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  1. Oh I see what you mean. Awesome! thanks so much for the advice!
  2. A lot of people have clinical experience? Interesting, I thought it is quite difficult to shadow in Canada. I have clinical experience from nursing school practicums. Would you suggest I put it under work experience (even though I wasn't paid), or just under the skills section?
  3. Has anyone taken the Thompson Rivers online ochem course? I am considering that since I am hearing so many bad things about ochem at Athabasca....
  4. I don't think the mcat has much of a role at all at McGill anymore. The other french schools look at program difficulty which would work in your favor (since I assume dentistry is quite difficult), so you might stand a chance at those.
  5. Personally I think it would be really unfair to just terminate this semester from admission, especially for the people who are doing a 5th year to raise their grades. Everyone spent a lot of time and money on courses this semester. I think that if you have grades, they will use them and if it's P/F they won't. Or maybe the entire admissions system will be revamped for the upcoming cycle. Hard to say though, we will just have to wait and see...
  6. Are you considered “in province” if you did your entire undergrad at Dal? (Parents were in another province).
  7. Apparently Ottawa does not except more than 1 online course per term. How to they verify if a course was taken online if on the final grades report my school doesn't state if the course was taken online or in class...
  8. I agree with the above post, except I don't get how the NTP applicants are supposed to compete with QC uni stream in terms of grades. For NTP a 3.5 was considered pretty competitive but it's not really the case for QC uni so that puts them at a major disadvantage and pretty much no shot at an interview. Seems strange, but correct me if I'm wrong..
  9. Is that your 3 best years they used to calculate gpa to interview plus the current year?
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