still.
  6. Hello, Looking for a panel interview coach specifically for Western. Have to be an admitted student. Please PM or reply your rate / contact info
  7. For the ABS it really looks like they are looking for diverse and unique experiences instead of your typical pre-med cookie cutter research and volunteer story. I have absolutely 0 research and I do not really think that EC's are a strong point of my application, but my entries are extremely unique to me and they are about issues that I find incredibly important. I think this is mainly what they're looking for, authenticity. When there are thousands of applicants, you have to make yourself stand out, and you can't do that if your entries read just like hundreds of other student's.
  8. Time Stamp: 11:06 AM Invite/reject: INVITE!!! IP/OOP: Non-SWOMEN SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 3.97 MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PYSCH): 128/128/129/129 ABS Score (If available): N/A I am doing nothing but interview prep for the next month and a half. Plan to spend about 300-400 hours. Super excited.
  9. eh didn't stop me from mass refreshing my email as the clock turned 4. I think Thursday is most likely, come out on the same day as Queens. Either gonna be lit or super depressing.
  10. The year before that it was in the morning so.
  11. What time in the day do they usually send them out? morning/early afternoon etc?
  12. Are they emailing verifiers or calling? want to give my verifiers a heads up
  13. ysera

    Is my MCAT sufficient?

    They don't know the cutoffs until they analyze the applicant pool. It changes every year. But yes you are 100% out as you probably are below a couple of the section cutoffs and also the composite score cutoff.
  14. Should probably add a category for ABS score too if they tell us that like some other schools
  15. I'm assuming the school would let us know if one of our verifiers was unresponsive.
  16. Hard to say but at the least it tells us that they're not automatically throwing the application of everyone with 128 CARS in the trash. I would say that's a good sign. May I ask what activity it was that got verified?
  17. I haven't heard from any of my verifiers on whether they have been contacted. Non-SWOMEN with 129/128/130 breakdown. It would be lame if the introduction of the Abs didn't change the CARS cutoffs at all tbh.
  18. SWOMEN always have a fighting chance. Not sure what your activities being in southwestern Ontario have to do with the ABS though, they mainly asked us to talk about the quality clusters they had in each section, not linking our experiences to a geographic area. You should be good
  19. Just take the emotion away and look at the situation logically. Not gonna lie, we don't know how they calculate scores for conditional applicants, but most likely they assign you a 3.7 on your conditional year when calculating your total GPA. So if you have one year at a 3.7, and they're giving you a low GPA on your conditional year, you're already at an instant disadvantage even if you had a 4.0 on your 1 year. But you're going in with a 3.7. All this to say, it'll be tough. But the main barrier to Western is the MCAT. Are you SWOMEN? Also we don't know what the MCAT cutoffs will be like this year with the introduction of the ABS. There are a few conditional acceptances every year, though admittingly most I've personally heard of had a higher GPA entering their conditional year. All this means is that you have to perform higher than the average accepted applicant in your ABS, MCAT, and interview scores. Totally do-able, but not easy obviously.
  20. I've emailed admissions about this back when I was in highschool, though admittingly that was a couple years back so things may have changed. They said you need to have exactly 3.75 (now 3.7, or whatever the cutoff will be) without rounding in EACH year of study. So even 3.69999999999 is not good enough, it needs to be atleast 3.7000000000. Though like the user above said you can still get in this year based on a conditional acceptance. But you need to keep in mind that you need another good year to qualify for the school going forward after this cycle.
  21. ysera

    MCAT Cut-off for C/P

    Probably fine but it depends on the applicant pool. Just have to make sure you meet the overall score cutoff too.
  22. ysera

    MCAT Cut-off for C/P

    125 in a subsection will very likely screen you unfortunately. Your GPA doesn't matter for the MCAT screen as the above commentator said.
  23. Ah ok that makes sense ... I'm already being neurotic about not receiving an email to fix my ABS. So ridiculous.
  24. What was the file size for your original submission in mb?
  25. Hello, Does anyone have the statistics for the three Maritime provinces in terms of number of applicants applied, the average score, etc? I'm considering relocating to a Maritime province at the end of this year if I'm not successful in gaining admission in Ontario, and am trying to choose between the Maritime provinces to maximize my chances. The Dalhousie website has statistics for all of the maritimes combined. It seems like they have the most spots for Nova Scotia, but they might also have the most applicants from there for the Maritime provinces. I've heard some people suggest New Brunswick is the best option, but I have no statistics to back this up. I would appreciate your help.