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  1. Schools like to talk about how they're making all these amazing changes all the time, but im told at the end things tend to stay more or less the same. But if you're that concerned you should accept Ottawa. also i would much rather have Fridays off...
  2. Writing an academic explanation essay for a 3.84 GPA seems asinine, I wouldn't do it.
  3. Hello, This morning I received an email informing me that I've been granted a small bursary. While I am grateful, I also applied for the Schulich Scholarship, and my combined family income is quite low (< $50K). Does the receipt of this email mean that I'm no longer being considered for the Schulich Scholarship? Or is it the case that they can make a determination on the Schulich Scholarship at a later date and withdraw the Bursary offer? Thank you
  4. ysera

    How can I be better?

    GPA and MCAT no longer matter as much as you think they do in Canada. You just have to pass cutoffs to get to the file review stage. Put together 2 solid years of above 3.7 GPA while satisfying course load requirements for Western / Queens / Dalhousie, and you have a solid chance along with Toronto McMaster etc as long as you do well on the MCAT CARS section and CASPER.
  5. I think you're under-estimating waitlist movements. We have data for Western for example, which consistently accepts 260 people for 170 spots. That means they accept 150% more students than there are spots.
  6. Were you employed when you applied? I was employed and I think I reported my monthly income and back account balance. That might be it. Any way I'm too excited about being admitted to care about a few grand in bursaries lol. Gonna wait and see what happens with the Schulich Scholarship.
  7. Maybe they're giving us less bursary because we're getting the scholarship (fingers crossed). Probably wishful thinking though
  8. That's funny because I got in the 2K range and like I said in the original post my parents make not much at all. I probably messed up one of the forms haha. Hopefully I get the Schulich Scholarship.
  9. What was your bursary amount, if you don't mind me asking? over / under $5K?
  10. ysera

    Advice for first year med

    How do I get involved in a research project? I have done 0 research in my academic career so far, and now that I'll be in med school and fairly certain what field I want to go into (diagnostic rad), I want to get involved with research early but am sorely lacking in an understanding of how to approach it. Will opportunities be made available to the entire class and we apply for them? Do we approach individual physicians and let them know we're medical students and want to work with them for a summer? I have no clue but I'm fairly sure I'll have to be involved in research to some extent to match into my desired specialty.
  11. For anyone curious I called the office and they informed me that they're separate processes so it doesn't mean you're no longer being considered for it
  12. Your performance on a 45 minute interview is not an indication of wheter or not you'll make a good doctor. Interviewing is a skill and like any skill you have to work to improve it. if you don't get in this year, I would perhaps consider investing in an interview coach. I utilized one for myself this year and was accepted, even though traditionally I would consider myself to be a terrible interviewee.
  13. High waitlist will start to clear end of may after may 28 as that's the deadline for people to accept offers. Historically, about 1/3 to 1/2 of the normal waitlist clears but this year it may be different as it looks like less people are on the wait list and they outright rejected more people. So the odds are a little better. I would say your chances are anywhere between 35-50%.
  14. Hey, I've never had a social media presence but I'm going to create a facebook account to join the class page. I kind of need to find roommates to live with in London as I'm not from around there and it would be great if I could find them amongst fellow classmates. Can someone link the facebook page here once it's created? Or simply link it if it's already up. Thank you
  15. It's clear to me by the number of people that have received rejections that the process has changed completely for Western. They no longer just waitlist everyone, so if you received a rejection, don't think you're some sort of abomination that scared them. You were probably just a few percentiles below the people who got accepted and waitlisted, but we're talking about such a competitive pool that it's nothing to be ashamed about. Just keep grinding and you'll get there.
  16. ysera

    May 14 Countdown

    Too late I've already texted my entire family and extended family lmao
  17. Have acceptances on OMSAS and the Western student portal so hoping it's legit Timestamp: May 14 Result: Accepted to London Campus wGPA: 3.97 Non-SWOMEN MCAT: 128/128/129/xx Interview: Felt very nervous during, wasn't sure how to feel afterwards. Panel was stone faced the entire time, did not feel like we were engaged to any degree. Got reassuring nods from doctor on panel however which may have been my saving grace. I almost don't want to post this before I've received the email to confirm. Edit: It's official, received the email this morning
  18. ysera

    May 14 Countdown

    Well if this is true then this is without a doubt the best day of my life. Glad to share it with you guys. Been on this forum for so many years at this point.
  19. ysera

    May 14 Countdown

    And some people have apparently received waitlist on the student portal for Western so... im starting to think more and more that this is real and we have done it. It's fucking unbelievable but I won't rest easy until I have the email in my hands.
  20. ysera

    May 14 Countdown

    You thought the wait for the last 2 months was hard ... boy do the next 8 hours have a surprise for you.
  21. ysera

    May 14 Countdown

    My OMSAS says offer and my Western admission center also says offered admission If this is an admin error I'm going to be in some serious trouble because I just spent the last hour celebrating with my parents lol. Though i did tell them there is a chace it's an error. All I know for sure is I'm not sleeping tonight.
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    May 14 Countdown

  23. ysera

    May 14 Countdown

    No. It's under choices/offers on OMSAS.
  24. ysera

    May 14 Countdown

    Well boys / gals guess I'm not sleeping tonight. adrenaline is through the roof. Have the urge to go wake my parents up and tell them but I don't want to in case it's an error.